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WWE Superstar Handbook aimed at younger audience

The WWE Superstar Handbook is a 207-page stat-filled guide on over 300 superstars, from Smackdown, Raw, NXT, NXT UK, and legends alike. Written by Jake Black and published by DK, this compact handbook is full of pictures and fun-fact bubbles to accompany, mentioning...

‘Eat Like A Luchador:’ A Book of Meals and Mascaras

Growing up, my family would always travel on Sundays to visit my grandparents in Ogden, Utah. As soon as I entered the door, my grandma would greet us with hugs, kisses, and lots of food. My dad’s side of the family was always large, as various aunts, uncles, and...

Entry in Venues’ Series chronicles Amarillo’s early days

Scott Teal and Kriss Knights’ new book, The Great Pro Wrestling Venues Volume 6: Amarillo: 1911-1960, out now from Crowbar Press, covers 50 years of wrestling in the mid-sized Texas town. Located in the state’s panhandle, almost 400 miles from Dallas, Amarillo was...

Meltzer gives readers immersive insight in 1993 yearbook

The anticipated continuation of pro wrestling author/journalist Dave Meltzer’s developing yearbook series revisits a historic, chaotic, and even scandalous 1993 in The Wrestling Observer Yearbook '93: The Year of Major Beginnings and Major Endings. The eventful year's...


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