It’s TNA’s biggest show of the year and Jeff Hardy is gunning for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. After winning the BFG Series, Hardy gets his chance at the title on the company’s biggest stage, Bound For Glory, when he challenges Austin Aries for the gold. In addition, a shocking new member of Aces & Eights is revealed in their battle against Sting and Bully Ray and James Storm and Bobby Roode settle the score in a street fight.

Zema Ion Vs Rob Van Dam for the X Division Title

Thunderous chants of “RVD” to start the match

Ion gets crotched on the top rope and Van Dam kicks him to the floor and this elicits a “Holy S—” chant

Ion gets back in and hits a tornado DDT with Van Dam going straight down on his head and a two-count

Ion hits a somersault dive to the floor. Ion drops Van Dam face first on the top turnbuckle after Van Dam tries for a monkey flip and then uses an abdominal stretch.

Van Dam presses him in the air and kicks him in mid-air, rolling thunder and then hits the Five Star Frog Splash and pins him clean at 8:03.

Magnus is with Jeremy Borash and says this is the biggest show of the year, calls himself the “Mag-Daddy” and has escaped from “political prison” and Joe cannot hide behind Hogan or the office any longer.

Samoa Joe Vs Magnus for the Television Title

Magnus got the advantage after sucker punching Joe during a referee break and had the advantage for the early portion of the match

Joe came back with a boot off the turnbuckle and a running senton for a two-count.

Joe applied three rear-naked chokes with the third one in the middle of the ring and Magnus finally tapping at the 9:00 mark.

Borash interviews Bobby Roode in the back and the Street Fight is next

Bobby Roode Vs James Storm in a Street Fight with King Mo as the Special Enforcer

They have Earl Hebner as the referee and Mo as the outside enforcer.

They go to the floor and after using a side Russian leg sweep to send Roode into the barricade, he comes back and sends Storm into the post and he juices.

Roode gets a chair and attacks Storm and then he is busted open as Storm attacks him with trash can lids including a repeated series of shots to the head with the lid and using a kendo stick and they fight around ringside bleeding all over the place.

They get on top of the announce desk at ringside (which is glass by the way) and Roode spears Storm off through a wooden desk next to it.

Roode gets into the face of Hebner and Mo comes in and shoves Roode and he backs into the Eye of the Storm by James Storm and then hits the Last Call but Roode kicks out. Storm stands up to deliver another one but Roode blocks and tosses Storm into a chair in the corner and a roll up for a two-count.

Roode brings tacks into the ring as Storm is seated on the top turnbuckle but Storm fights him off and shoves Roode off the turnbuckle and onto he tacks. Storm hits a top rope elbow drop onto the tacks for a two-count. Roode comes back with a low blow and grabs a six-pack of beer from under the ring and Storm stops him and breaks the bottle on Roode’s head, lifts Roode up and hits the Last Call again and Roode takes a back bump straight on the tacks and Storm pins him at 17:33.

Borash is with Joey Ryan and he says he should have had a contract with TNA back in May and trended worldwide that night. He calls Al Snow a disgusting man, who is best known for carrying a severed head and is the opposite of himself.

Joey Ryan Vs Al Snow

The crowd is chanting “we want head” at the start of the match.

Snow is out wrestling and Ryan and controlling the first few minutes of the match. He hits the Snow Plough and gets a two-count. Crowd is not into the match.

Snow climbs under the ring and grabs Head for a pop but Brian Stifler takes it away and Ryan shoves Snow into Stifler and gets the advantage. Ryan grabs head and makes out with it.

Snow pulls Ryan in between the ring skirt and the ring and attacks him, grabs head but then Matt Morgan runs out of the crowd and hits the Carbon Footprint to Snow and tosses him into the ring where Ryan pins Snow at 8:27.

Ryan and Morgan shake hands after the match.

Daniels and Kazarian are with Borash in the back and they won’t answer a question from Twitter because they aren’t influenced by Twitter. Daniels cuts a promo referring to his “beverage of choice” but not actually saying the word “appletini”.

Christopher Daniels & Kazarian Vs A.J. Styles & Kurt Angle Vs Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez for the Tag Titles

Guerrero’s right shoulder is taped up.

