Step right up, ladies and gents, as The NWA Present a big top turnbuckle extravaganza.  Now, you don’t need to step Into The Fire this time.  In the main event is Trevor Murdoch vying to claim the vaunted Ten Pounds of Gold from “The National Treasure” Nick Aldis.  Will this be the night that Murdoch rises to the occasion, or just another example of When Our Shadows Fall?

(Author’s Note: There was supposed to be a pre-show on YouTube but, according to the NWA twitter post, there was a technical difficulty.   So here’s some guitar intros from the show.  Please to Enjoy!)

We are live from the GPB Studios with a raucous crowd.  Your commentators Joe Galli, Tim Storm, and Velvet Sky have the call.

(Additional Author’s Note:  You’ll also want to check the interview I did with Tim Storm in anticipation of this event.  Thank you for allowing the cheap plug.)

But let’s kick off the night with your First Match…

The End (Parrow/OdinSon) vs. “La Rebelión”(MechaWolf/Bestia 666) vs. “All Day” Marshe Rockett/Slice Boogie vs. Sal Rinauro/ “El Rudo” Sam Adonis (with Danny Deals) in a Fatal 4-Way match

Galli mentions this match will be contested under NWA Lucha Rules, once a person is out, their tag partner is legal man.  AAA standouts MechaWolf and Bestia 666 get the big pops from the crowd, as does “El Rudo.”  As the bell rings, this is a fast-paced, lucha-rific match, with “El Rudo” and MechaWolf starting off.  And then, it’s a whole ton o’ humanity in the ring, with the constant being The End.  One spot had Slice Boogie taking it to Parrow, but The End give him the Hell on Earth (a Doomsday Device version, with OdinSon hitting a twisting European uppercut), that sends Slice into a tumbling somersault.  La Rebelión try to take it to The End, but OdinSon and Parrow get the luchadors in stereo Torture racks and each drops Bestia and Mecha on to the top turnbuckles.

There’s also flights of fancy to the outside of the ring, as luchadors do, and Rinauro wants to join in the fun, but gets stopped first by Parrow (and he tries to goozle him, but…sorry, Sal), and then he tries to get help with “El Rudo” who uses Rinauro for a top rope tightrope walk to a moonsault.  Meanwhile, a masked man watches the carnage play out (and until someone says different, I’m calling him “Son of a Question Mark”, and I copyrighted it). La Rebelión pin Marshe with their Total Rebelión finisher (a muscle buster/450 splash combo)

Your Winners via Pinfall:  La Rebelión

After the match, there is some serious jaw-jacking with La Rebelión and The End.  I smell feuding fun.  Yay!

Before our next match, Da Pope joins Kyle Davis (in a ringmaster outfit, complete with top hat) at The Podium. Pope says there is so much foolishness, but Pope always responds. As Pope gets in the ring, Tyrus comes out, takes off the top hat and palms Davis’ basketball head, and says he’s now the CEO of The Love Alive charity (Pope’s charity, which I found out is legit.  Huh.  Go Figure.), since it was mismanaged, and he wants to bring back the integrity to this “Fake News.”  Well, he is on Fox News, so take that what you will. Of course, Velvet Sky with the Zinger of the Night:   “He’s the C.E-Nope!”

NWA Television Champion Da Pope vs. Tyrus (with Austin Idol) in a non-title grudge match

Tyrus is wearing the charity’s T-Shirt to get in Pope’s head.  As Tyrus wipes his nose on the shirt, Pope takes it to the big man, and the former Golden Gloves boxer, punches away, and knocks Tyrus silly to the mat.  Pope then tries a crossbody but bounces off Tyrus, but Tyrus does his own crossbody to full massive effect.  From there, it’s all The Great American Smash in a slowed down power match, first by standing on Pope’s ribs.  Pope tries a hope spot with a slingshot sunset, but can’t flip the big man over, and Tyrus sits on him, further damaging Pope’s ribs.  Pope is pinned, but for a count of two.  Tyrus keeps up the offense to Pope’s abdomen, with a waistlock into a T-bone suplex.  Tyrus give Pope his last rite to an elbow drop, but Pope dodges in time.  Now Pope pumps up (errr…”pimps up?”  Am I allowed to say that?), firing  away with punches, and a short DDT to the big man.  Pope with an elbow, and he lowers the knee pads for the Elijah Express, but Tyrus dodges, and gets Pope in a Tongan Death Grip to lower his shoulders to the mat, and the ref counts one, two…kick out by Da Pope, to Tyrus ’incredulity. Tyrus sends Pope to the corner, and goes for a sit out splash, but Pope gets his knees up to Tyrus’ “little Smashers”, and Pope goes and delivers the Elijah Express.  Pope is pimped up now, but as he talks to the ref, Idol on the outside slips a foreign object to Tyrus, and uses it knocks out Pope for the count of three.

