On his MATTHARDYBRAND YouTube show, podcast, Matt Hardy had a lot to say about how the Hardys were utilized or better yet NOT utilized in AEW.

The way Matt describes it he was appreciative of how the Hardys were being promoted, used by AEW at first.

“One of the issues in AEW is that when we first came in, when we were first getting used, we were in a good spot. It was very cool what we were doing. We were on the path to win the titles and then Jeff got into trouble. Jeff messed up and that was all on Jeff. That wasn’t on Tony (Khan). That wasn’t on AEW. That was on Jeff. It is what it is,” said Matt.

Matt detailed how Jeff “got himself right” but they both knew it would take months for Jeff to prove himself again to the company. He needed to earn their trust back and then they would be “off and running” again.

“After Jeff came back we didn’t win a tag team match for a year. It is crazy! We are the Hardys! We didn’t win a tag team match on television for a year! I brought this point up. What are we doing? Give us a win! We don’t need to be the champions. We don’t need to be undefeated. We need a win at some point. It was very frustrating,” said Matt.

Matt says both he and Jeff just wanted an angle, a story to work with.

“I just wanted a story more than anything else. I wanted to get into some kind of story that we could sink our teeth into. We could take our characters and gravitate towards (a story) and put in the work. We were up for turning heel. We were up for this larger than life tag team that buys into that they are the greatest tag team of all time, parody the stuff and do it so big and over the top that we could have even got over as baby faces. We didn’t get the full opportunity to follow through with that,” he said.

The Hardys soon realized that another great run wasn’t in the cards in AEW.

“Jeff started having singles matches. He came up to me and asked why he was doing singles matches? Why are we not teaming? We’re like the Hardys, right? Why are we not teaming? Why am I doing these singles matches? At the end of the day a lot of the internet people they were giving us a hard time because we are older and they are just critical. They are like…Get these guys out of here! Let them move on! There is no denying that when we came out it was one of the biggest pops of the night. People who actually paid for their tickets were happy to see us…In AEW, Tony Khan is more focused on having a five star match or a banger than utilizing us as the Hardys and legends. I think we could have been utilized in a smart capacity that would have optimized our performances,” stated Matt.

Matt revealed that the Hardys have signed for a couple of months with TNA and would be open to extending that run.

“I feel utilized and optimized,” said Matt of his return to TNA.

TOP PHOTO: The Hardys at the Agganis Arena at AEW Dynamite in Boston, Mass., on Wednesday, April 6, 2022. Photo by George Tahinos, Slam Wrestling, https://georgetahinos.smugmug.com.