More trouble could be brewing between MJF and AEW.

The Wrestling Observer reports that MJF did not show up to his scheduled autograph signing at Fan Fest.

Fans were not given an explanation but AEW did offer them the chance to exchange their autograph sessions with other AEW stars.

It is widely known that MJF and AEW management have been at loggerheads as of late.

On Friday’s media call Tony Khan, the AEW CEO, said about MJF putting his discussions with management into his on-air monologues that: “For MJF, it’s been a great opportunity to not only air some real life grievances and air his actual status, contractually or otherwise.”

In response to that statement, MJF tweeted: “F—ing LOL. F–k this place.” He has since deleted the tweet.

The Wrestling Observer also reports that MJF has booked a flight out of Las Vegas and could be leaving the city.

MJF is scheduled to face Wardlow at the AEW Double or Nothing pay-per-view tomorrow night.

Word is that Samoa Joe didn’t attend his scheduled signing either.

Fans expressed their disappointment on social media.