WWE’s Toronto takeover last weekend ended with NXT Heatwave upstaging Money in the Bank, and the spirit of black-and-gold lives on. In the show’s fatal four-way main event against Trick Williams, Shawn Spears, and Je’Von Evans, Ethan Page knocked himself into a cover in a Backlash 2007 tribute to become the new NXT Champion. However, the closing moment wasn’t his surprise win; it was the Marvel-esque teaser of TNA’s Joe Hendry.

Page, surrounded by security, enters the ring to relish taking only six weeks to become NXT Champion over “shut the hell up” and “not my champ” chants. The crew restrains an “on sight” Oro Mensah, who was barred at Sunday’s Heatwave, as Page declares “the era of ego.” But Williams interrupts to assertively request a rematch, Spears tells the former champion to go to the back of the line, and Evans wastes little time starting a two-on-two brawl.

After break, Lexis King and Tony D’Angelo exchange X posts over the Heritage Cup Championship, and the latter vows to slap the challenger’s fake Dominican beard off his face.

Arianna Grace vs Karmen Petrovich

Temporary Canadian duo Grace and Petrovich beat Jacy Jayne and Jazmyn Nyx on  the Heatwave Kickoff, and the losing team joins ringside early on. Footage from after shows Grace cutting ties to not be held down, but it’s opposingly Petrovich who gets the quick win with a spinning kick. Fallon Henley blindsides her immediately after, ironically telling her fellow developmental rostermates Jayne and Nyx that she’s “sick of these rookies.”

Winner: Karmen Petrovich


NXT General Manager Ava’s sit-down with Brooks Jensen is a 180 from his rogue invasions with cinematic cuts and contrived dialogue. Jensen apologizes for crumbling under pressure, but Shawn Michaels is noted for giving him another chance. “I’m gonna make an impact,” Jensen says before shaking her hand. It wasn’t well-received anyhow, but failing to commit to the bit killed Jensen’s angle before it began.

Lexis King vs Tony D’Angelo (c) – Heritage Cup Championship

Eddy Thorpe spectates from ringside with a DJ booth, The D’Angelo Family backs the champion, and Booker T bickers to get King a cornerman since he has no friends. The bell saves King from a Boston Crab, and speaking of bits, Thorpe DJs between rounds; like Steve Kerr complaining about the music, King gets distracted, and his opponent capitalizes with Forgetta Bout It for the first fall. Round two goes through picture-and-picture, and King hits the Coronation to tie the score in round three. He hits a diving DDT for a two-count, but D’Angelo smoothly reverses another Coronation into a Spinebuster for three, retaining his championship to a remixed version of his theme via Thorpe.

Winner: Tony D’Angelo 


Cameras cut to Brooks Jensen attacking Je’Von Evans in the back, and former partner Josh Briggs reprimands him after vying for Ava to keep him around. Later, commentary announces that “Young OG” is out of tonight’s tag-team main event, despite a star-making showing at Heatwave, and Trick Williams will be forced to find another partner.

Ridge Holland commends fellow Chase University members for stealing the show Sunday and eagerly announces he got them matches: Thea Hail against Izzi Dame tonight and Duke Hudson against Oba Femi for the North American Championship next week. “Oba Femi is gonna kill Duke,” Riley Osborne says.

Gallus vs Tyson Dupont and Tyriek Igwe

Dupont and Igwe jump Gallus during their entrance, but Wolfgang uniquely recuperates by dropping a knee on Mark Coffey’s backslide. Joe Coffey interferes by pulling down the top rope on Dupont, singling out Igwe to fall to Gallus’ double-team finisher for the win in a flash.

Winners: Gallus


Williams is interviewed about Evans’ removal, and the former champion’s verbal fire is back. He begins the search for a partner, and on the monitor appears Joe Hendry to the audible roar of Orlando.

Wes Lee addresses the fans after losing to North American Champion Oba Femi in Heatwave’s hot opener. Vic Joseph compares Lee’s downed composure to when he announced his back injury, and the latter says his post-surgery goal was to “beat the unbeatable.” Before he can finish his thought of stepping away, TNA’s Zach Wentz and Trey Miguel appear for the long-awaited Rascalz reunion. They instill Lee’s championship legacy in NXT, and Wentz says, “I think it’s time the Rascalz wreck shop around here!” They commence in a hug to a warm pop, not only for the reunion but for saving the NXT tag team division.

