As we wind down on the first round of The Crockett Cup, two teams are left vying for the coveted number sixteen spot:  The Spectaculars and the underdog tag team of Mike Orlando and The Cheese. The lucky winner will face the number one-seeded Blunt Force Trauma in the main event of this NWA POWERRR.

Who will be the Cinderella story heading into the cup?  Either way,  good luck to whoever ends up facing Carnage and Damage.

Here are some of the teams left heading into The Cup:

We come to you from The PowerrrStation in Tampa Bay, FL. Joe Galli and Danny Dealz have the call, and your First Match of the Night is a…

Courtesy of the NWA. Credit: Hiban Huerta

Play-In Finals for The Crockett Cup: The Spectaculars (Brady Pierce and Slade, with Rolando Freeman) vs. The Cheese and Mike Orlando

It’s all on the line, as Slade and Cheese circle each other and they lock up.  That’s when Slade finds out Cheese is as intense as Stilton.  A tag to Orlando and they land a double elbow and Orlando covers for a two count.  He whips Orlando to the ropes and the big man catches Pierce on the apron, but he hangs on and fires back.  Slade sends him on a suplex ride, and he and Pierce take control and bring the hurt to Orlando in Spectacular fashion.  He tries to get back up to a vertical base and stage a comeback but a German suplex by Slade sends Orlando back down to the mat.  Orlando is a Green Machine in Peril until he nails a desperation kick to Slade and a suplex of his own.  Crawling to his corner, he manages the hot tag to Cheese and he is en fuego like a block of Pepper Jack.  Pierce manages to stop the rally and then Cheese unzips the fanny pack and throws slices of American processed cheese at the Spectacular.  Dealz claims that is an “international object” that is banned but if I may add my own…

(Author’s Note:  With all due respect to The Dealz-maker himself, Velveeta slices are hardly an international object.  They are gross and should be considered chemical warfare, but hardly international.)

In any case, Pierce picks up Cheese to prep for a Fallaway slam, but he slips on a slice.  Cheese falls on top of him and the ref counts to three.  Therefore…

Your Winners and Advancing to the Second Round of The Crockett Cup:  Mike Orlando and The Cheese

After the match, Kyle Davis talks to both men about the upset win and the opportunity to advance in the Cup.   Cheese proclaims it was, “the slip heard ’round the world” and they will fill The Cup with Cheese. Orlando is more animated as he notes everyone has overlooked them and they are not a joke and will not only take the Cup but also the tag team titles around Blunt Force Trauma.

That is a sharp statement.  Almost as sharp as a slice of cheddar.

Okay, I’ll stop (for now) with the cheese puns.

Davis now speaks with Ruthie Jay, La Rosa Negra, Miss Starr, and Ella Envy. Starr makes it clear that she is all things, and whatever she needs to be successful she is that. Apparently, she and Envy are starting to bond, and Envy notes that the NWA has been living in the Pretty era.  However, she thinks we should now be living in the Envy Era. As for Tiffany Nieves and Reka Tehaka Negra and Jay have their eyes on them heading into The Crockett Cup.  Jay points out they had to cheat to win and next week they will get the “W” twice: the first for the number one contender spot for the NWA Women’s Tag Team titles, and then to take said belts from the current holders, The King Bees.

Now for more of the …

Courtesy of the NWA. Credit: Hiban Huerta

First-round Crockett Cup Match: The Fixers (Wrecking Ball Legursky and Jay Bradley) vs. Max The Impaler and Judais (with Father James Mitchell)

Been a minute since we’ve seen from The Fixers, and Bradley looks unrecognizable without his beard.  As for this match, this is your typical (or atypical, depending on your point of view) “Immovable Force versus Unstoppable Object” kind of fight.  As for me, to quote Tod Keneley, this is going to the land of the big uglies.

Legursky and Judais tie up and The Priest of Punishment manages to shove the Wrecking Ball to his corner.  Max tags in and they lay a beatdown on the big man.  Max tries a slam, but Legursky head-butts the Non-Binary Nightmare.  He sends Max to the corner and “The Boss” Bradley takes over with a big boot, but they shake off the blows. They go outside the ring and Judais and Legursky go back to overpower the others.  The match devolves to a Pier Four brawl and then…

Ads (Not happy about this happening in the middle of a match, but at least The CW/NWA isn’t as annoying as other promotions in the World, or even certain Elite-ists.  *ahem*)

We come back as Bradley clubs at Judais’ chest and he and Legursky work on chopping down the big redwood.  Legursky comes back in and adds a diving head butt to cover and Judais kicks out at two, but The Priest is in Peril.  He drags Judais into a neutral corner and Bradley attempts a second rope elbow drop that misses.  He manages to get the hot tag to Max and they are a Wasteland Warrior en Fuego.  Max connects with a flying clothesline, and Bradley splashes his partner.  Max capitalizes on the miscommunication with a cannonball in the corner.  Once again, the match falls into utter chaos as the ref strives to restore control, but Judais ends it with a choke slam to Bradley, and The Fixers are fixed.