Your Winner via Pinfall:  Tyrus

Tyrus tells the ref to raise his other hand, since the other has the object.  Afterwards, Pope is still knocked out in the center of the ring, as Tyrus walks away with Davis’ top hat.  Jerk.

Thunder Rosa/Melina vs. Taryn Terrell/Kylie Rae in a Fearless and Fantastic match

This may sound a little mean, and I mean no disrespect, but with the number of times Kylie Rae has retired, she should be just be called, “Lady Terri Funk.” This is also the first time we’ll be seeing Melina in match, and I’m curious about how her ACL holds up, if you didn’t read the recent interview.  Terrell just plays shrill mind games with Melina and Rosa, and the match is really all “Smiley” Kylie.  Melina and Rosa work over Kylie, and Rosa continues her submission skillset, showing she’s still Bulletproof in that aspect.  At one point, Kylie is in trouble in the opposite corner, with Terrell yelling (“shrieking” might be more accurate) that she will give moral support.  But Melina gets in trouble due to Terrell distraction, and Kylie is in control, and she gets Melina in a painful looking version of Saturn’s Rings (arm trap).  But Melina manages a hot tag and Thunder Rosa is La Mera Mera En Fuego.  Rosa gets in quick succession dropkicks to Terrell and Kylie in the corners, and pins Kylie for a two count.  Melina and Rosa do a double flapjack to Kylie, and Melina covers for another two count.  Rosa and Terrell brawl to the outside all the way to the curtain.  As Melina looks for Rosa, Kylie schoolgirls her for the win.

Your Winners via Pinfall:  Taryn Terrell and Kylie Rae

Good to see Kylie back in wrestling.  As for great things to see in wrestling, the next match is…

JTG vs. Fred Rosser

Galli notes this is as close as we’ll get to a Cryme Time/Prime Time match, and JTG points to the sky during his intro, paying respect to Shad Gaspar.  If you haven’t seen JTG since WWE days, I’m here to say the dude looks cut.  Rosser starts with the Handshake of Respect, and it’s a technical bout, with “Mr. No Days Off” getting the advantage, and JTG takes a breather to the outside to collect himself.  JTG gets back control, but Rosser shows dominance in match. The crowd is getting into this, with chants for “JTG”, and Rosser is tapping that Heel Side of the Force, saying, “This is my house!”  Rosser has JTG with a vertical suplex, but JTG wriggles out and hit a wicked lariat that lays out both men.  JTG gets on the attack with clotheslines and transitions to a neckbreaker.  JTG with a Black Hole slam, but it gets him a two count.  Now JTG is stalking Rosser, but he looks a little gassed of.  He gets Rosser in a Razors Edge (crucifix powerbomb), and Rosser tries to reverse to a sliding pin, and JTG does the same, with neither getting the fulcrum to leverage the pin.  JTG finally gets a roll up for the count of three.

Your Winner via Pinfall:  JTG

JTG gives a hand to Rosser, who accepts, but he’s still dejected by the loss.  Wonder what that fallout will be between those two former tag team members?  The world will have to wait on that that because it’s time for the first of three championship matches, starting with…

Courtesy of the NWA

War Kings (Jax Dane/Crimson) vs. Thom Latimer/Chris Adonis vs. Aron Stevens/Kratos (c) for the NWA Tag Team Championship

Again, to quote the UWN commentator Todd Keneley, this match is entering the land of the big uglies, and will be contested under triple threat rules.  So the match is Stevens and Kratos’ to lose without getting pinned.  Also, recapping this will be a major pain; like wrangling cats to cross a river.  So let’s jump to the smashy-smashy parts.

