The Crockett Cup is starting to shape up with a tag team tournament that, on paper, looks to be a barn burner.  Considering this is the first time the National Wrestling Alliance is holding the event since 2019 (because the 2020 event was cancelled because of COVID), there are sixteen tag teams that have the opportunity to shine during this two-day event at the Nashville Fairgrounds in Tennessee.

So, who are the top sixteen team vying for the Cup this time around?  During the Crockett Cup Reveal on YouTube, NWA Owner William Patrick Corgan, producer Pat Kenney, and Joe Galli ran down who to expect during the PPV on March 19th and 20th.

If you missed it, I’ll go over the announced tag teams, and focus on a couple sentences of what each team brings to the squared circle.

It’ll be like picking your favorite team to go all the way in the March Madness tournament, but, y’know… much more fun.

With that, let’s start with the number one seeded tag team…

La Rebelión (MechaWolf and Bestia 666)

The current NWA tag team champs are the early on favorites in the tourney, and have shown fans their lucha skills pay the bills.  Since winning the titles from Aron Stevens and Kratos at NWA 73, Rebelión has proven to be unstoppable, and no team has given them a challenge.  That might change with the number two seeded tag team…

The Briscoe Brothers (Mark and Jay Briscoe)

This is not the first time Dem Boys stepped in the ring for the NWA, as they first came to the Crockett Cup in 2019, and it might not be the last.  This tag team is synonymous with Ring of Honor, and the 12 time (!) ROH Tag team champions have faced the best in their promotion and outside.  Since the promotion is still on hiatus until April, The Briscoes have kept their dance card full with wrestling at Game Changer Wrestling (GCW) and getting the tag straps.  They could very well add a cup to their accolades.

Speaking of ROH, the number three seed is…

The OGK (Mike Bennett and Matt Taven)

Much like the Briscoes, they are keeping busy in the NWA and in IMPACT Wrestling.  We at SLAM! spoke with Bennett and Taven not too long ago, and it’s clear that they are enjoying their work in the ring.  They are adding a dimension into their tag team action that is fast-paced and absolutely riveting anytime Bennett and Taven hit the ring, and they have taken their action to the mat already against The Fixers.

Now, I have spoken at some length with fellow SLAM! Writer Boris Roberto Aguilar about the OGK, and I will state on the record that in comparison to “RK-Bro”, the OGK is practically The Rock N’ Roll Express.

Now for a surprise, in that the number four seeded team is…

The British Invasion (Doug Williams and??? )

The reason for the question marks is because, as announced by Corgan, Nick Aldis will be facing Matt Cardona on night two of the Crockett Cup for the NWA Heavyweight Championship.

(Quick Rant:  For anyone complaining that they spoiled the fact that Cardona won the Ten Pounds of Gold before it was shown on FITE or YouTube, I get why you’re upset.  But moaning about it won’t help.  Also, in the Information Age, news travels fast, and it will be shown as part of NWA POWERRR, so just untwist your underwear and relax.  You’ll live longer.)

That said, Williams is left without a partner…or maybe not.  Let’s face it, it was nice that Williams and Aldis recaptured the magic they once had in TNA/IMPACT.  Maybe this might be the time that a fellow Brit might come to Williams’s side again.  Paging Rob Terry?  Paging The Freak?  Anyone?

Ah, well, as least this number five seeded team is focused and they are…

Strictly Business (Chris Adonis and Thom Latimer)

Thom Latimer is no stranger to tag team gold, having previously won it alongside former Business member Royce Isaacs as The WildCards.  Since losing the prestige of the title belts recently, the pairing of Adonis and Latimer is a good opportunity for getting back some gold in the stable.  I mean, Kamille can only do so much.


Now for something different, here is the number six seeded team…

Da Pope and Big Strong Mims

This is the first time these two have paired up for tag action.  Mostly, both men have been involved in singles action, so how they’ll gel together is a different story.  Pope is still sore at Cardona for getting thrown in the steel steps, and Mims has mostly been in the corner of Anthony “Crimson” Mayweather.

There is a lot of time before the PPV, so let’s continue onwards with the number seven seed…

Aron Stevens and Kratos

If ever there was a team that put the “odd” in “Odd Couple”, it’s these two.  But, lest we forget, these two managed to capture the NWA tag team titles from Eli Drake and James Storm during UWN Prime Time Live.  There were times Stevens and Kratos didn’t see eye to eye on… well, anything.  But they could win when it counted.  Now that Stevens has gone off the deep end, he and Kratos are just as unhinged, but in a way that favors them.  This is your upset favorites in the Cup tourney…

Now for the number eight seed…

The End (Parrow and OdinSon)

Since coming into the NWA, Parrow and OdinSon are the modern day equivalent of the Road Warriors.  Their smash-mouth brand of wrestling they perfected in Japan is something they have perfected since coming back stateside.  Only one issue:  No tag team gold… yet.  This tournament grants them the opportunity to get them a winning streak and showcase their skill on their way to the Cup finals.

