Hello everyone,

As the year comes to end to welcome the next chapter of life, Mister Saint Laurent starts off the night by receiving Microman on stage as the crowd cheers in anticipation. I didn’t think there would be a match because of how the introductions began, but it smacked me in the face soon after. Ha!

Microman, Aramis & El Dragon vs. Arez, Gino Medina & Mini Abismo Negro – 6-man match

I haven’t seen Arez in a while, so it felt like a surprise. Sort of… He and Aramis start this match up with a few hand maneuvers from Aramis to twist his opponent’s wrists.

Aramis uses the ropes to slingshot Arez onto his butt as if he demands the child to sit down.

A standup between the two men leads to Gino tagging himself in to take on Aramis with a kick to the side of his head as he gloats; even though, he just go in. He does get a kick to the jaw later.

I’d be lying if I said that watching this fight wasn’t somewhat confusing. Not only do the wrestlers come in without me knowing their names, or how they got there to begin with, the pacing is chaotic and messy. What the actual hell? I think this was mainly done to help debut Microman, but in the most foolish way possible because why not.

Anyway, Mini and Dragon go head-to-head as Negro throws his opponent with the strength of his legs and the ropes. All the back and forth was just base of what’s to come next.


He senses his teammate is in trouble, so he rushes in. Everyone brightened up because of him, which Negro didn’t agree with. So he drops the three-feet tall Luchador on his back with a heavy boot to the face.

Microman retaliates with an arm drag to Mini leaving him panting in disbelief and possibly shame. He was doing very well for a little while, yet Mini bounced right back with Gino’s Baseball slide kick before everyone got involved, temporarily losing control of this match.

It became a 3-on-1 assault against El Dragon. Gino led this march with a couple of chops to the chest followed by knee kicks to the back and front of Dragon’s head with assistance from his teammates.

Microman comes back in to help El Dragon as he kicks out of a cover, yet Mini caught him and pushed Microman face first against the bottom turnbuckle. Gino and Arez catch Aramis and play a double team powerbomb to put him down.

As soon as Micro was in disarray and held captive on Arez’ shoulders, finally, Aramis and Dragon came from behind to take out Gino and Mini then Super Kick Arez in the jaw, which also allows Micro to slingshot him at the same time.

Aramis suicide dives into Gino outside the ring, leaving Microman to disorient Mini Abismo to scatter to his allies.

Arez had El Dragon at his breaking point for a victory, but he didn’t count on Microman to intercept again with a Face Buster.

Later on, Aramis swoops in to perform a double DDT to Arez and Mini with beautiful athleticism. Good night, you two. Ha! Ha! He goes on to pick up Gino for his Del Musketeeros move to make him dizzy as he made himself woozy, so Arez took advantage of that by dumping him outside.

We return to the fight happening inside as Microman body splashes on top of Gino for a successful debut win.

Winners: Microman, El Dragon & Aramis

Best of 2022: Jacob Fatu vs. Real1

Remember when Real1 attacked Fatu a couple of weeks back? That was my first time encountering this promotion and it presented me with this guy. What a start.

This match didn’t get the change to properly begin because of Real1’s overwhelming urge to one up Fatu from behind. I see that’s all he’s really good at. Real trash if you ask me.

Real1 kept targeting Fatu’s knee, humiliating him as much as possible. This match was suppose to be about fighting to gain respect, but how does someone who acts like the biggest insult insistence on approval?

No one won this battle. Fatu got away with an injured knee while Real1 literally ran away from the scene. Little cow…

Alex Hammerstone (c) vs. Davey Richards – MLW World Heavyweight Championship match

I kind of find it funny that Hammerstone dodges EJ Nduka for a match opportunity to collide the championship titles, but he gives Richards the chance Nduka doesn’t seem to comprehend. Ha! Ha!

Although this match is the highlight of the evening, shockingly, so is Richard Holliday’s appearance. Hammerstone’s issue has multiplied because his challenger was nothing to frown at.

Davey has Hammerstone an ankle lock thinking this tactic will put the champ away easy, that maneuver has defeated countless previous opponents, so he engages. But Alex gets out it pretty quickly that it manages to destabilize Davey a little bit.

“It’s going to be power vs. technique” as the commentator intelligently remarks.

Hammerstone delivers chops to Davey’s chest after breaking his spine against the turnbuckles. Alex whips Davey time after time then follows that with a belly-to-belly suplex to the challenger. Richards scurries outside the ring for the second time tonight. I think he bit more than he can chew. Way more. Ha! I suspect Holliday thinks so too.

Davey was down for a moment, opening the path for Hammerstone to plough a running knee into him, but he gets…distracted by none other than Holliday in his white suit. Fancies himself a God… bleugh. This gives Davey’s body the chance to dodge a bullet or knee in this case, which damages the champ in the following moments. Richards kept aiming for the injured knee, goes as far as to severely twist the muscles.

Hammerstone was in deep trouble as Davey had him in the most painful and sadistic Figure 8 move right in the middle of ring. Holliday watches on as the amateur analyst he is with Alicia Atout. Alex struggles, wails and screams in agony as he attempts to reach the bottom rope for salvation. Thankfully, he makes it.

Hammerstone makes himself heavy, so Davey won’t flip him over. Regrettably, that encourages Richards to deliver Kawana style kicks to the forehead of Hammerstone, who reacts in the most unafraid and withstanding way possible. No one has stood up after receiving that many blows from Richards, so this shocked us all, Davey mostly.

The champ powers himself up and manages to perform the Swinging Yurinagi to plant Davey down on his back. He drilled the pain to hurt Richards over his body torment despite the Dragon Screw that later follows.

That doesn’t stop the champ, he delivers an Exploder into the turnbuckles to Davey’s slowly swollen up back.

The match gets even crazier once Davey has Hammerstone’s injured leg dangling off the second rope, climbs the ring and crashes onto the champ’s lower body that’s followed with a double stomp to the mid-section for a failed cover.

Alex surprises us with a Midnight Pendulum to Davey’s woozy head, but he wasn’t able to cover him because Richards instinctively rolls away.

Once the champ brings the challenger back inside the ring, Davey shots a bunch of punches to Hammerstone’s jaw, which he soon counters with a wicked clothesline, turning Richards over like burnt chicken.

Hammerstone lands the TKO on Davey, yet that wasn’t enough to win this match, so he tries again with the Pendulum and connects with a retaining victory. Richards fought valiantly, but Hammerstone fought harder and stronger.

After successfully preserving his belt, Hammerstone and Holliday share a few distasteful words near the audience section. This chat leads to Alicia pepper spraying Alex in the face and Holliday assaulting him knowing he just came out of a fight. Hammerstone was bleeding at the head due to Richard’s harsh kicks. He didn’t stop even when the officials arrived to break the altercation.

The little punk… There seems to be a lot of those tonight. See you all next year!

Winner: Alex Hammerstone 


TOP PHOTO: Hammerstone with his title looms over Holliday and Atout. Courtesy of MLW