Your Winners and Advancing to the Second Round of The Crockett Cup:  Judais and Max the Impaler

Davis gets the post-match interview with Father James Mitchell and he promises the NWA fans that the path to the Crockett Cup “will be paved with the twisted stream of broken bodies.”  He also lets us know that the cup “will be inscribed by the blood of the victims of The Priest of Punishment and The Warrior of the Wasteland.”

We get another segment of “Cooking with Carson” with your host Carson Drake. Joining him are Joe Alonzo and The Spectaculars.  They are “making” pasta, and these were the highlights I could find:

  • Alonzo holding eggs that he’s “holding his huevos.”  heh!
  • Slade is staring intensely at the camera and never says a word.  When Drake feeds him the “pasta,” he doesn’t even open his mouth, and Pierce is doing everything he can not to crack up at this.

Yeahhhh.  Somewhere Chef Gordan Ramsey is yelling at this stupid donkey on the screen.  

Actually, I’d pay to see that happen.

Now for what’s happening…

Around the Territories

Here are the events to check out:

  • The Showdown Series “Back to Basics” in Decatur, TN, hosted by Joe Cazana/NWA SouthEast Promotions
  • Exodus Pro with “Almost Paradise” on June 22nd in Cleveland, OH
  • NWA Chicago June 28 for “Endless Summer” and the same with Kross Fire Wrestling in Newport, TN.

If you’re in the area and want tickets to the events, click here.

Davis now has Vampiro alongside Daisy Kill, Talos, and Alex Misery. He tries to get a straight answer from Vamp, and he says Davis can’t understand what he’s trying to do, and it’s in other dimensions and he has gotta pass.

Moving along to Talos and Kill, Davis asks what is the dynamic, and Kill gifts us with a song:

“Vampiro, you’re our hero. You’re a shining beacon of light.

With your knowledge, courage, and insights. You’re going to lead us through this fight.

And now that we have you with us to lead us through the ring,

All these people here want is to hear Vampiro sing.”

Vamptakes the mic and then leads with the following verse:

“If you ever do that again, I’m gonna find your family. I’m gonna beat your parents for creating such a stupid ass kid. Don’t ever do that again.”

I mean…it could be a Ministry song if you set the right tempo to it.

Now for the Main Event and this is the the final…

First-round Crockett Cup Match:  The Cheese and Mike Orlando vs. Blunt Force Trauma (Damage and Carnage, with Aron Stevens)

Davis announces to the fans that Stevens requests they not chant “Cheese,” so naturally they do the opposite.

Orlando starts against Damage and he lays a beatdown as soon as the bell rings.  He tags in Carnage and the masked men give Orlando a double shoulder tackle that would make the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive line take notice.  A tag to Cheese, and he is quickly outmatched by Damage once again.  Orlando comes back in the ring and he somehow manages to rock the masked man and covers for a two count.  Once again, Orlando is not looking good, probably because they just barely won against The Spectaculars, but The Green Machine is a pale shade of green (which is called “celadon, by the way).

Somehow he manages to get the hot tag to Cheese and he is Gouda to go (gods help me, I can’t resist a good pun!).  He unzips the fanny pack for more slices and Damage attacks and pokes holes in his offense like Swiss Cheese.  From there, it’s all Blunt Force Trauma with a good old-fashioned backbreaker/top rope elbow drop that leaves Cheese demolished for one two, and three.

Your Winners and Advancing to the Second Round of The Crockett Cup:  Blunt Force Trauma

Davis gets words from Stevens post-match, and I’m gonna let the self-proclaimed Mayor of Debonair talk from here:

“The National Wrestling Alliance is staring the Greater Dallas area right in the face. For the first time in years, we return with the most prestigious tag team tournament in the history of our sport: The Crockett Cup.  Dusty Rhodes and Nikita Koloff, the Road Warriors, Sting [and] Lex Luger, and Knox and Murdock; the team that stole the Crockett Cup from the greatest team in the history of professional wrestling last year.

Well, gentlemen, the brackets are set.  The sights are locked in, and what’s going to happen is we are going to find ourselves in the ring with each other after going through everyone. And then what’s gonna happen is the two most dominant tag teams are gonna face off once again, and then what’s gonna happen is we are going to win, and then what’s gonna happen in the Greater Dallas area 2024 the winners of the Crockett Cup…

Run.  Hide.  Catch it on The CW.  Tell you daddy, tell you mama, but the next winners of the Crockett Cup are…


NWA Powerrr - 06/11/2024

Final Thoughts:


The Fixers/Judais and Max match felt a little flat, but Orlando and Cheese may be the next breakout stars in the NWA, as long as they don’t grate like Parmeson.

That’s my last cheese pun for now, but hopefully not the last time we see them in the NWA.  Maybe they can help Carson Drake cook?

In any case, Blunt Force Trauma looks good heading into The Crockett Cup, and Stevens still manages to exude The Power of Douchenozzlery™.

Until then, see ya next week from The CW.