Shawn Spears and NXT Champion Ethan Page’s locker room interview is drowned out by Rascalz support, but in short, the former leaves to give a “lost young soul” his guidance.

Thea Hail vs Izzi Dame

NXT receives the Rascalz and Joe Hendry, and TNA gets Dame and Tatum Paxley for, to quote Donald Trump, “the worst trade deal in the history of trade deals, maybe ever.” Hail has a legit-looking squad behind her with Ridge Holland, Duke Hudson, Riley Osborne, and Andre Chase following their show-stealer at Heatwave. Meanwhile, Paxley crawls through the crowd to immediately get dropped by Dame, and Hail takes advantage with a comeback. She cinches in a Kimura Lock for the submission victory, but celebration is cut short by North American Champion Femi on the podium. Hudson confidently jabs back, deservedly gloating as the MVP of the school to give him an “Andre Chase University-sized ass whooping!”

Winner: Thea Hail


The Rascalz are met by Gallus backstage, and Wolfgang tells them and others to go back to TNA – “especially that phony Scot.” “Don’t say his name!” Mark Coffey begs.

Ava and Josh Briggs reprimand Brooks Jensen in her office, and the general manager announces next week’s match: Jensen versus Je’Von Evans. Briggs wants to handle his former partner, but in return, he asks for Shawn Spears. Stevie Turner recommends inserting him in tonight’s main event, but Robert Stone instead gives another sly Hendry reference.

OTM vs The Good Brothers

Jaida Parker backs Bronco Nima and Lucien Price, who cut a tough promo enroute to ringside; after losing Scrypts, the trio’s personality has improved exponentially. The Good Brothers seem motivated to bite into their beefy opponents, who both impress as powerhouses. Gallows makes a comeback before trying to rip off Nima’s face mask, and officials try separating Parker and Michin ringside. Nima connects with a discreet knee on Anderson that leads to a double-team for three, by far the biggest win in their young careers.

Winners: OTM


“Mistakes won’t be tolerated!” Charlie Dempsey says alongside Myles Borne and Tavion Heights of No Quarter Catch Crew. They’ve allegedly stuffed Damon Kemp into their trunk, but officially, Bobby Steveson has seen the last of NXT.

Sol Ruca vs Fallon Henley

Backstage, Ruca responds to Henley’s disapproval of her getting a Women’s North American Championship match Sunday, but she vows to put in the work. Henley stifles her opponent’s athletic offense with much less inspiring maneuvers. They have a miscommunication mid-match, but all is forgiven with Ruca’s Sol Snatcher. Jacy Jayne and Jazmyn Nyx interfere for a disqualification, and Henley joins their side despite her whole schtick being on her own.

Winner: N/A


NXT Anonymous catches Tatum Paxley holding a doll representing Izzi Dame, ripping it from the head. Wendy Choo picks up the plastic, and meanwhile, Brooks Jensen converses with an unknown figure.

Cedric Alexander thanks Ava for the opportunity to contribute to NXT, officially adding him to the roster. Coincidentally, Robert Stone brings in Ashonte “Thee” Adonis to talk shop too. “Two can play at this game,” Stone says to Stevie Turner.

Shawn Spears and Ethan Page vs Trick Williams and Joe Hendry

Say his name and he appears, and Orlando showers the TNA wrestler in “we believe” chants. Williams and Hendry retain control through picture-and-picture, and the most chronically-online fanbase in wrestling is still on its feet. Spears and Page reverse momentum on Hendry, and Williams comeback is stifled as only the second-most over competitor in his own territory. He counters the C4 with a neckbreaker, and meanwhile, Oro Mensah returns for vengeance on Page, running him out of the stands. Hendry gets the hot tag, Williams hits Trick Shot on Spears, and the former follows with a Spinebuster for three.

Winners: Trick Williams and Joe Hendry 


NXT 7/9/24

Orlando, FL

The entire night felt like a celebration for fans who clamored for Joe Hendry and The Rascalz, and every party here benefits from their inclusion. Unlike past weeks, the NXT guys featured have steam, and there’s a sense of direction for hot Heatwavers like Chase University and Wes Lee. But that Brooks Jensen stuff couldn’t be colder.