WAYNE, NJ – Last night, fans who attended CSWF Cybercade did indeed Feel the BANG! Diamond Dallas Page returned to action in New Jersey for Billy Firehawk’s red-hot promotion, defeating his old running mate Kanyon in what was billed as a Retirement Match.

The show was a non-stop action packed event and was one of the best shows this reporter has ever been to live. Firehawk’s promotion, CyberSpace Wrestling Federation, brings a little bit of everything to the table, including War Games.

The Wayne PAL Center a great place to hold a show. There was plenty of room for seats. The entire show was clean with little to no cursing so it’s something the whole family could go to and not worry about vulgar angles or dirty mouths.

Here’s a run down of the event:

Match One- Nick Berk vs Mike “The Shooter” Kruel
Excellent opening match. The crowd was way into it. Nick Berk brought his cocky attitude to the ring and showed off in the ring, the crowd ate it up. Damn good heel work. Mike Kruel would reverse a pinfall attempt after being superplexed for the pin.
Winner Via Pinfall- Mike “The Shooter” Kruel

Match Two- The Hungarian Barbarian w/Mistress Asia vs Mega
This was a match which pitted two of the bigger men against each other. For guys their size, they moved pretty well. They were able to put on a good match that the crowd was into. The match ended when The Hungarian Barbarian got disqualified for choking Mega out with his Italian Flag that he used for a belt. After the match one of the members of security rushed the ring and clotheslines The Hungarian Barbarian out of the ring.
Winner Via DQ- Mega

Match Three-FOREIGN EXCHANGE CHALLENGE MATCH- Special Referee- JD Dreamer- Sonjay Dutt w/Crowbar vs Dan Barry w/Mistress Asia
Great match. Sonjay got a standing ovation before even coming out from behind the curtain. Classic cruiserweight match with “The Original Playa From The Himalayas” Sonjay Dutt getting the BIG V.
Winner Via Pinfall-Sonjay Dutt

Match Four-Six Man Tag Team Elimination Match- “M-Tizzle” Mike Tobin and The Solution w/ John “Sure Thing” Shane vs Danny Jaxx, Josh Daniels and Ken Scampi w/ Tara Charisma
Solid tag bout. Josh Daniels and Danny Jaxx really came up to the plate if you ask me. Ken Scampi and Mike Tobin, both team captains, were eliminated early, the rest of the guys had to slug it out, and they put on an old school tag bout. Nice tag match fellas.
1.Via Pinfall-“M-Tizzle” Mike Tobin
2. Via Pinfall- Ken Scampi
3. Via Pinfall- Danny Jaxx
4. Via Pinfall- Havoc
5. Via Pinfall- Josh Daniels
Winners- “M-Tizzle” Mike Tobin and The Solution- Papa Don was the sole survivor.

John “Sure Thing” Shane walks into the ring with his gym bag. He takes out an apron, pan and chef hat for Tara Charisma to wear. Bill Apter gets on the mic and says how he is tired of Shane making fun of this girl at every show. Tara sneaks up behind Shane and hits him with the frying pan. The Solution then come and chase Tara Charisma out of the ring.

Match Five- DDP vs Kanyon
The match goes out immediately through the crowd. Kanyon is sent down the bleachers. He gets his head busted open and smacked onto the wall. The fight through the crowd and then back into the ring. The crowd is absolutely loving this. Kanyon takes out a pair of brass knuckles and hits DDP twice with them causing a DQ.
Winner Via DQ-DDP

Larry Zbysko then gets on the mic and says that people paid their hard-earned money to see this match and he wants it restarted, the two got at it on the microphones until Zbysko calls for it to be a Retirement Match, Kanyon accepts and Zbysko accepts on behalf of DDP. The match starts up again and it just gets better. We see a Kanyon Cutter onto DDP’s WCW heavyweight title belt. The end comes when DDP hits the Diamond Cutter on Kanyon for the three.
Winner Via Pinfall-DDP

After the match, Kanyon gives a touching retirement speech. He then turns on DDP only to receive yet another Diamond Cutter.

Match Six- LUMBERJACK MATCH FOR THE CRUISER-X TITLE- Michael Shane (C) w/Tracy Brooks vs Grim Reefer
Good match which ended as the two jockeyed for a pinfall only for Shane to come out on top. Both men are top-notch wrestlers and we have only saw the beginning of these two bright, future superstars.
Winner Via Pinfall and Still CSWF Cruiser-X Champion- Michael Shane

Next, DDP is inducted as the first entrant into the CSWF Hall of Fame.

Next, Matt Striker cuts the funniest promo I have heard in a long time. Excellent job.

Match Seven-BATTLE OF THE YOUNGBLOODS- Rob Eckos vs Matt Striker
Great match which saw Striker strut like Flair among other things. I like the way he uses all different gimmicks in his matches, very entertaining. The match ends with a fall down knees to the back by Matt Striker. After the match Nick Berk comes out and helps up Rob Eckos, only to knock him down. Berk and Striker then strut around the ring. Ha ha. Good job.
Winner Via Pinfall- Matt Striker

Match Eight-FEMME FATAL FOUR WAY FOR THE CSWF WOMENS CHAMPIONSHIP-Trinity (C) vs Ariel vs Tracy Brooks vs April Hunter
Nice women’s match. As opposed to what some people are used to seeing, these women can actually wrestle. They put on a great match which saw such things as a four way lock up with headlocks and an armbar, a superplex double powerbomb. Just a great match. In the end April Hunter gets the pinfall. After the match Crowbar came in to check on Tracy Brooks.
Winner Via Pinfall and NEW CSWF Women’s Champion- April Hunter

Next was the Billy Firehawk retirement speech. His 18-year wrestling career is over and he will be missed. Touching speech.

Match Nine-MAIN EVENT-WARGAMES MATCH- Team CSWF (Danny Doring, Chris Hamrick, Sinister X and CSWF World Heavyweight Champion Slyk Wagner Brown) vs Team NWA TNA (Julio Dinero, Ron “The Truth” Killings and America’s Most Wanted) w/Crowbar
1- Julio Dinero
2- Danny Doring
3- Chris Harris
4- Chris Hamrick
5- James Storm
6- Sinister X
7- Ron “The Truth” Killings
8- Slyk Wagner Brown
Excellent War Games match, glad to see the match in use. These guys put on an excellent performance. Four men fought on the outside of the cage. Michael Shane interfered and superkicked Danny Doring and Sinister X. The match ends when Chris Hamrick did an amazing leg drop off the top of the steel cage, injuring himself in the process. He stayed in the ring as they called for medical attention. He was able to stand up and get out of the ring, but he was in a great deal of pain. He went of the top of the cage and landed right on the tailbone.
Winners Via Pinfall- TEAM CSWF when Slyk Wagner Brown pins Julio Dinero
(I was told Chris was icing his tailbone after the match and he would be fine.)

All in all, it was a terrific show, and a DVD of the event is in the works. It was a great show and had something everyone could enjoy. The War Games match was a outstanding way to top everything off. DDP’s match was an instant classic and brought me back to the old WCW days. CSWF delivered big and I tip my hat to them.

The next show for CSWF is Halloween Horror on Oct 30, 2004 at the Wayne PAL Center in Wayne, NJ. Already signed for the card includes: Michael Shane and Tracy Brooks vs Slyk Wagner Brown, the Debut of Abyss and AJ Styles.