Canadian Indy wrestler Precious Lucy recently introduced female hardcore wrestling to wrestling fans in Mexico while touring the country with all-women’s Mexican promotion Lucha Libre Feminil (LLF) from June 12 – 16. Lucy wrestled two matches on the tour. On Friday June 13, she teamed with Americ an grappler, Persephone, against LLF mainstays La Bruja and Hija Del Zarzi in a best two-out-of-three falls match. Two days later, on Sunday June 15 Lucy officially unveiled her trademark wrestling style in a televised hardcore encounter against Mexican Princess Sugey in front of 5,000 roaring fans in Monterrey, Mexico.

“I am honoured that they chose me of all people to bring [the hardcore] style in the area,” Lucy told SLAM! Wrestling. “What is very funny is that I had to explain to the people of Monterrey what a hardcore match was because they didn’t have a clue.”

The tour was Lucy’s second wrestling-related appearance in Mexico, albeit the first time she actually wrestled. In August 2002 Lucy was booked by LLF promoter Luciano Alberto to showcase her talents in the country, however when the company‚s scheduled shows were cancelled she was reduced to doing promotional work, such as radio and television interviews. The response to her character from the fans was overwhelming though, and the demand eventually led to the recent tour.

Lucy described the Mexican wrestling experience as something totally “different” from the norm. “I’ve never experienced such a thing,” she said. “The children jumping all over me to get an autograph… taking so many photos… being on TV all the time… crazy, crazy stuff!” Also, the Mexican wrestling style is significantly different to that in Canada and USA, as while all wrestling holds are executed on the left side of the body in the latter two countries, in Mexico wrestlers are taught on the right side. “At the beginning of my first match, I was a bit confused,” revealed Lucy. “However, I adjusted pretty fast to working on the right side after only a few moves. On the Sunday show I was able to work as a Mexican without any problems.”

Another problem Lucy faced was the language barrier. “The most challenging aspect was certainly the language barrier,” she said. “But I think I did pretty good even if I could not understand a word of what my opponent were saying besides a few. Spanish sounds a lot like French so I could manage to understand some words, but that’s it.”

The 23-year-old Sorel, Quebec, resident, who usually only wrestles hardcore matches against men, believes her violent match (which involved tables, trash cans, and light tubes) with Princess Sugey went exceptionally well. “The match was different of course because I never worked against a woman in such a hardcore match,” Lucy explained to SLAM! “It wasn’t as fast at it is with the boys but it was still a great match. I really liked my opponent; a little but strong women who wasn’t afraid to trust me and try new things.”

Lucy saw the opportunity to wrestle in Mexico as a dream come true. “What I take away from the experience is that six years of emotional and physical pain was finally worth something. Wrestling in Mexico was one of my goals and I made it.”

And what did the promoters think? “Actually, they were so happy that they wanted me to come back two weeks later,” stated Lucy. “However, I’m studying in Multimedia Design right now and I don’t want to fail any classes. I told then I could go back in July.”

The hardcore wrestling mainstay also revealed to SLAM! Wrestling that a couple days ago she received “the phone call I’ve been waiting [for] since I started wrestling,” although she refused to elaborate deciding to remain tight-lipped on specifics until all details are confirmed. Until then, we can only keep speculating what the next step in the Precious Lucy journey will be.