It’s Dane, Kratos, and Latimer to start for their respective teams, with Dane and Kratos take it to Latimer. Latimer quickly tags Adonis to get the upper hand…briefly, but thanks for playing.  After that it’s a Pier Four…errr, Pier Four to the 3rd Power Brawl (or Four, cubed, for all you mathematical wonks out there.  Which should be numbering….zero if I keep up this numbering B.S. for too much longer).

The majority of the match has War Kings showing off that tag team chemistry and dominance, with, Latimer and Adonis with the most opportunistic.  As for the tag champs?   Stevens and Kratos are on page for a second, but Adonis catches Stevens in the Masterlock, and War Kings break up hold.  At one point Latimer gets Kratos’ dangling leg slammed by the ring steps, making it hard to put weight on it. War Kings work over Stevens, who is the true Face In Peril.  Dane and Latimer are both in the ring, with each taking turns one-upping the punishment on Stevens.  Dane and Latimer do a nice double team with a vertical suplex on Stevens, with both pinning, and then the teamwork is over with, as Dane and Latimer proceed to work each other over. Stevens fights out, trying to get the tag to Kratos, but no such luck.  War Kings take control again and get Stevens with the suplex/elbow drop finisher, but Latimer comes back in to disrupt the pin. Now Kratos comes in with the tag belt, but the ref catches it. As the ref takes out the belt with his back turned, Kratos low blows Crimson, and yells at Stevens to cover. Stevens is oblivious to what just happened, but gets Crimson for the pin and the win.

Your Winners, and Still NWA Tag Team Champions:  Aron Stevens and Kratos

They somehow find ways to hang onto the belts, despite being nowhere on the same page.  For now, let’s go straight to the next championship bout…

Courtesy of the NWA

Kamille vs. Serena Deeb(c) for the NWA Women’s Championship

Galli once again showing his prowess on commentary, with acknowledgements to AEW working with the NWA and Serena in showcasing the belt in matches with Red Velvet and Riho on their programs of late.  As for Kamille, she wants the belt, and won’t let The Woman of a Thousand Holds stop her.  Kamille gets in Serena’s head with power moves showcasing she is a Brickhouse early on, but Serena shows off her quickness. Tries to cinch a sleeper on Kamille, but she slams Serena down to mat.  Kamille traps Serena in the ropes, and proceeds to club her chest with forearms, followed by some nasty looking mule kicks, and transitioning to a gutwrench suplex for a count of two.  A backbreaker to Deeb, and Kamille stomps away.  Serena is still alive, and Kamille tries to take fight out of her with a splash to the corner, then a bear hug to suplex to cover for another two count.  Kamille gets a nice Oklahoma Stampede to Serena, but still just gets a two count.

Kamille makes her first mistake in a running boot that get caught on the top rope, and Serena takes advantage with attacks to Kamille’s legs, and delivers a wicked dragon screw leg whip.  Serena keeps up the attack with a guillotine choke and a neckbreaker on the ropes. She follows with a clothesline, and covers for a count of two.  Serena keeps working Kamille’s legs, dropping elbows, and even tries the Octopus Stretch, but can’t cinch in with Kamille’s raw strength.   Kamille gets Serena on her shoulders and gets the rolling firemen’s carry (dubbed the Steamroller) goes for the Spear…but Serena with a well-timed dropkick to her leg stops that momentum. Deeb tries to trap Kamille’s arms for a driver, but Kamille fights out again. Kamille goes again for a spear, but Deeb dodges and gets a single leg crab submission, but Kamille reaches ropes. Kamille returns the favor with her own single leg crab but Serena claws her way to the ropes to break the hold, but it took a lot out of her.  Kamille gets Deeb in another Steamroller and now hits the spear, and covers for the one, two, and three.

Your Winner, And New NWA Women’s Champion:  Kamille

Second best call of the night by Joe Galli:  “Kamille goes from the Brickhouse to the Penthouse.”  Well said, and well-deserved, and Serena was a good representative of the belt.  Curious what her plans will be in the AEW division now, or if she’ll be bouncing back to the NWA from time to time?

For those of you late to the game about the history of the feud between Trevor Murdoch and Nick Aldis, check out this promo the NWA did on their YouTube Channel:

So, now you know the rest of the story.

