Welcome to Phoenix, Arizona for SLAM! Wrestling’s coverage of WWE’s Cyber Sunday. Tonight, each match has a stipulation that the fans can vote on. Let’s get right to the report!

Preview Match: United States Championship – Shelton Benjamin (c) vs. R-Truth


The Phoenix crowd goes bananas for R-Truth, as he explodes on Benjamin. Truth is able to hit some of his unique athletic manoeuvres, however, Benjamin lays on Pay Dirt out of nowhere to retain his gold.

WINNER: Shelton Benjamin


Match 1: Rey Mysterio vs. Kane – Falls Count Anywhere or No Holds Barred or Best 2 out of 3 falls


The WWE Universe chose a … No Holds Barred Match (39%). Thank the wrestling gods that we did not have to sit through 2 out of 3 falls! Mysterio uses his speed and aerial tactics early to throw the monster off his game, including a somersault dive over the top rope to the outside. Kane soon takes over as he begins to go to work on Rey’s back by bending him like a pretzel on the ring post. Mysterio nails The Big Red Machine with several kicks to the face, but is stopped by a huge clothesline when he went for the 619. Rey Rey gets back on track once he drop toe holds Kane into the steel steps (which were set up inside the ring), then Drops the Dime for a near fall. Kane escapes another 619 try, however, Mysterio is able to counter a chokeslam with a huracaranna, 619, and springboard splash.



Some of the WWE Diva Halloween costumes are being shown off for fans to vote on online.

Chris Jericho is shown backstage speaking with Ted DiBiase, Cody Rhodes, and Manu. He tells the youngsters how much he respects them and tries to enlist their duties for his match this evening. Rhodes tells the champ that they will not be doing his dirty work.

Match 2: ECW Championship- Matt Hardy (c) vs. Mark Henry or Evan Bourne or Finlay


ECW GM Theodore Long and his assistant Tiffany come out to announce Matt Hardy’s opponent. And the winner is … Evan Bourne! Well I am shocked that Bourne received 69% of the votes, my money was on Finlay. Bourne looks tiny even in comparison to Hardy. ‘Air’ Bourne tries several flash pin variations and is in charge until he sends Evan to the outside with a hard forearm. Bourne delivers an incredible standing flip onto a laid out Hardy … wow that was high. We are told that although Evan is only 5’6” he can still dunk a basketball. This contest has an interesting dynamic as Hardy, who usually plays the role of underdog, is not only the favourite, but also a heel. Bourne is able to kick out from back to back Side Effects, and then hits a spinning heel kick on Matt as he came off the second turnbuckle. Hardy narrowly rolls out of the way from the shooting star press, and on the second try delivers the Twist of Fate. This was an amazing match.



Match 3: Tag Titles: Cody Rhodes/Ted DiBiase vs. CM Punk/Kofi Kingston or John Morrison/The Miz vs. Cryme Tyme or Jamie Noble/Mickie James vs. William Regal/Layla


Cryme Tyme vs. Morrison/Miz squeak out a 38% to 35% victory over Rhodes/DiBiase vs. Punk/Kingston. Another surprising vote as I thought that the aspect of the tag belts and the popularity of Punk and Kingston would have given them the edge. Morrison and JTG start things out with Cryme Tyme having all the momentum. Shad bench presses his tag partner over the top rope and onto Morrison and Miz. The former tag champs isolate Shad and go to work on his right leg. After being dominated following a brief outburst, JTG is able to finally make the hot tag to Shad who cleans house. Amongst a scramble Morrison is able to connect with the Midnight Ride thanks to an assist from his partner.



Chris Jericho is in the back again and this time he is asking The Great Khali if he will be in his corner tonight. His translator says that Khali says no.

Match 4: Intercontinental Championship- Santino Marella (c) w/ Beth Phoenix vs. Roddy Piper or Goldust or Honky Tonk Man


Santino busts out the Honk-a-Meter to show that he is a mere one year and one week away from being the longest reigning Intercontinental champion of all time. The fans have chosen … Honky Tonk Man! YES! Oh this is phenomenal! Honky actually looks to be in pretty good shape. HTM won by only 1% over Roddy Piper. Honky grabs the mic, and insults Santino by saying that he could be champ for 10 years and he would still never be as good as the Honky Tonk Man. HTM does his Elvis dance in the ring. This is so cheesy it is classic. Marella is challenged to dance back, and it is not pretty. Santino then gives Honky a cheap shot to get this title match underway. HTM works a head lock, but is tripped up by Beth Phoenix. The referee calls for the bell to disqualify Santino and give Honky the win! Marella is furious with Beth and screams at her. Goldust then appears and walks down the ramp. Goldy looks very out of shape. Then Piper’s music hits and out come the rowdy one. Santino escapes into the ring and is met with a HTM boot, a Goldust suplex, some Hot Rod punches, and capped off with a Shake Rattle n’ Roll by Honky. All three veterans raise each others’ hands. From a humour stand point this totally made the pay-per-view.



