The final piece to the 2010 WWE Pay Per View puzzle is here, and TLC: Tables, Ladders and Chairs has an array of matches aimed to thrill and amaze us. In the end, with one world title change and the conclusion (?) of the all-important John Cena versus Nexus storyline, it didn’t disappoint.

In the evening’s finale, a Chairs Match, we start off with a stare off between John Cena and Wade Barrett. The match starts off very slow paced until it gets to the outside. Cena begins throwing chairs around. Cena and Barrett get into a tug-of-war with Barrett getting the upper hand. The fight is taken to the top of the stage where Barrett is hit with a back body drop. Cena grabs a rolling desk chair and rolls him full speed into the standing bottom half of the steel steps. Cena gets tied up into the ropes and gets hit repeatedly with a chair. Cena trips Barrett into an STF. Barrett counters Cena into a chair in the corner of the ring. Cena grabs a chair and begin leveling Barrett with it. Cena throws six chairs into the ring and sets them in rows. Cena hits an Attitude Adjustment on Barrett through six chairs and grabs the pin.

After the match, Cena follows Barrett up the ramp and hits him with yet another chair. Cena continues to follow him with some more chair shots. Cena puts a loading cart over Barrett and pulls a line of chairs onto Barrett. As the show ends, Michael Cole wishes happy holidays and Barrett is shown under the pile of chairs. Cena comes back out, grabs a chair and takes a seat while posing for the fans.

The next WWE pay-per-view is the Royal Rumble, on January 30, 2011, from Boston’s TD Garden.

We start off TLC, from Houston’s Toyota Center, with a video package of 2010 in review as the opening pyro is lit off. The stage has an uncanny resemblance to last year’s stage. The Intercontinental Championship belt is lowered as we jump into the show.

Match 1- WWE Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match- Kofi Kingston vs. Jack Swagger vs. Dolph Ziggler (Champion) with Vickie Guerrero

The match begins with Dolph Ziggler meeting the ground as Kofi launches him to the outside. A ladder is quickly introduced to the match as Kofi and Swagger brawl. A second ladder enters the play and is placed in the corner, immediately used by Ziggler. Ziggler’s face comes in contact with the ladder in the corner via Swagger. Kofi uses his acrobatics to “move” Swagger out of the ring. Vickie Guerrero enters the ring and hesitantly climbs the ladder to only be caught by Kofi. Kofi goes to tip the ladder with Vickie on it as both Swagger and Ziggler interrupt him and take him out. Kofi begins to crawl up the ladder while in an ankle lock. Ziggler leapfrogs both Kofi and Swagger to the top of the ladder. Kofi and Swagger are at the top of the ladder scrimmaging for the belt until it falls. Ziggler scurries for the belt and retains his Intercontinental Championship.

Winner of the match and STILL WWE Intercontinental Champion at 9:00 Minutes- Dolph Ziggler
Match Rating: 8/10

The Nexus is shown backstage huddling about Barrett’s upcoming match.

Match 2- Divas Tag Team Tables Match- Team Lay-Cool vs. Beth Phoenix and WWE Divas Champion Natalya

The table with airbrushing of Michelle McCool and Layla is quickly moved into the ring. Lay-Cool quickly takes an advantage, Irish whipping Phoenix into Natalya in the corner. McCool and Layla grab another table and begin setting it up in the ring. Beth re-enters the ring and goes to press slam McCool through the table. McCool reverses as Layla enters the ring again. With Natalya on the outside, Layla attempts to suplex Beth through the table as Michelle moves in and relocates the table. Natalya succeeds with a double sharpshooter on Lay-Cool. Beth moves the table to the middle of the ring and sets it up again. McCool positions Natalya on the top rope as Lay-Cool goes to suplex her through the table. Natalya pushes Lay-Cool onto the table which does not break. Natalya improvises and splashes them through the table.

Winners of the match at 9:20 Minutes- Beth Phoenix and Natalya
Match Rating: 4/10

Kane is shown in the back and begins a promo speaking about the holidays he never celebrated as a child. He is standing in the dark, all alone. Kane destroys the Christmas setting behind him.