Right now, it’s time for The Main Event…

Courtesy of the NWA

Trevor Murdoch vs. Nick Aldis (c) for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship

Davis in the ring with boxing style intros, adding Murdoch is the “man of the people”, and Aldis is reigning at 960 days as champion.  For anyone that’s going to quibble about it in the Time of COVID, don’t @ me.  I’m not in the mood.  If you really want to snark out about something, try the way a company in Stamford has multiple belts that that get passed around like PEZ dispensers, and how they show their champions the disrespect they don’t deserve by kicking them out the door, and making slashing cuts here and there…

What?  Oh, right.  The Main Event.  Apologies, the “genius juice” sloshed around the smart mark frontal lobe for a minute.

Anywhoos, Murdoch with a hard shove to champ.  Bell rings to start, and Murdoch gets the upper hand with the hip toss and a bionic elbow, and Tim Storm notes on commentary there’s some shades of Dusty Rhodes, if you weeeeell.  Aldis tries to go back, but gets frustrated that Murdoch is getting the better of him. Aldis lays hands to referee Robert King, and King shoves back. Murdoch presses the offense to the outside, and sends the champ back in. Murdoch is up top for a flying bulldog to end the match early, but Aldis hits the ropes to drop Murdoch, and the Puppet Master jerks the strings…literally.

Now the match favors Aldis, who gives Murdoch a backdrop suplex for two. He sends Murdoch out of the ring, and he rams Murdoch’s back on the edge of the ring apron, and then Aldis body slams him to the concrete, which commentary mentions there’s no padding.  Aldis focuses on working the back of Murdoch, and slams him from post to post, and a then adds camel clutch to Murdoch to make him humble, bubba.  Murdoch fights out, tries to get to feet, but loses his footing and slams both awkwardly to the middle turnbuckle.  Dazed, Murdoch tries a splash, and Aldis dodges as Murdoch hits the corner turnbuckle.  Murdoch fires up, and throws clotheslines, and goes up top and finally lands the flying bulldog.  He covers for one, two…no such luck.  Murdoch gives chase to Aldis on the outside and Aldis hits a neckbreaker.  Suddenly, Thom Latimer comes out with a steel chair, and referee King takes it away.  Meanwhile, Aldis grabs another chair and slams the ref, and then Murdoch.  While everyone at commentary and the crowd (and even me) are decrying this utmost heinous douchenozzlery, Aldis elbow drops Murdoch from up top. He goes for another, and the second one misses since he went to the well too often, as the philosopher “good ol’JR” would say.  Murdoch grabs the chair, and slams Aldis back.  He then gets Aldis in a cloverleaf hold and it looks like the champ is going to break.  Referee King comes back in, rings the bell, and ….did Murdoch win?! Did he call it for Murdoch?!  The ref yells out to Kyle Davis that…

Your Winner, via Disqualification:  Trevor Murdoch

But Still, your NWA Heavyweight Champion:  Nick Aldis

Once again, the Chess Master himself made a shrewd move with his pawn, and the game is a draw, much to everyone’s dismay.  As Aldis scurries off with Sweet Charlotte in tow, Murdoch heads to The Podium, and is visibly frustrated.  He wonders aloud what he has to do, and he follows the rules, and isn’t sure how many more opportunities he’ll get.  While the crowd cheers on encouragement, Murdoch is truly disappointed, and Storm and Sky feel so bad, saying the match should be called in the middle, with no interferences like this.  Galli says they’ll address the controversy next Tuesday on POWERRR, as the show fades to black.


Final Thoughts:

Another great PPV, with a strong opening, and new players on the roster.  The highlight for me was not only seeing Sam Adonis in a ring in the United States, but seeing JTG after so long.  La Rebelion was another treat for me, and I hope more opportunities like this come down the pike.

I wasn’t as crazy on the tag match with Rosa/Melina vs. Terrell/Rae, but it was good to see Kylie Rae wrestling again, and I hope see gets added to the roster as well.

The championship matches were the crown jewels of the night, from Stevens/Kratos keeping the belts to defy the odds with their Odd Couple chemistry, to Kamille getting the belt finally.  As for Murdoch/Aldis, I’m never crazy about a DQ finish too end the show, but the way Murdoch cut the promo at the end expressing disbelief and frustration, he truly stepped up and showed he was a “Man of the People” that night.  In a way, Murdoch is  proof positive “The American Dream” lives on, and not just in Jacksonville, FL.