SAN JOSE — I am no longer a Smackdown! virgin.

Without the UPN affiliate in my current cable package, I had never up until tonight seen WWF Smackdown!

Already I long for those innocent days of yore.

Tuesday night at the San Jose Sports Arena, home of the soon-to-be-out-of-the-playoff Sharks, the WWF brought the roadshow to town. Everyone I talked to from the company was feeling a little run-down and tired. Call it WrestleMania hangover.

And I had it too. I now have much more respect for the travel these wrestlers do, having followed them just to three towns.

But, just as they have to perform, so do I.

So what was the most interesting thing I saw? Probably the fact that they change the ring ropes to the blue ones after the Heat taping is done. The most annoying thing is that despite the fact that this wasn’t going out live, they still made is sit through commercial breaks. Makes for a long night.

The usual suspects were out in force. Some of the surprise pops were for Tazz, Crash Holly and T&A. Plus the crowd ate up the Latin Heat segments with Eddie Guerrero — man, does he ever seem to be having fun.

And some fellow named The Rock was pretty over too.

Well, enough of the pontificating over the drama of tonight’s momentous occasion in my life. Part of me wants to take a nice hot bath to cleanse myself, the side that will win is saying go to bed so you can get up in less than five hours to catch a flight back to Toronto.

Hope you enjoyed my reports from sunny California. Still a couple more things to come once I get around to writing them up!