Hot on the heels of its first WWE trading card release, Topps has announced the release of WWE Heritage Chrome.

The set, slated for release on April 3, is a follow-up to the highly popular WWE Heritage set that was released earlier this winter.

Chrome, a Topps mainstay since the mid-1990s, has been a widely popular program in other sectors of the New York-based collectibles company. The cards are UV-coated and have metallic effects on the card’s face and back.

The majority of the base (regular) set will mirror that of the Heritage product, but will also include newer WWE talents not included in the first set, including Mr. Ken Kennedy, Ashley Massaro, Mickie James and The Boogeyman. In total, 10 new cards will be part of the base set.

Along with these cards, a bevvy of new inserts are available. There will be three parallel sets, including Refractors (1:6 packs), X-Fractors (1:12 packs) and Super-Fractor cards, the last of which will be serial-numbered to just 25 copies of each card. All three parallel sets have been popular in other Topps releases and should be hot grabs on the secondary market.

Of course, Topps has also included a variety of autographs in this release. Signatures from the likes of John Cena, Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit, Carlito and Tazz will be available among others.

Finally, Topps is adding a little extra value for fans who pick up full boxes of Heritage Chrome. Each display box will have one affixed card from the Chrome set. Each box will contain 24 five-card packs, for a total of 120 cards per box, plus one “box-topper”.