Last week, the National Wrestling Alliance saw The Southern Six beat Trevor Murdoch and Mike Knox to reach the finals of The Crockett Cup. Today, we will know if they will face Carnage and Damage of Blunt Force Trauma, led by Aaron Stevens, or Kratos and Odinson of The Immortals.  Also in the Main Event, Kenzie Paige will put up The Burke against her former Pretty Empowered Bestie, Ella Envy.

Things aren’t looking so Pretty, as we get the images of what will take place very shortly in The Crockett Cup.

Once again on The CW, we come to you from The OC Theatre in Forney, TX. Joe Galli, William Patrick Corgan, and Danny Dealz have the call from the sky box, and your First Match of the Night is a…

Courtesy of the NWA. Credit: Hiban Huerta

Semi-Final Match for The Crockett Cup: Blunt Force Trauma (with Aron Stevens) vs. The Immortals (Odinson and Kratos)

We’re not bell rings and Kratos comes in hot on Carnage and goes for a quick pin but that gets broken up by Damage.  Carnage returns the favor with a standing dropkick to Kratos and covers for a near-fall.  Now Damage tags in and lays in forearms which only succeeds to wake up The Most Feared.  They are firing live rounds and a double clothesline knocks out both men.  Kratos crawls to his corner and tags in Odinson and he and Carnage battle to a standstill.  He sends the Asgardian to the ropes, Carnage lands a powerslam for a two count, and then…

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We come back and Blunt Force Trauma pummels Odinson in the corner, making him an Asgardian in Peril. Stevens gets up to the apron as the Ref’s back is turned and attempts to use his “loaded glove”, but Odinson gets out of the way and accidentally knocks out Damage.  He gets the hot tag to Kratos and he The Most Feared en Fuego, setting Damage on the top turnbuckle and sending him back down to the mat with a falcon arrow for a two count.  As Stevens tends to Damage outside the ring, The Immortals lay in the screws with a double suplex, but it gets blocked as Carnage hits both men with a double neckbreaker.  He goes for another standing dropkick that misses and Odinson nails him with The Pounce.  Kratos is the legal man as he covers Carnage for the pin and the win.

Your Winners, and Advancing to the Finals of The Crockett Cup:  The Immortals

Stevens is beside himself as his team once again lets the Cup slip through their fingers.  But one thing is for certain, The Southern Six will have their hands full with Kratos and Odinson next week.  Witness, indeed.

Kyle Davis is backstage with Ms. Starr and Ella Envy. Envy says that facing Kezie was going to be a matter of time and she’s paid her dues, including babysitting “that brat Kylie”, referencing the younger Paige sister.  As for Starr’s involvement in her corner, She reminds us her mother, Baby Doll, was the manager of champions, so by proxy that makes her the daughter of the manager of champions, and she will guide Ella to an Envy Era later tonight.

Bold statements, to be sure.  But bolder than that is your next match between

Courtesy of the NWA. Credit: Hiban Huerta

Big Strong Mims (with BLK Jeez) vs. Baron Von Storm (With Jax Dane)

This is the debut of the new persona of Momma Storm’s baby boy.  Again I hear the complaints and confusion (which once again reminds me I need to remember to mute Reddit), so I utter the wise words of the late, great Utah movie critic, Jimmy Martin:  “Show me what ya got!”

Storm comes in with a black robe with red trim, and wearing long trunks with similar colors.  Mims bounces around and Storm is staring daggers at him.  As they lock up, Storm starts to crush Mims hand and shoulder tackles him out of the ring.  He and Jeez talk strategy on how to handle this madman, and as Mims goes back in the squared circle, he just as quickly gets out just barely avoiding Storm’s Iron Claw.  Which reminds me…

(Author’s Query:  Is it more appropriate to call it “The Storm Claw™, at this juncture?  NWA, if you wanna use that, hit me up.)

Mims and Jeez have had enough of this and bail out of the OC Theatre until Dane blocks their way.  Mims has no choice and as he rolls back in the ring, Storm is right there and lights him up, but he reverses to body shots on the Mad Baron in the corner.  Jeez grabs his leg outside the ring, and Mims goes back to work and grinds Storm down to the mat with a nerve pinch to the trapezoids.  Finally, he goes for a Big Strong Splash that misses the mark and the Baron sinks the Storm Claw into Mims’ skull, and his eyes roll back in a state of ecstasy.  He holds out as long as he can but the pressure is too much for Mims and he finally taps out.

Your Winner via Submission:  Baron Von Storm

We get some updates from Across The Territories in the NWA, so watch here if you’ll be in those areas mentioned:

There is a video package of the dissolution of Pretty Empowered, and that leads to the Main Event for the…

Courtesy of the NWA. Credit: Hiban Huerta

NWA Women’s World Championship: Kenzie Paige (c)(With Kylie Paige) vs. Ella Envy (with Ms. Starr)

The bell rings and its mind games along with physical prowess as Envy establishes dominance early in the match.  But Kenzie can outwrestle Envy, who takes a powder outside and is getting frustrated.  Kenzie presses the attack with a dropkick between the ropes and as she stalks her former bestie, Starr gets in the way.  The distraction allows Envy to take advantage with a kick.  Kylie gets in Envy’s grill and that leads to…

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We come back and Envy is in the driver’s seat, punishing the champ and connecting with double knees to the back of Kenzie and she covers for a two count.  She whips her to the corner and as she rushes at her Kenzie puts up her boots to block her.  Envy is aware of her former Pretty Empowered stablemate’s offense, and takes her and sets her on her shoulders for an electric chair and sends her crashing face first to the top turnbuckle.  She follows with a hip attack that knocks the cameraman out of position and sends Kenzie out of the ring.  Back in the squared circle, Envy unleashes a nasty backbreaker, but Kenzie fires back with a desperation roundhouse kick.  They are both knocked out cold, but Envy and Kenzie come back up and the champ is on the offensive and lands a sling blade to cover for a two count.  She lands another superkick and Kenzie still gets a two count.  Envy has a few tricks up her sleeve as she connects with a TKO followed by a Shining Wizard to the champ and covers for one, two…oooh, Kenzie just barely kicks out.  Frustrated, Envy wants to finish her off once and for all, but Kylie gets on the apron to put the badmouth on the challenger.  Starr pulls her down from the mat, and Kenzie uses the opportunity to deliver the Kenzie Cutter as she covers for one, two, and three.

Your Winner, and Still NWA Women’s World Champion:  Kenzie Paige

Once again, Kezie holds The Burke aloft her head as Kylie cheers on her big sister as the show goes to the credits.

NWA Powerrr - 07/09/2024

Final Thoughts:


Nothing too earth-shattering about this episode.  I would have thought the semi-final match with Blunt Force Trauma/The Immortals would be last, but I’m okay with the result as fast as the match was.  I dunno what the game plan is with Baron Von Storm, but I’ll let it develop over time before I see if there’s anything that needs nitpicking.

Kenzie is showing why she holds The Burke.  I would have liked more buildup with her and Envy, but who’s to say they haven’t resolved anything yet?  Maybe a rematch is in the cards?

Either way, we’ll see ya next Tuesday for more NWA from The CW!