Hernandez and Guerrero work over A.J. Styles at the start until Kazarian makes a blind tag.

Hot tag is made to Kurt Angle and hits German suplexes to Daniels and then two consecutive ones to Kazarian and Daniels blocks third. Crowd picks up for Angle’s involvement.

Kazarian with DDT to Angle and then take shoulder block from Hernandez, Styles with flying shoulder block to Hernandez and then Daniels with a STO to Styles.

Daniels a split legged moonsault to the floor onto Angle and then Hernandez with a tope to the floor onto Daniels.

Kazarian goes for a hurricanrana to Hernandez on the outside of the apron and Hernandez lands awkwardly on the floor. Styles with a somersault dive off the top to Daniels, Kazarian and Hernandez on the floor.

Angle blocks the Three Amigos and hits the Angle Slam to Guerrero.

Kazarian hits a TKO and then Daniels with the BME to Styles for a two-count.

Styles blocks the Angel’s Wings and hits an inverted DDT out of the corner to Daniels. Hernandez tags in and hits the Border Toss to Daniels and Guerrero with the Frog Splash Hernandez pins Daniels at 15:35.

Hemme interviews Guerrero and Hernandez on the ramp and Chavo says this was for Eddy.

Miss Tessmacher Vs Tara for the Knockout’s Title with Taryn Terrell as the referee

Tara lays her out on the floor and drops her on the apron and continues with the heat as they return to the ring.

Tara lost part of her hair in the middle of the ring as Tessmacher comes back with clotheslines and then hits a top rope hurricanrana.

Tessmacher misses top rope elbow drop and Tara goes for the Widow’s Peak and hits it for the win at 6:20.

Tara gets on the microphone and says she has been so inspired lately and did it for her boyfriend. She brings him out – Jesse Godderz from Big Brother, who has been under contract with TNA for a long time. He comes out and they make out.

Highlights from the Hall of Fame ceremony from last night air.

A video on the Aces and 8’s program runs

Sting & Bully Ray Vs Aces and 8’s in a No DQ Match

Sting is wearing a Bully Ray shirt and Bully Ray is wearing face paint.

Aces and 8’s bring out Joseph Park and match begins with two of the masked members representing them.

Sting is being beaten down and then tries for the Scorpion Deathlock and crowd gets behind it but it’s broken up.

Another member runs in and Park breaks free and runs wild in the ring. He fights one of them to the back.

Ray and Sting hit the Doomsday Device to another member. Sting hits the splash and calls for the tables.

Bully Ray brings a table in and another member runs in with a spine buster to Bully Ray and they pin him at 10:50.

They are all in the ring as Hulk Hogan comes down the aisle and attacks them with one remaining in the ring. He Hulks Up and gives him the big (or below average) boot.

They unmask him and its Devon as the babyfaces are stunned and he leaves with Aces and 8’s.

Austin Aries is with Borash in the back.

Austin Aries Vs Jeff Hardy for the TNA Title

The crowd is very pro-Aries, so the closing segment of Impact did wonders.

Hardy fights back and the crowd boos him and he looks annoyed at the reaction.

On the floor Aries is thrown into the steps and then Hardy with the Poetry in Motion off the steps to Aries against the barricade.

Hardy is selling and crowd going back and forth chanting for both.

Hardy lifts up Aries in a power bomb position and Aries fully rotates over his shoulders and goes face-first to the mat.

Hardy with the whisper in the wind for a two-count. Aries responds but knocking Hardy to the floor and hits a suicide dive. Hardy gets to his feet and Aries hits another and throws him into the ring and gets a two-count. Aries applies the Last Chancery and Hardy gets to the ropes.

Aries attacks Hardy’s neck with a neck breaker to the outside of the apron and the raised platform.

They exchange forerarms with Aries hitting the discus forearm and Hardy responds with the Twist of Fate for a two-count. Hardy gets crotched on the top rope and hits a jumping hurricanrana from the top rope and looked excellent. He hits a missile dropkick in the corner and Brainbuster but Hardy kicks out.

Hardy hits a Twist of Fate out of the corner and another one along with a swanton and pins Aries to win the title at 23:04.