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Teaching, wrestling come together in China in book form

It is the end of another school year and this educator was given the assignment of reviewing Class In Session by Steve “The Teacher” Hershkowitz. Most students never really think about their teachers having a life outside of the school building but Hershkowitz...

‘Just Tyrus’ is much more than a memoir

When Tyrus got to FOX News, executive Sue Scott told him that “you have three books in you.” The first, Just Tyrus: A Memoir, exploded to the top of the Amazon sales charts in the first two hours. He also vaulted to the top of the New York Times and Wall Street...

‘Living the Gimmick’ a bloody, breakneck novel

Rest in peace to Ray Wilder, who was gunned down in cold blood outside of a bar belonging to his former tag team partner and in-ring “enforcer,” Alex Donovan. The “Wild Child” Ray Wilder wore gold around his waist numerous times, as he wrestled through the territories...

Mike Rodgers on Mike Rodgers

Today, we hand the floor over to Mike Rodgers to introduce himself and his work. His latest book Katie Bar the Door! History of Portland Wrestling is now available on Amazon.  I started a bulletin in 1983 called Ring Around The Northwest. It was 3 pages, 50 cents and...

Mox: It’s not just another wrestling book

Some stream of consciousness thoughts on Mox, the fall 2021 memoir from Jon Moxley, since that is the proper way to do this: It's not a traditional autobiography. Or book. So many asides. What's an aside? His favorite movies. Albums that moved him. Point Break, eh?...

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How will Vince McMahon's retirement affect the WWE?


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