REAL NAME: Gen Goulet
BORN: February 15, 1980, Montreal, Quebec
5′ 3″ (with boots), 160 pounds
AKA: Precious Lucy, Precious Lucie, Lucy Fer, Lucifer

For Genny Goulet, singing wasn’t enough.

“I used to sing in a band, and I think I need more of a challenge,” she said.

So she became a pro wrestler.

At just 19, Goulet already has a couple of years in the ring under her belt. Her training consisted of renting a ring with friends, weights and a short stint in a wrestling school.

You can find her around Quebec as Precious Lucy. The name came from her mentor and friend Jacques Rougeau Jr.

Goulet had been wrestling as Lufy Fer, a Morticia Adams-type character. That led to the more flamboyant, heelish Lucy Fer. On the east coast of the U.S. she was Luscious Lucy.

But Rougeau decided her name should be Precious Lucy for his first International Wrestling 2000 show in February 1999 and the name stuck.

Precious Lucy will be on Rougeau’s next show on August 9, wrestling Amanda Storm in a women’s match. Goulet knows she is in over her head (she’s only 5’1″ — 5’3″ with boots) against the Killer Kowalski-trained Storm. “It’s going to be pretty hard. A lot more bigger challenge.”

This weekend however presents a different challenge. On July 17, Precious Lucy be facing Serge Proulx in a male vs female match on an ICW show in Montreal at the church at 1884 St-Germain (corner of Ontario).

It’s a hardcore promotion, and Goulet really enjoys the atmosphere. “It’s always full,” she said, explaining that that means about 300 people crammed into the church. “The people are into it.”

She’s been wrestling men (including a couple of midgets) in matches since June 1998, and it started out of necessity.

“There are not a lot of women in here in Quebec” in the wrestling business, she explained. What’s worse is the state of women’s wrestling in general. “There’s not enough real wrestlers who can do real wrestling instead of showing just boobs and ass.”

Her favourite female star is Japanese legend Bull Nagano because she can “wrestle anybody” and combines power with technique. On the male side, it’s The Undertaker all the way.

From here, Goulet is happy to refine her character and gain skills. And, through people like Rougeau make more contacts that just might give her a chance to show her stuff on a bigger scale.

— with files from Jason Scoufaras



Lucy is a great female wrestler and a really good friend. She is a great person a everybody likes her. In the past, I worked for the same promotion with her (ICW) and I predicted she’s going to go right to the top of the wrestling world. And as a friend of Lucy, I will say this to you, good luck and take care my friend.
Yan Ladouceur

Lucy will have a great future in wrestling. She is determined, no doubt about that. She began with me and my friends in Sorel in a wrestling school. We all stopped wrestling except her. She wants to be a wrestler and i’m sure she will be a wrestler. I hope one day the WWF or WCW will recognize her talent and hired her. Lucy I wish you the best of luck in the world of wrestling! Me (and I’m sure Marc Brulé too) I’m proud of you!!!
Your friend, Luc Denoncourt

I saw Precious Lucy at each of the ICW galas she was in. She has a lot of spunk and endurance. By having Jacques Rougeau as her mentor, she can go very far in Women’s pro wrestling, like the late Vivianne Vachon. She is very nice and gotta say that when she shook my hand, I haven’t washed it for the rest of the night…
Claude Leduc, Productions Leduc 2000 ltd (Québec pro wrestling web)

Precious Lucy, a good friend, a good wrestler! I saw her at ICW versus Mobster, a great match. I saw also it at Lutte Internationale 2000, December 29th and may 7th, against Amanda Storm. The two matches were good. She always accept to talk to me and to all the fans. She’s a beautiful girl! Even if she have success and a lot of talent, but she doesn’t have a swollen head. I think that Precious Lucy can go to the USA major league, with the WWF or WCW, because like I said higher, she have a lot of talent and a lot of charisma. I hope that the WCW or WWF will be smart and offer a contract to her. It’s only that I want to said to my friend, Da Precious One, Precious Lucy! Keep it up your effort!
Marc-Olivier Beaudoin

This memory is very fresh in my mind. My husband and I went to an HWF (Hardcore Wrestling Federation) event, in London, Ontario. This was our first time seeing Lucy. She is very talented and a complete pleasure to talk to. She has the stuff to make it far in the ring, and beyond.
Sarah Ramos, London, Ontario, Canada

This summer I took my 5 year old daughter & 6 year old nephew to an indie show in Sharon, Ontario . The kids were timid and a bit apprehensive until Lucy came out against a male wrestler . My nephew was convinced that the “boy” wrestler would easily dispatch the “girl” . The first half of the match saw some exciting moves with the “boy” easily handling Precious Lucy and even throwing her a stiff chair shot which opened a bloody gash on Lucy’s forehead . The kids were scared for Lucy’s life with my nephew actually cringing at the beating she was absorbing in the match .
Well, the last half of the match saw Lucy retaliate and perform some high risk huracanrannas and leaps from the top turnbuckle to the concrete floor. She then returned the chair shot favour back to the male wrestler at which point my nephew had actually began rallying behind Lucy .
Lucy went on to pin him and win the match.
After the match Precious Lucy was signing autographs at a table at the end of the arena and not only did my daughter want to get a picture and autograph but by 5 year old nephew did as well !!! Precious Lucy had won his respect that night !!! And to be able to gain the respect of a 5 year old boy when you are a “girl” in a sport as tough as wrestling … boy !!! Need I say more !
By the way , that match was better than The Rock vs. Steve Austin at Wrestlemania 17 !!
Chris , Selena and Niko Kovachis July 18th , 2001