Divas: Postcard From The Caribbean

53 Minutes

T-back bathing suits. Wet T-Shirts. Skimpy lingerie. Oh, yeah. The WWF divas, Trish Stratus, Terri, Tori, Ivory and The Kat are partaking in a Raw Magazine photo shoot in the Dominican Republic and wouldn’t yah know it, it was all captured on film for Divas: Postcard From The Caribbean. Lustful fan boys have the pleasure of seeing their favorite WWF ladies smile, pose and flirt for the camera. As opposed to Come Get Some, the previous home video featuring the women of the WWF, we really don’t learn that much about them as people. Tori likes to do yoga for 90 minutes a day. Trish Stratus is a comic book fan. Terri think her butt is her best asset. That’s about as in-depth as this release gets. No major revelations. No inside info. Only beautiful women posing half-naked on beaches and there ain’t nothing wrong with that…if you are so inclined. Just be thankful Moolah and Mae Young weren’t along for the ride.

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin: Lord Of The Ring

60 Minutes

As the most popular wrestler in sports entertainment gears up for a comeback this year, the WWF has repackaged the Arts And Entertainment Network’s bio on him that which aired during their special pro wrestling week. Lord Of The Ring details the phenomenon that Steve Williams has become, from his childhood days to his rise to mega superstar status in the WWF. Vince McMahon, WWF talent, his sister and even his mom and dad lend their insight into the man who sparked a revolution in the pro wrestling business.

Also released was TLC: Tables, Ladders, Chairs.