Tonight at WWE Clash of Champions, WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins fight for the title in the main event as they both aim to prove something to WWE Raw Commissioner Stephanie McMahon…but for much different reasons. Plus, WWE United States Champion Rusev looks to defend his title and his wife’s honor as he takes on the polarizing Roman Reigns. All that and more tonight at Clash of Champions!

The Clash of Champions pre-show is LIVE from Indianapolis, Ind. Renee Young, Booker T, Jerry “The King” Lawler, and Lita are your panelists. Michael Cole, Corey Graves, and Byron Saxton have the call for tonight.

Alicia Fox vs. Nia Jax

Fox with a dropkick and leg kicks to start. Jax runs her into the corner and works her down. Fox tossed across the ring and Jax with a neck crank. Back bodydrop sends Fox flying and Fox fights out of the corner. Splash misses and Fox with forearms. Jax sends her to the apron and Fox snaps the head down on the top rope. Crossbody off the top gets Fox a nearfall. Scissors kick gets a nearfall on Jax and Fox charges into a body block from Jax. Fox escapes Jax only to get hit with a hip attack in the corner. Samoan Drop on Fox.

Winner by pinfall: Nia Jax

Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

Clash of Champions is LIVE. Michael Cole, Corey Graves, and Byron Saxton have the call for tonight.

WWE Raw Tag Team Champions The New Day kick the show off with the microphones. Big E welcomes us and Xavier Woods introduces them as the WWE Raw Tag Team Champions. Kofi Kingston says they have been married to the titles, but two people want to break them up like BrAngelina. Woods says Gallows and Anderson aren’t fun and they are like people who give out raisins on Halloween and wear tube socks with flipflops. Kingston says they have never had a bowl of Booty-Os, but they will never take the tag titles because New Day Rocks.

WWE Raw Tag Team Championships: The New Day (c) (w/Xavier Woods) vs. Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson

Anderson starts with Kingston and Big E clotheslined outside by Gallows. Running Liger Bomb from Anderson gets a nearfall and Gallows lays out Woods. Anderson and Gallows work Kingston on their half of the ring. Gallows looks for a chokebomb and Kingston dropkicks him away. Hot tag made to Big E and Big E with belly-to-belly suplexes on Anderson. Splash lands and Big E distracted by Gallows. Anderson lands a knee on the apron as Big E looks to spear him off the apron. Uranage from Big E back inside gets a nearfall. Running boot from Anderson gets the same. Gallows sneaks a tag and a big boot sets up a Boot of Doom. Nearfall broken by Kingston and Anderson sent outside. Kingston gets the tag and springboards into a spinebuster from Anderson. Gallows with a Chokeslam and a superkick on Big E coming in. Kingston kicks out of the Magic Killer and lands Trouble in Paradise on Anderson. Gallows drags Big E out after landing a Big Ending. Gallows tossed into the steps outside and Kingston dives over the top. Woods knocks Anderson out with the trombone and Midnight Hour lands.

Winners by pinfall and STILL WWE Raw Tag Team Champions: The New Day

Rating: 2.75 out of 5 stars

Video package recaps the WWE Cruiserweight Classic.

Tom Phillips with WWE Cruiserweight Champion TJ Perkins. Perkins admits he’s a little nervous and he knows Brian Kendrick knows what gets you to the big show. Confidence got Perkins to the title and confidence will help him retain the title tonight.

WWE Cruiserweight Championship: TJ Perkins (c) vs. Brian Kendrick

Standing switch and takedown exchange and Perkins gets out of a submission with handstand headscissors for a nearfall. Kendrick with the side headlock and Perkins fights out to roll into a kneebar. Kendrick gets the rope break and moves outside. Perkins jumps outside and Kendrick ties him into the ring apron to work him down. Nearfall inside and Kendrick works Perkins down. Perkins able to come back and lock in a Muta Lock, but Kendrick with the rope break. Kendrick snaps the head down on the top rope for a nearfall back inside and Kendrick with a straitjacket. Perkins fights up and catches himself in the ropes. Kendrick falls outside and runs into a head kick back inside. Monkey flip by Kendrick gets another nearfall. Mule kick from Perkins and he starts the comeback with a mule kick. Atomic drop and heel kick land and a neckbreaker from Perkins out of the corner. Double chickenwing into a double-knee atomic drop from Perkins for a nearfall. Suplexes lead to Perkins coming off the top with a hurricanrana to pull Kendrick over the top and to the floor. Sliced Bread blocked by Perkins and a wrecking ball dropkick from Perkins. 450 misses and Kendrick looks for the Captain’s Hook. Kneebar from Perkins and Kendrick reveres. Sliced Bread lands and Perkins able to kick out. Fireman’s carry kick by Perkins lands and the kneebar in for Perkins.

