The wrestling war just took an interesting turn as Vince Russo and Ed Ferrera have left the WWF and jumped to WCW.

Working without a contract with the WWF, Russo contacted WCW last Friday, looking to negotiate a contract with the company. Russo and Ferrera flew done to Atlanta on the weekend to meet with WCW executive vice president Bill Busch and Turner Executive Dr. Harvey Schiller. The two quickly signed two year contracts worth a reported six figure salary.

After signing their contracts, Russo called WWF owner Vince McMahon on the phone and tendered his resignation.

The duo were the head writers for the WWF, overseeing the creative path of the WWF. They were also responsible for scripting out the promotion’s TV shows and writing storylines. The two are generally credited with the turnaround of the WWF over the past 18 months, overtaking WCW as the top promotion in North America.

Explaining why he and Ferrera jumped to WCW, Russo told WrestleLine that he wanted a new challenge. Russo stated that money was not an issue.

Before joining the WWF’s creative team, Russo was the editor-in-chief of the WWF Magazine.

WCW made a formal announcement of the signing on their website, stating Russo and Ferrera “will oversee all creative development and writing for Turner Network Television’s TNT Monday Nitro Live and TBS Superstation’s WCW Thunder, basic cable’s leading weekly prime time series.”

The duo is scheduled to attend next week’s edition of Nitro but early word is that they won’t be writing storylines or TV programs until after Halloween Havoc.

McMahon, reported to be furious over the shocking departure of his head writers, is already looking for replacement writers.