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Guest column: Brand guru Gair Maxwell returns to wrestling roots

I can remember it like it was yesterday. Cocagne Arena,  25 minutes outside Moncton, New Brunswick. It’s the early 1990s. Van Halen, The Crüe and G’n’R still rule the hard rock world before grunge explodes out of Seattle. On the other end of the continent, Big Stephen...

Original Superstar Graham ‘scandalous’ memoir discovered

Recently, Pittsburgh professional wrestling enthusiast, collector and historian Ron Russitano shared the story of a fascinating, mysterious, and unpublished autobiographical pitch from “Superstar” Billy Graham. The proposed tome, with assistance from accomplished...

‘Way of the Blade’ a bloody good resource

What’s black and white and red all over? While that sounds like the set-up to a classic joke, there’s nothing funny about the new book Way of the Blade: 100 of the Greatest Bloody Matches in Wrestling History. Indeed, there are few books that cover the history of red...

Look at 1984 in sports surprisingly includes The Brawl to End It All

Having grown up in a world where any tidbit about professional wrestling in a mainstream publication or book was something to be celebrated, it's a tough habit to shake. I picked up Glory Days: The Summer of 1984 and the 90 Days That Changed Sports and Culture Forever...

‘Tortured Ambition’ describes my work on Herb Abrams book too

When it came to reflecting on writing the book Tortured Ambition: The Story of Herb Abrams and the UWF, I discovered that I’d rather leave many of the memories pushed so far back in the depths of my mind that I can’t recall them. Much of the book was written during...

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