BRANTFORD — It was a night that wrestling fans will remember as the day Hulkamania returned to Brantford.

Professional wrestling returned to the Brantford Civic Centre for the first time since 1995 in the form of Championship Wrestling International (CWI) president Nick “Nitro” Wyman’s CWI Brawl in the Bush II event.

In the Survivor Series main event match, sole surviving Team Beefcake member Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake, worked over by the Million Dollar Team’s Nasty Boys, was saved by a vintage Hulk Hogan run-in that electrified the crowd and Beefcake himself as he utilized his trademark sleeper submission to score the victory.

CWI heavyweight champion “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner defeated Kevin Nash after knocking out Big Daddy Cool with the championship belt.

“The Native American” Tatanka triumphed over “The King of Old School” Steve Corino with his Samoan drop. The match was restarted by referee Jimmy Korderas after it was determined that Corino illegally used a foreign object to win.

“X-Pac” Sean Waltman and Michael Elgin had the match of the night, with Waltman defeating a game Michael Elgin with an X-Factor from the top rope. Elgin was subbing for Justin Credible.

The Flatliners defeated The Highlanders to retain the CWI tag-team titles.

Jaime D defeated Alison Pain with a chokeslam.

“Sect De Uno” Rico Montana beat “The Midnight Special” RJ City.

Earlier in the day, Hogan headlined the CWI press conference in which Hogan thanked the “loyal Canadian fans,” for their support.

All in all, it was a solid performance for the local talent who provided much of the pure wrestling action for the evening.

Local AC/DC cover band Squeeler performed several classics in the pre-amble and during intermission.

CWI appears in Port Colborne Sunday night, with a 6:30 pm start.

Notes: Hogan’s daughter Brooke performed at the Brawl at the Bush II afterparty, singing several songs before mingling with fans. Hogan, Beefcake, Virgil, Nasty Boys, Jamie D, Alison Pain, RJ City, and “The People’s Uncle” Ricky Johnson also attended … Several fans were ejected from the Civic Centre during the night, including a fan who threw his drink on Nash as he walked up to the ring… A photographer was clipped when Steiner fell out of the ring, but shook it off and continued…