John Powell – Editor-in-Chief – Slam Wrestling

Why, hello.

Imagine meeting you here.

Like Sting ditching his Day-Glo persona in favour of the sullen, brooding Crow Sting in 1996 or how The Undertaker became the American Bad Ass in 2000, sometimes in this business you have got to evolve, you have got to change.

Welcome to our new home, your home.

Nuestra casa es tu casa…and all that jazz.

You might have clued into the fact that we are no longer part of the Postmedia Network. We have finally struck out on our own with our new partners: Welby Street Press and John Arezzi’s Mat Memories.

Better late than never, eh?

Looking back, it is incredible how far things have come. How two friends and colleagues (myself and Greg Oliver) discovered we shared a passion and a love for the art form that is wrestling and convinced (tricked) our bosses at CANOE into letting us launch and run with a pro-wrestling section of SLAM! Sports in 1997.

I ain’t gonna lie though. Over the years, there were moments when SLAM! Wrestling almost hit at the end of the road. Throughout it all though, Greg and I both stepped up at various times with a renewed passion and commitment to keep the site and the dream we had going.

Hey, if we can make it through The Great Khali’s championship run in the WWE, we can make it through anything, right?

While the URL and the look of the site has changed what hasn’t is our commitment to bringing you the best in wrestling journalism.

Please ignore our mess as well. As our 20-plus years of content flows into the new site over the next few weeks our archives, sections will grow and grow.

We couldn’t do any of this on our own though. Firstly, we would like to thank our dedicated staff, some who have been with us since the very beginning and some are new to our dysfunctional yet functional family. They truly are the engines which keep the site running and whose enthusiasm and commitment inspire Greg and I every single day, especially as we ourselves have gotten a tad bit older.

Secondly, thank you, the readers, for joining us on our new journey and all of your support throughout the years. It means so much to us not just on a professional level but more importantly on a personal level too.

A few things that will never change about SLAM! Wrestling is that we will continue to approach things from a proudly Canadian perspective which includes spelling words our way and that SLAM! Wrestling is a site by wrestling fans for wrestling fans.

Marching forward with our new partners John Arezzi’s Mat Memories and Welby Street Press, we will be generating the same great content that has been synonymous with Slam Wrestling but also bringing you some brand-new features.

We are both thrilled and honoured to have you along for this new journey as we keep… rollin’ rollin’ rollin’ rollin’.