Winner by submission and STILL WWE Cruiserweight Champion: TJ Perkins

Rating: 3.25 out of 5 stars

Post-match, Perkins interviewed and Kendrick interrupts to shake hands and embrace. Kendrick headbutts Perkins down.


Cesaro with Tom Phillips and he’s asked about his comeback in his best-of-seven series with Sheamus. Cesaro says this is about mental toughness and he plans to award the Cesaro Section with one of the biggest comebacks in sports history.

Best of Seven Series (Tied 3-3): Sheamus vs. Cesaro

Sheamus works Cesaro into the corner with uppercuts early. Cesaro comes back with a dropkick and a clothesline to the floor. Sheamus leads Cesaro on a chase outside and Cesaro popped up on the apron. Seated senton off the apron and a running uppercut from Cesaro against the barricade. Cesaro up top and Sheamus sweeps the leg to bounce Cesaro off the top rope on the injured back. Sheamus works Cesaro down and focuses on the lower back. Heel kick in the corner from Sheamus and a flying clothesline off the top gets a nearfall. Cesaro rolls through on a Celtic Cross to get a roll-up for a nearfall. Sheamus with another backbreaker for another nearfall and Cesaro sidesteps to send Sheamus into the corner post. Cesaro with running uppercuts in the corners and a tornado DDT gets a nearfall. 619 from Cesaro and a crossbody off the top gets a nearfall. Springboard corkscrew uppercut gets a nearfall for Cesaro as well. Sheamus blocks a Cesaro Swing and gets an Irish Curse for a nearfall. Sheamus continues to work the lower back and locks in a Cloverleaf. Cesaro rolls out to a small package nearfall and Sheamus lands the Celtic Cross. Cesaro able to kick out. Brogue Kick rolled up by Cesaro and a Cesaro Swing sets up the Sharpshooter. Sheamus able to get to the ropes and Cesaro looks for a deadlift superplex from the apron. Sheamus pulls Cesaro down and Cesaro with a big boot to send Sheamus out. Suicide dive lands, but Cesaro spikes himself into the floor.

Sheamus with the Brogue Kick back inside, but Cesaro able to kick out. Sheamus with knees to the neck and Cesaro comes back with a big boot. Clothesline and Neutralizer unable to put Sheamus away. Sheamus fights up from his knees and Cesaro with uppercuts. Sheamus kicks out of the corner and goes up top. Cesaro with an uppercut and dropkick up top. Sheamus with a headbutt on Cesaro to drop him to the apron and to the floor. Sheamus up top and he looks for a flying clothesline to the floor. Cesaro drops him with an uppercut. White Noise on the floor from Sheamus. Cesaro sends him into the post and Cesaro clotheslines Sheamus over the barricade. The referees and ringside physicians check on Cesaro and Sheamus and the referee stops the match.

No Contest

Both protest the decision and Sheamus has to be dragged backstage by officials.

Rating: 4.25 out of 5 stars

Bayley preparing in the locker room and WWE Raw Women’s Champion Charlotte comes in. Charlotte says she is happy to see Bayley and congratulates her on a dunce official getting her this shot. Bayley says she has earned this and says she has beat Charlotte. Charlotte says she won’t beat her tonight and she can’t even beat Sasha Banks.

Sami Zayn vs. Chris Jericho

Zayn tackles Jericho into the corner and works him with punches. Jericho drops Zayn when the official tries to break them up. Jericho with chops and Zayn comes back with dropkicks and a leg lariat to send Jericho out. Zayn follows to land a clothesline. Jericho sends Zayn into the barricade and Zayn catches himself to land a moonsault. Jericho feigns a knee injury and pulls the referee into the path back inside to land a springboard dropkick. Y2J sends Zayn into the steps and drops him on the barricade. Jericho goes up top and lands an elbow for a nearfall. Jericho works Zayn in the corner and crotches him on the top rope. Jericho dropkicks Zayn outside and lands a suplex on the floor. Jericho works Zayn with a submission inside and a bulldog blocked as Zayn sends Jericho into the corner. Zayn works the comeback and sends Jericho out. Flip dive over the top takes Jericho out. Crossbody off the top from Zayn gets a nearfall. Michinoku Driver unable to put Jericho away. Zayn up top and Jericho meets him. Superplex blocked by a front suplex from Zayn and he comes down into a trip into the Walls of Jericho. Zayn spins out, but Jericho with an enzuigiri. Zayn slaps Jericho back and runs into a back elbow from Jericho. Lionsault lands on the knees of Zayn and Zayn with a nearfall. Blue Thunder Bomb blocked and Zayn comes back with a tornado DDT out of the corner. Helluva Kick stopped when Jericho rolls out. Diving DDT through the turnbuckles lands and Jericho put back in.

