You won’t be seeing John Cena competing in a ring ever again when 2025 is over.

Cena announced his retirement tour at the Money in the Bank event. This isn’t an angle and it isn’t a ploy to sell tickets, says Cena.

“I don’t think I am saying anything out of turn here. A lot of sports entertainment retirements are either immediate injury forces, excuses to beat up a champion and vie for a title match or they are dishonest. People say they are walking away and then two years later they are back. I want to set the record straight right now, I am done. This is it. I just want to send the message to our fans if you ever wanted to be part of this one last time we are going to do this as big as we can, we are inviting everyone and we hope you enjoy the fun,” Cena said at a press conference after the show.

The tour will start in January 2025 and end in December. Cena clocks the farewell tour at 30 to 40 events.

Cena approached the WWE with the idea of a retirement tour and they agreed that it would be a great way for Cena and wrestling fans to celebrate his career. Cena let everyone know though that he won’t be fully in charge of the creative.

“It not only warmed my heart that the thought resonated with them (WWE) but we can bring all of us together. All of us can bond and have excitement. They (the WWE) will write the stories and we will execute them as best that we can,” he said. “There is always unfinished business in the WWE which probably makes this announcement surprising because I am trying to close up shop. I have never put much stock in expectations that are beyond my control. I try to lead an existence in which I control what I can. I am in no position to hand pick opponents. I always challenge myself to tell stories with whatever hands I am dealt.”

Part of Cena’s proposal was that even though he was finished wrestling for WWE he still wanted to be involved with the brand.

“Part of this business plan I proposed and they accepted, was me remaining in the WWE family in some capacity for an extended time to come… Just because I am physically at my end doesn’t mean I have to distance myself from something that I love,” he stated also saying he wanted to share what valuable knowledge he has with other WWE talent.

Cena dashed any thoughts of him turning heel during his final run though.

“I know you will see me but you won’t see me. You will get my authentic self and moments of frustration and moments of disappointment. Heck, I cannot remember the last time I won a match. I am on a little bit of a slump… That goes against what I heavily value and you would see through it,” he said.

Cena had a message for all the WWE superstars that he will be leaving behind.

“Remember how bad you wanted the job in the first place. You are as only good as your next match. At all costs try to lean into humanity, empathy and kindness,” he said.