The strange story involving Kota Ibushi and NJPW is getting even stranger.

Through more translation and explanation provided by @golden_kuma on Twitter the overall situation is coming into focus, becoming a lot more clearer.

On Wednesday, Ibushi published a number of Tweets saying he was going to expose NJPW, targeting Kikuchi, the head of talent relations for the company.

It seems that Ibushi and Kikuchi have butted heads before and did so again over Ibushi appearing at a Just Tap Out show on March 4th without NJPW’s permission. Kikuchi threatened to end Ibushi’s contract.

Their public conversation continued today on the social media platform with Ibushi not accepting Kikuchi’s apology.

Kikuchi: I’d apologize if had caused any misunderstanding. I’m sorry.

Ibushi: I just quickly talked with Gedo but there wasn’t anything related to yesterday’s stuff and he said he doesn’t mind it (his JTO appearance) at all.

Ibushi: I won’t listen to any of your excuses because I can’t forgive you for tricking/trapping me. That’s all. I’m going to have lunch, dinner with the president soon but I’ll never forgive you.

As @golden_kuma detailed, Ibushi mentioning Gedo, one of NJPW’s main bookers, is a big deal in Japan where the kayfabe tradition is faithfully adhered to.

A fan on Twitter pleaded, joked with Ibushi about breaking kayfabe.

“I’m sorry. I wasn’t considerate enough but since I’ll be fired anyway so please let me be selfish for the last time. The stakes are too high. I know it is rude for me to write this. I apologize for making you feel unpleasant,” he wrote back.

He also commented to another fan: “I’m really calm and collected. I don’t know what makes me (officially) fired but saying it via a message shows Kikuchi’s personality and the president’s instruction. There are too many other things to talk about but you’ll know it soon. The truth can’t be concealed.”