Helluva Kick misses, but a Codebreaker blocked into an exploder suplex from Zayn. Helluva Kick again misses and Jericho rolls through to lock in the Walls of Jericho. Zayn crawls for the bottom rope and unable to get it, but he hooks the heel and rolls through into a small package for a nearfall. Jericho sent to the apron and he goes up top. Jericho comes down into the setup for a Blue Thunder Bomb and Zayn lands it for a nearfall. Jericho catches a Codebreaker.

Winner by pinfall: Chris Jericho

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Stephanie McMahon and Mick Foley meet with WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens backstage and they congratulate him on the main event tonight. Owens asks if Foley is proud of him and asks what for. Owens asks if it was for overcoming the odds and Owens says he will show Foley and Stephanie why he deserved to be drafted over Seth Rollins in the WWE Draft. Owens will show that Rollins is a mistake and that Foley is a mistake.

Video package recaps the buildup to the WWE Raw Women’s Championship match.

Triple Threat for the WWE Raw Women’s Championship: Charlotte (c) (w/Dana Brooke) vs. Bayley vs. Sasha Banks

Banks goes after Charlotte and they fall outside. Bayley takes them out with a baseball slide. Charlotte tossed out inside and Banks shoves Bayley. Bayley rolls her up for a nearfall and Banks pulled down by her hair by Charlotte. Bayley with a springboard arm drag on Charlotte and a triple dropkick resets the action. Banks and Bayley chop Charlotte and Banks drops Bayley. Neckbreaker from Charlotte on Banks. Moonsault blocked and Charlotte hung in the tree of woe for shotgun knees. Bayley drops Banks into the corner and a springboard elbow in the corner gets a nearfall on Charlotte. Bayley snaps the head of Banks on the second rope and Brooke takes Bayley out outside. Charlotte works Banks inside on the injured back. Bayley knocked off the apron by Charlotte and she gets a suplex nearfall on Banks. Backbreaker submission on the ring post by Charlotte and she drops Bayley with a forearm ringside. Banks creates separation inside and drops Charlotte on the second turnbuckle to start the comeback. Knee from Banks and Bayley comes off the top with a crossbody to take both down. Corner tackles from Bayley and elbows. Bayley misses a splash and Banks stacks them for the corner knee drop. Charlotte moves out before Banks gets her and she drags Bayley out. Banks with double knees off the apron to take out Bayley.

Charlotte looks for a Figure Eight inside on Banks. Bayley comes in and lands Bayley-to-Belly on Charlotte for a nearfall broken by Banks. Chops from Charlotte on Bayley and Banks and the two team up on Charlotte. Charlotte runs Bayley into the turnbuckle and Banks comes back with chops on Charlotte. Superplex blocked into a front suplex for Charlotte. Bayley sent away by a knee and slammed next to Banks. Moonsault off the top lands on both for Charlotte, but Bayley and Banks kick out. Natural Selection on Bayley lands and Banks locks in the Bank Statement on Charlotte. Brooke makes the save and Bayley sent out. Charlotte blocked by Banks and Backstabber into the Bank Statement. Bayley breaks it and Banks gets the submission on Bayley. Charlotte breaks it and sends Banks out. Banks thrown into the barricade and Charlotte and Bayley left. Small package from Bayley gets a nearfall and a sunset flip blocked. Banks on the apron and Charlotte grabs her by the hair. Charlotte kicks Bayley into Banks to send her off the apron and a big boot lands on Bayley.

Winner by pinfall and STILL WWE Raw Women’s Champion: Charlotte

Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars

Video package recaps the buildup to the WWE United States Championship match.

