The Goldberg – Bam Bam Bigelow wrestling feud is over in front of the cameras but according to a report in today’s Vancouver Sun, it could very well be real not just a fictional storyline.

On Thursday, Bigelow and Goldberg supposedly got into a real fight while shooting footage for the next WCW Electronic Arts video game. Goldberg and Konnan had arrived ahead of schedule at a Burnaby, B.C., studio as Bigelow and another wrestler named Sarge were grappling in the ring. Goldberg confronted Bigelow. The former WCW World Heavyweight Champion claimed Bigelow had been badmouthing him in the media. The two began brawling causing $5,000 damage to the studio.

World Championship Wrestling usually keeps the two apart as much as possible because of the bad feelings they have for one another.

“They (Goldberg and Konnan) just jumped into the ring with their street clothes on. They just put their suitcases down and flew,” Anne Marie Stein, director of public relations for Electronic Arts, told the Vancouver Sun. “It made my heart race. I can tell you that much…you have so many pounds of mad wrestler in the room.”