Match 3- WWE Unified Tag Team Championship Match- Vladimir Kozlov and Santino Marella (Champions) vs. The Nexus (Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel)

Santino gets on the microphone as he compares their pairing to thunder and lightning among other things. He claims TLC stands for “Totally Lethal Cobra.” Nexus members Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater enter for their rematch. Gabriel and Santino begin the match with some chain wrestling. The chain work ends with a hit to the face on Gabriel. Gabriel makes a tag to Slater as Santino still has the upper hand on The Nexus. Kozlov enters the fold and begins the fight with Slater. Slater tags in Gabriel who gets the upper hand. Gabriel drags Kozlov to the Nexus corner and makes a tag to Slater. Santino begins to enter the enter the ring and is stopped by the referee. Kozlov tags in Santino who lands a hip toss and sets up for the Cobra. Michael McGuillicutty enters the ring, causing a disqualification.

Winners of the match and STILL WWE Unified Tag Team Champions at 6:30 minutes- Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov
Match Rating: 3/10

After the match, The Nexus attacks Kozlov and Marella as Barrett enters the ring with a chair and begins the beat down.

Match 4- Number One Contender Ladder Match- Sheamus vs. John Morrison

Sheamus enters with his King of the Ring gear. Sheamus begins the match with some power moves. Sheamus takes Morrison to the outside, and positions a very large ladder from an announce table to the edge of the ring. Sheamus throws Morrison over the barricade and into the crowd. Morrison uses a ladder to his advantage and takes out Sheamus. Morrison lands an incredible corkscrew flip over the ladder onto Sheamus. Sheamus begins to work on the left knee of Morrison, hoping to take out his aerial advantage. A strategic advantage is exhibited by Sheamus as he places Morrison’s foot in the ladder and begins to slam it against the mat. Sheamus, the 2010 King of the Ring, grabs another ladder and throws it down on top of Morrison. Sheamus body slams Morrison onto a ladder and begins climbing the ladder. Morrison quickly recuperates as Morrison launches a ladder at Sheamus.

Morrison lands a kick to the head on Sheamus. Morrison launches a ladder at Sheamus. Sheamus throws Morrison to the outside and begins climbing the ladder. Morrison climbs up the ladder as the two begin throwing punches. Morrison pulls Sheamus over the top rope to the outside and begins climbing. With his fingertips on the contract, Sheamus tips the ladder over. Sheamus is launched off of the ladder and through the ladder set up on the outside. Morrison sets up another ladder and slowly climbs up. Lawler makes a Terminator reference at Sheamus. Sheamus takes a kick to the face. Morrison grabs the contract and wins the match.

Winner of the match and Number One Contender for the WWE Championship at 19:05 minutes- John Morrison
Match Rating: 7/10

Josh Matthews is backstage interviewing the Miz who with his protégé Alex Riley. Husky Harris and Wade Barrett walk into The Nexus locker room to find everyone taken out.

Match 5- Tables Match for the WWE Championship- Randy Orton vs. The Miz (Champion) with Alex Riley

Randy Orton enters the ring to a large ovation as a recap of the Miz cashing in his Money in the Bank contract and winning the WWE Championship from Orton airs. Orton begins the match with a head of fire and begins an onslaught on Miz. Miz turns the tables, and begins an attack on Orton. Miz sets up a table on the outside and sets up Orton. Miz moves to the top rope as Orton rolls off of the table. Orton goes to suplex Miz through the table in the ring as Riley moves the table. Orton lands a snap body slam on Miz and takes control again. Orton moves a table into the ring and sets it up. Orton pushes Miz into the ref who is pushed to the outside. Orton slams Riley through the table as Miz hits a Skull Crushing Finale. Miz pulls Riley off of the table and puts Orton into the shredded wood. Miz wakes up the ref and shows him Orton in the pieces of the table.