WWE United States Championship: Rusev (c) (w/Lana) vs. Roman Reigns

Reigns and Rusev tie up to a stalemate. Rusev sent out and Reigns with an uppercut inside to send him back out. Reigns with right hands and Rusev with a spin kick for a nearfall. Rusev works Reigns down and ground and pound gets a nearfall for the champion. Reigns sent into the corners and dropped by the impact. Reigns works the early comeback, but misses a splash in the corner and gets tossed into the post on his shoulder. Rusev runs Reigns into the barricade. Reigns sends Rusev out back inside and Rusev begs off until he tosses Reigns into both sets of steel steps. Rusev works Reigns down inside and lands a hip toss. Headbutt lands for Rusev and a dropkick stops Reigns in his tracks. Headbutt off the second rope misses for Rusev and Reigns with a Samoan Drop for a nearfall. Reigns with short-arm clotheslines in the corner and he sends Rusev outside. Rusev tossed into the barricade and the steps outside. Superman Punch inside blocked by a body kick from Rusev. Rusev with a head kick for a nearfall. Rusev looks to knock Reigns down for the Accolade and runs into a Superman Punch from Reigns for a nearfall. Lana with the distraction on the apron and Rusev takes advantage with a superkick for a nearfall. Accolade blocked and Reigns with a Spear. Lana pulls the referee out and gets ejected.

Reigns with a roll-up for a nearfall back inside and Rusev tossed out to the floor. Drive-By lands on the apron and on the announce table for Reigns. Spear runs right into a superkick from Rusev. Rusev with a nearfall and he gets the Accolade in. Reigns powers out and connects on a Spear.

Winner by pinfall and NEW WWE United States Champion: Roman Reigns

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars


Foley and Stephanie meet with Seth Rollins backstage and wish him luck. Rollins tells Stephanie to save it because she will need to find a new golden boy. Rollins tells Stephanie to tell her husband she bet against the wrong guy.

Video package recaps the buildup for the WWE Universal Championship match.

WWE Universal Championship: Kevin Owens (c) vs. Seth Rollins

Owens moves out as soon as the bell rings and leads Rollins on a chase. KO sent into the barricade outside after trying to bait Rollins into a chase. Rollins stomps KO in the corner inside and lands a flying knee off the apron. Nearfall back inside for Rollins and he works KO in the corner with chops. Running knee nearfall and Rollins continues to work Owens down. Blockbuster from Rollins lands for another nearfall. Owens snaps the head down on the top rope and he walks into a Pedigree attempt back inside. Rollins with kicks and KO catches one. Kick to the hamstring and a DDT from Owens get a nearfall and he throws Rollins into the barricade. Owens works the repaired right knee of Rollins. Elbow from Owens lands and drops Owens for a nearfall back inside. Owens kicks at the right knee and Rollins charges Owens. Back bodydrop to the floor by Owens and an elbow drop connects off the apron. Snapmare and senton back inside get Owens a nearfall and he applies a headlock. Rollins sent into the corner and dropped by the impact. Rollins rolls back off the turnbuckle to land a lariat that turns Owens inside out. Rollins comes back with forearms and chops to land a Sling Blade. Corner forearms and an STO on the second rope by Rollins. Backbreaker gets a nearfall on Owens. Owens sent out by a dropkick and he gets run into the barricades.

Rollins with a thrust kick to the head back inside for a nearfall after a series of roll-up attempts. Rollins looks for the Pedigree and Owens with a bodydrop. Rollins lands on his feet and catches himself in the corner after Owens sidesteps. Owens with a kick to the right knee and Rollins falls into the corner for a Cannonball that gets Owens a nearfall. Package Piledriver blocked and kicks exchanged to put both down. Owens clotheslines Rollins in the corner, but whiffs on the Cannonball. Flying knee from Rollins caught by Owens for a neckbreaker across the knee for a nearfall. Rollins and Owens up top and Rollins dropped. Gutbuster off the top and frog splash from Owens unable to put Rollins away. Rollins punched onto the Spanish announce table and Owens gets on top of the English table. Owens taunts Rollins and the referee before sentoning himself through the table. Rollins puts Owens back in and lands the flying knee off the top. Rollins back up top and a frog splash unable to put Owens away.

Chris Jericho runs down to the ring and distracts Rollins. Owens with a thrust kick and a Package Piledriver for a nearfall. Jericho tells Owens to powerbomb him and Rollins reverses to send Owens into Jericho. Roll-up for a nearfall and a Pedigree lands on Owens. Jericho puts the foot of Owens on the bottom rope at the last second to save the match. Jericho leads Rollins into a chase back into the ring. Owens tries a Pop-up Powerbomb and Rollins falls out right on top of the referee. Owens unable to take advantage of the knocked out referee and Rollins with a Pedigree. No referee yet and Jericho attacks Rollins in the corner. Rollins sends him out with a back bodydrop and a suicide dive. Suicide dive lands on Owens outside. Rollins tries to bring the referee back in and Stephanie McMahon runs out to send another referee out. Rollins gets back in and runs right into a Pop-up Powerbomb.

Winner by pinfall and STILL WWE Universal Champion: Kevin Owens

Rating: 3.75 out of 5 stars

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