This week, Sunday Night’s Main Event Radio’s Donnie DaSilva was joined by former AWA, WCW, and WWE superstar Bryan Clark. Fans will recall him under his real name, but also as The Nightstalker, Adam Bomb, and Wrath. Most famously, he was a two-time WCW World Tag Team Champion and AJPW World Tag Team Champion in KroniK with the late Brian Adams.

Here are some of the takeaways:

On getting stem cell treatment in Colombia:

I went to Colombia and did the stem cell therapy. I got three, 80 million units from neck to to knee, basically. I think that is also helping me out. Right now, they told me it would take six months to a year to really get the benefits, and I’m at about eight, nine months in. So I’m feeling really, really good right now.

On the new regime at WWE:

It’s nice to see when I speak to guys now that work in WWE under the new management, under Paul Levesque. They say it’s weird. No one is being booking out of spite anymore. No one is booking to try and embarrass guys. No one’s booking to try and bury guys. No one is getting held off because they took too much pasta at craft services.

On Chris Kanyon being a great mentor:

[Kanyon] helped a lot of guys out. He really did give anyone advice on different type moves and things that would fit with our game. Yeah, Chris was all man. Chris was so obsessed with this business to the highest level. I mean, constantly there was nothing else he did and I understand you have to be that way. Chris was a single guy, and for him, this was it, it was just wrestling 24/7. He was a wealth of knowledge.

On big guys doing big power moves:

That’s why I always try to incorporate a lot of big power moves that look devastating. Whether it be a Tilt-a-Whirl backbreaker, the Wheelbarrow, Chokeslam, the Urinagi, any of those, you know. The Meltdown, I invented that …  I love that that move got over really well.

You can listen to the entire interview with Bryan Clark by listening to the latest episode of Sunday Night’s Main Event here.

TOP PHOTOS: Left, Bryan Clark as Adam Bomb; right, Bryan Clark at The Wrestling Classic on Sunday October 24, 2021 in Windsor Locks, CT. Photo by Christine Coons,