As for your hopefuls, time for the number nine seed…

Hawx Aerie (Luke and PJ Hawx)

As the father-and-son duo, Hawx Aerie has flown high on Luke’s veteran skills, and PJ’s youthful speed.  At best, they could climb as high as the semis before shenanigans abound.  We at Slam Wrestling have spoken to the Hawx team, and they are the biggest babyfaces entering the Cup, as they’ll be facing The End at the begging of the tournament.  Gulp!

As for the weirdest, that leads to the number ten seed…

The Dirty Sexy Boys (JTG and “Dirty” Dango)

Remember a few paragraphs ago I said Stevens and Kratos were the oddest tag team?  Well, Dango and JTG have emphasized that anytime they’re in the ring, everything gets weird.  JTG is a tag specialist with his former Cryme Tyme partner Shad Gasper, and Dango worked wonders with Tyler Breeze as “Breezango”, and it makes sense they’ll be paired with Stevens and Kratos in the opening part of the tourney.  Just be sure to record what happens, no matter who wins.

During the bracket reveal, Corgan was reluctant to say this, but the number eleventh seed in the Cup is…

The Cardonas (Mike Knox and VSK)

Since Cardona got the belt, he wants to have his own team backing his plays.  According to Corgan, Cardona demanded his team be inserted over someone else and Corgan acquiesced.  Seems Cardona learned a few things when he and the former Curt Hawkins were under the tutelage of the Rated R Superstar, Edge.  Knox has had his back, and VSK coming into the mix from IMPACT says two things:  The relationship with the NWA and IMPACT is more beneficial than I realized, and Brian Myers must be happy to share someone from his stable.  Since they’ll face Pope and Mims early in the tournament, expect the Cardonas to get into the head of Pope early and often.

Now for the newest team to enter as the number twelfth seed…

GoldenRushhh (Jordan Clearwater and Marshe’ Rockett)

Corgan joked that they wanted to enter as “GoldenRockett”, and he quickly vetoed that idea.  But as part of IdolMania Sports Entertainment, in conjunction with BLK Jeez’s The Church’s Money Enterprises, this might be the sleeper team of the tournament.  They’ve already worked as a unit during Team War, and Clearwater and Rockett have tons of potential.  Facing Strictly Business will be a true test of their skills.  If they make a good showing, that will be impressive.

Now, onto the number thirteenth seed of the Crockett Cup…

The Ill-Begotten

Now, the team is currently comprised of Rush Freeman, Alex Taylor, Captain YUMA, and recently Jeremiah Plunkett.  Now, I don’t know what direction this team is heading, but I feeling is that they might invoke “Fabulous Freebirds” rule, and interchange with the different members (except for YUMA… Sorry, dude, but I got a feeling you’re gonna be left out in the cold).

As they face The British Invasion, a lot can happen in this match.  This could be the sleeper match because no one knows what team will be in the squared circle that night.

And now for the fourteenth seed of the Crockett Cup…

The Fixers (Jay Bradley and “Wrecking Ball Legurtsky”

Since entering the NWA, they established themselves as mercenaries and willing to do the bidding of Colby Corino.  These big boys have the size, strength, and the willingness to doo anything in the ring… as long as the price is right.  They’ve had a feud going on with The OGK, and it’s no surprise that they will be face-to-face in the ring.  I’d love for Taven and Bennett to advance, but never underestimate the douchenozzlery that is Corino if he ends up being in the Fixers corner and (apologies for the pun) fixes any chances the OGK will advance in the tournament.

As for the fifteenth and sixteenth seeds, that is to be determined.  The fifteenth seed could be a number of different teams vying to take part of the PPV, according to Kenney.  As for the sixteenth seed, as Corgan explained, that will be the result of a four-war match on night one of The Crockett Cup PPV that will earn a spot in the tournament.  This is where it will get exciting, because of the unknown factor, and that will be a psychological advantage to whoever gets to face the Briscoes and La Rebelion, respectively.

So who’s gonna win the tournament?  If you use this to place wagers, then say so long to your money, because I have no clue who can take this.  But, best guess?  I am picking the final four to be The Briscoes, La Rebelion, The Fixers, and The British Invasion.  The last one is a dark horse favorite, and can add some excitement to an already solid tag card.

But, gun to head who takes the Crockett Cup?  It would just be so much fun to see Dem Boys, The Briscoes, getting the cup and establishing a new form of honor in the NWA.  Will it happen?  Is there some other tag team that can take the Crockett Cup to new heights?  The best part of tournaments like this:  It’s all up for grabs.