Winner of the match and STILL WWE Champion at 13:00 minutes- The Miz

The ref sees the replay and calls for a restart. Miz hurries into the ring and pushes a dazed Riley into Orton who falls off of the ring apron though a table.

Winner of the match and STILL WWE Champion at 13:40 minutes- The Miz
Match Rating: 6/10

As we go backstage, we see Alberto Del Rio and Rosa Mendes are flirting in Spanish. Del Rio turns around to see Edge jumping up and down in his Rolls Royce.

Match 6- Fatal Four Way WWE World Heavyweight Championship Tables Ladders and Chairs Match- Rey Mysterio vs. Alberto Del Rio (as introduced by Ricardo Rodriguez) vs. Edge vs. Kane (Champion)

What did you think of the WWE TLC PPV?
It was great – 20%
It was okay – 17%
It sucked – 11%
Didn’t see it – 52%

Edge and Kane begin brawling on the outside of the ring as Del Rio and Mysterio start on the inside. Mysterio shoots Del Rio to the outside and Mysterio introduces a ladder into play. Mysterio begins climbing a ladder as Del Rio cuts him off. Mysterio splashes Del Rio with a ladder as Kane re-enters the match. Kane attempts a choke slam on Edge who reverses it into a DDT. Kane goes to set up a table on the outside and pulls the leg entirely off. Edge ends up splashing Kane through a table on the outside. Kane begins to flip out on the outside and takes a chair to Del Rio, Edge and Mysterio. Edge counters and hits him with a spear. Mysterio climbs to the table scaffolding and dives onto Kane. Del Rio runs into the ring to prevent Mysterio from climbing. Mysterio hits a 619 on Del Rio and later onto Edge who hits Mysterio with a chair. Mysterio and Edge are going up against one another on top of the ladder until they both go off of the top. Ricardo Rodriguez begins climbing the ladder until he is caught by Kane who choke slams him. Kane then choke slams Del Rio, and Edge gets a choke slam through a table. Mysterio lands a 619 on Kane. Mysterio positions a ladder and begins climbing. Del Rio climbs the ladder and gets pushed off through a table. The ladder is about 20 feet high. Mysterio begins climbing, only to again be intercepted by Kane. Mysterio springboards himself into a tombstone piledriver. Kane has a minor laceration on his head from Mysterio’s previous maneuver. Kane begins to climb, only to get vicious chair shots from Edge. Edge lands a spear on Kane through the table on the outside. Edge, climbing slowly, reaches the top and grabs the belt.

Winner of the match and NEW WWE World Heavyweight Champion at 22:40 minutes- Edge
Match Rating: 9/10

Cody Rhodes enters the stage with a microphone claiming Christmas is coming early for them. An enormous “you suck” chant is heard. Cody tells them to not eat so many cookies and so much ham as they are already fat enough. The Bella Twins and a seven-foot Santa enter the frame with gifts. Big Show pulls down the beard and claims he is Santa Claus. Big Show makes a cheap plug about Knucklehead being available. He plugs a Knucklehead 2 that Cody can have a minor role in, as Cody gets very angry with this charade. Big Show drops Cody with a spine buster and begins ripping off his clothes.

Wade Barrett is backstage walking with Husky Harris who is leveled with a chair shot by John Cena.

CM Punk’s music sounds as he enters with a suit and a t-shirt. He goes to the announce table and ousts Striker. Striker makes a Simpsons reference about the name CM. Cole claims it means “coal miner.”

Match 7- Chairs Match- Wade Barrett (representing The Nexus) vs. John Cena
Winner of the match at 19:10 minutes- John Cena
Match Rating: 6/10

Show Rating: 5/10- The show had its highs and its lows. Not exactly the best show of the year put out by WWE but it was a valiant effort. Some great showings by younger talent such as Del Rio, Sheamus, and Morrison. As always, a great show for the fans and the Cena match sent them home happy.

Bryan Sokol is from Long Island, New York and has had his laughs from Botchamania 155, mainly at the 7:20 mark.