With the wave of nostalgia sweeping the wrestling world lately we have seen a rash of faces from the past that have been used to spike ratings and draw at small house shows. There have been numerous legends resurfacing at the WWE and a ton of legend shows to choose from to attend and see your favorite performers from the past either lock it up again or get an autograph from. A lot of people seem split on the whole legend thing, as to whether it is a good or bad thing.

On one hand its always great to see guys you idolized again in any capacity. They deserve to make money off of the names they worked for years to make for themselves. Period. But the “New School” mentality is that they (the legends) should be brought in to put over the “new” talent and younger guys. In some cases that may be the good thing to do but in my honest opinion I can’t honestly approve of such things unless it’s the right worker in the right spot.

I will use my own example to illustrate. Sabu (a hardcore legend) was brought to Stampede wrestling in 2000 and I was the first Stampede worker to have a match with him on TV. On one side of the coin some were saying I should beat him to “make” my name more valuable. On the other hand who was I? I certainly wasn’t even close to being in his league at the time. So what was the right choice? The one that was ultimately made – Sabu and I had a competitive match and in the end he finally got me with the Camel clutch but in doing so “made” my name worth more by having a really close and competitive match with me.

I think the way that WWE is doing things with Randy Orton and the various “legends” he’s killed is excellent. It has given Orton the right vehicle to use the cocky persona he does so well. But question now needs to be asked; Is Orton in the Undertakers league? Taker is one of the guys who have been around along time and will still go with the young guys in big matches such as at SummerSlam! So what to do? Well I can only speculate and give my opinion but then again that all Ii can ever do. I think that it’s time for a legend to put Orton in his place and Taker is the perfect character to do it. I know that Orton is a blue chipper and on his way to the top for a long stay but you can’t have him kill the entire history of wrestling. Eventually there has to be a foil and I think Taker is the guy to be that foil. I guess we’ll see at SummerSlam, is shaping up to be a hell of a card.

Speaking of great cards, this Sunday‚Äôs Sacrifice from TNA looks awesome on paper. From top to bottom there doesn’t seem to be a weak or fluff match. Although I can’t say I agree with the X division Title match being an “Internet Dream match” where Christopher Daniels takes on some one from one of the various indys as voted on by the internet wrestling fans. Why you ask? Because there are TNA wrestlers waiting at home for shots at said title (cough, cough) and not getting spots on the PPV. As it stands Austin Aries is locked in for the match and from what I have seen of his to date should be a great challenge for Daniels.

It has been nice to see my buddy Cassidy Riley getting a little bit of a push being put into Raven’s flock. Cassidy and I tagged briefly while I was in Nashville and he’s a hell of a worker. Best of luck to him as well.

It should be interesting seeing Sabu and Raven tag together Sunday as they had been on opposite sides of the ring as of last year. But then again I guess Jeff Jarrett can make just about anyone team up to take him out. He’s just that dangerous. And MAN alive does Rhino look good. Cripes! He’s obviously been training his ass off. I wonder if Raven can avoid the Manbeast for long? I also just read in the Banks shot that there will be a tag team tourney starting soon called the ” Chris Candido memorial tag team tournament”. What a wonderful idea and a great way to pay tribute to Chris’s memory.

On that note I will leave it this time. I hope everyone is still supporting their local indy’s and TNA and finding happiness no matter how hard it seems to be fighting you off.