About one month after the official release of the KWK Kayfabe Hero Mantaur wrestling figure, the second KWK Kayfabe Hero has hit the streets. PN News (Paul Neu) is the latest wrestling figure in the KWK Kayfabe Heroes line of wrestling figures, and its the first officially licensed PN News wresting figure.

I recently received two complimentary PN News figures to review for SlamWrestling.net. 

My review of Mantaur was mostly favorable, with high praise of the figure itself, but I had a couple small critiques of the packaging, so I wanted to begin by stating my previous critiques have been resolved. While my Mantaur figures came a little dinged up, due to damage incurred while in transit, my PN News figures were secured in ample bubble-wrap, so they were adequately protected from shipping damage. My other criticism was the amount of tape on the packaging, and that the tape had a typo on it, but the overall amount of tape used, as well as the typo, have been fixed.

Similar to Mantaur, PN News was available to order in two variants, and I was generously sent one of each. Each PN News variant is limited to 250 figures, so both are equally rare, and so to remain consistent with my previous review, I kept the A variant in the box, and opened variant B.

pn news variant a

PN News variant A is on a red card, with light blue, multicolored gear. There’s a very colorful, early 1990s look to the figure, matching the style of the figures this is inspired by, and for this reason, it’s my favorite of the two variants. 

pn news card back

I opened variant B, and like the Mantaur figure, it has a great, solid feel, like it could definitely withstand some actual play. Variant B is in mostly orange gear, with the words “Yo Baby Yo” on his torso and leg. This figure also has an appropriately early ’90s look to it, but the style of the gear is more muted. 

pn news figure

With both variants, PN News comes with two removable accessories, a gold medallion chain and a gold microphone that fits perfectly in his fist, and he’s wearing a gold watch, black baseball hat, and sunglasses.       

pn news and macho king

PN News is an excellent second release by KWK Kayfabe Heroes. They’ve shown that they learn and improve with each new wrestling figure, and I look forward to the next releases, with Los Conquistadores, La Resistence (Rene Dupre & Sylvain Grenier),Taka Michinoku and TJP all coming down the road.


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