Match 5: The Undertaker vs. Big Show – Knockout Match or I Quit Match or Last Man Standing Match


Last Man Standing is the pick at 49%. Undertaker tees off on Big Show right off the bat as action spills to the outside. Show is knocked loopy with a steel chair shot, however, he is able to recover thanks to some monstrous right hands. This match has essentially turned into a punch fest back and forth. Taker puts Show in a scary looking roll through DDT as the giant almost landed right on top of his head. He gets up at the count of nine. Big Show strikes Undertaker right in the face with a monitor from the announce table, and is then chokeslamed through the same table from atop the security barrier. The Dead Man barely rises and a nine and a half count. GM Vickie Guerrero and Chavo look on in dismay from the top of the entrance ramp. Show catches Taker when he jumped off the top for Old School and scored a chokeslam for a count of nine. Big Show then delivers a straight right hand that puts his foe down hard … however … The Dead Man sits up! Big Show goes for a chair shot, but Undertaker locks him into that modified triangle choke hold. The giant taps and passes out for The Undertaker to pick up the win and even up the feud at one win a piece. The last half of the match really picked up and the whole thing turned out to be not too bad after all.



All the Divas enter the ring to hear how the WWE Universe voted. Ladies and gentleman the winner is … Mickie James as Tomb Raider. All the girls immediately start brawling. All the face Divas are left in the ring when it is all said and done.

Match 6: WWE Championship – Triple H (c) vs. Jeff Hardy or Vladimir Kozlov, or both


The most votes go to Jeff Hardy with 57%. Hardy narrowly gets out of a Pedigree, and each competitor is able to counter the other’s top moves. As in the past the match is keeping a fast, entertaining pace. Triple H locks in a Crossface … I still feel uncomfortable seeing that move … and has it sunk in for quite a while. Eventually Jeff is able to roll over and get a two count out of it. Hardy is now in charge following a high risk running splash. Two whisper in the winds give Jeff another near fall. The Game counters a Twist of Fate, who in turn gets out of another Pedigree. The Rainbow Warrior does connect with the Twist of Fate out of a sleeper hold, and nails a Swanton Bomb. He does not go for the cover, deciding for a second Swanton Bomb, however, this time the Cerebral Assassin gets his knees up. Jeff is caught on the top turnbuckle and his pulled down into a Pedigree to finish off this very good match up. Once again Triple H retains, and I have to think this is Hardy’s last look at the world title for a while.



Match 7: World Heavyweight Championship- Chris Jericho (c) vs. Batista


The stipulation for this match is the Special Guest Referee, which is between: Shawn Michaels, Randy Orton, or Stone Cold Steve Austin. Well the world has spoken and the referee is … Stone Cold at 74%. Austin looks trimmed down and is nose to nose with Jericho immediately. Y2J then slaps Batista, which results in The Animal driving him into the corner. Jericho goes to walk up the ramp to leave when Stone Cold grabs the mic and says that if the champ is counted out or DQ’d then he loses the title. Y2J rushes back in and takes a beat down from Batista.

Jericho is able to get the challenger’s left leg tangled up in the ropes and isolates it. The world champ is almost caught in a Batista Bomb when he was on the second rope, and is able to almost convert that into the Walls of Jericho. Y2J wiggles out of another Batista Bomb and this time does turn him over into the Walls of Jericho. He switches it to a half crab on the right leg until The Animal reaches the rope and Austin rips him away when the champion refused to break the hold. Jericho again manages to get away from the Bomb by grabbing the ropes, however, he gets smashed off the top by a clothesline. The two warriors battle on the top turnbuckle, and it is Batista delivering a surprise high flying attack with a shoulder tackle leap. The Animal accidentally runs into Austin, knocking him out of the ring and Jericho then hits the Code Breaker. Shawn Michaels runs in as another referee and does a super slow count allowing Batista to kick out. The distraction lets Batista recover and nail the spear, but when HBK went to do the fast count, JBL appears out of nowhere, pulls Michaels out and gives him a Clothesline from hell. All of a sudden Randy Orton shows up, RKO’s Stone Cold and allows Y2J to smack The Animal with the championship belt. This does not put away Batista. Austin then rises, and gives a Stunner to Orton. Batista delivers the spine buster, and this time hits the Batista Bomb. There is no escape for Jericho, and we have a new four-time World Heavyweight Champion in Batista. Stone Cold and Batista share a beer in celebration. A few too many run ins at the end, but overall this was one heck of a match up.


OVERALL RATING: 8 out of 10