LA Knight’s ride from NXT to the main roster was a rather bumpy one. Under the former WWE regime he was saddled with the role of a manager in the Knight Model Management faction.

Seeing the error of their ways WWE creative finally put him back in the ring where he should have been in the first place. Despite him being misused or perhaps because of it, fans rallied behind LA Knight pushing him even if creative wasn’t.

“At the time, it was just a matter of coming in and being me and I think that whatever that was allowed to people to jump aboard,” he told Slam Wrestling of his approach of riding the wave of fan support.

LA Knight. Photo by Steve Argintaru, Twitter/IG: @stevetsn.

It took a whole lot of Kimura Locks to convince creative at the time to let LA talk his talk rather than spit out a script.

“A lot of times it gets a little too much where it’s like ‘Oh, well, I want to say that and then I’ve got to remember all these lines and stuff! Let me just go out there and let me talk! With me doing that I think that’s what got people to jump on board and think ‘Well, this guy might just be a party guy! Oh, wait a minute he can talk too! I bet he can’t wrestle. Oh, wait, he can do that, too!’ You’re talking about a total package and we’re not talking Lex Luger! We’re talking about LA Knight!” he boasted.

Ask LA Knight (and the former Eli Drake) about NXT’s new partnership with TNA though and surprisingly it isn’t even on his radar.

“Good for them. I don’t have an opinion one way or the other. Is a good for business? Maybe? I don’t know. For me, I just show up and I do my thing,” he said.

Tomorrow night at Money in the Bank, LA Knight gets the chance climb right to the top of the championship ladder in the WWE by claiming that all-important briefcase. Knight is aware of the dangers of such a chaotic match but he won’t let that pump his brakes at all.

“I never consider the negatives. Well, let me let me walk that back. I consider the negatives, but very briefly, because to me it’s like if I’m focusing too much on that that’s probably where I’m going to be headed. Right? So for me, it’s just kind of get in there, do the thing. Do it as best as I can do it better than anybody else because that’s what I do and tomorrow night you’re probably going to see this guy walking out with that case!” he proclaimed

TOP PHOTO: LA Knight and fans at MLSE LaunchPad in Toronto, on Friday, July 5, 2024. Photo by Steve Argintaru, Twitter/IG: @stevetsn