Tonight on Total Divas, babymania is running wild with Rosa’s baby shower and Brie looking to start her family. Nikki, Alicia, and Paige are having problems with family and baby talk. Plus, Brie and Bryan take Nikki into the wilderness! All that and more this week on Total Divas!

Recap of previously on Total Divas.

Rosa eating fried chicken with Alicia and company. Paige wants nothing to do with baby shower talk and sits at another table. No worries, because Alicia and Rosa come to her. Brie shows Nikki her dream home in the wilderness in Washington. Brie wants Nikki to come along to balance out Bryan. Some in-ring action and Alicia and Paige head to the bar. Alicia has family drama, with a family friend in bad health. Paige tells Alicia to bring the family back together over this. Alicia says she might be missing Rosa’s baby shower and Paige tells her that Rosa will understand and she will be at her call.

Bryan and The Bellas go to Washington to shop property for a summer home. They discuss whether or not Nikki is high maintenance and Alicia breaks it to Rosa that she won’t be able to make the shower. Rosa is…less than understanding.

Yikes. Drama, drama, drama as we break.


We go into the woods and Nikki is not having it. Bryan is enjoying his hippie self and laughs at Nikki’s high heel boots. Nikki wonders where this summer home is and she is not impressed by this potential cabin in the woods. The Foxy sisters are together and Alicia and Christina discuss their mom’s lack of communication. Tears are shed. Christina plays the strong here for Alicia and we go back to the Bellas in the boondocks. We go to the new cabin and Nikki wants Brie and Bryan to know that she will NOT be visiting regularly if they move out here. Bryan, of course, now wants to move in as soon as possible.

The Fox family is all together and travelling together. Rosa joins Eva Marie and Summer Rae to watch Raw. Eva Marie lets Rosa know she is working an NXT show during the baby shower and Paige is having some trouble dealing with the baby talk. Paige reveals that she lost a baby at eighteen before she came to the United States and she had a cyst removed recently where doctors told her she might not be able to have babies.

More baby talk to come as we break.


The Fox family meets with Pritchy, the family friend with health problems. Foxy’s mom apparently has known about his bad health and not told anyone. Uh-oh. Nikki and Bryan go backyard camping and Nikki struggles with tenting. Nikki wants a bathroom break and Bryan tells her you aren’t supposed to use the house bathroom when you are roughing it. Nikki decides to give up on the camping bet because she doesn’t want to “risk her lady parts” squatting next to poison ivy and whatever else.

Allllllllrighty then!

Paige tells Rosa that she has to go on MTV’s Ridiculousness and will miss the shower. Rosa’s guest list is dropping like flies and she is none too pleased. Nikki wants to know what people do in Port Townsend and Bryan talks hunting and camping. Nikki wants to go fishing with the Bella brother and cuts a little wood with Bryan. Foxy family dinner is about to get rocky as Alicia wants to iron out the issues.

Guess what’s coming up at dinner as we break.


We go fly fishing with the Bella bro and Nikki. Nikki is a little concerned with everyone wanting to have babies and make new steps, while she isn’t ready. Alicia and her mom have it out in the van over her not showing up to watch Alicia wrestle. Alicia’s mom tells her that she did the best with what she had as a single parent and that’s it.

Will everyone hug it out and talk more about babies? Find out after the break.


Christina again plays counselor as the Foxes head back to the hotel. Alicia realizes she can’t force a perfect family. Rosa is having her baby shower and putting on a brave face because the Divas aren’t coming. Paige is getting ready for some Ridiculousness and she meets Rob Dyrdek. Paige feels really bad, but she puts on a brave face of her own.

Will anyone find true happiness? Let us find out after another break, shall we?


Paige surprises Rosa and makes it to the shower. Paige tells Rosa about her baby issues and explains why she got so distant. Paige wants to be a “mum” someday, but she is gonna make a killer “auntie.” Apple juice is chugged from baby bottles and we have a happy baby shower.

The Bellas and Bryan are out to dinner and Nikki is not happy that Brie and Bryan will be moving so far away. Brie thinks Nikki is being a little selfish and Bryan stuffs his mouth with salad.

Will Bryan be able to finish his entree or did he spoil his meal? One last commercial break separates us from all the answers.


Nikki tells Bryan and Brie that she feels like they are trying to get rid of her. Bryan and Brie say they love their third wheel and we get a happy ending after all!

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