For the last little while, there had been whispers about the ongoing health challenges of Kevin Sullivan. He’d been hospitalized, but little had been truly revealed.

Now, with a GoFundMe account set up by Nicole Sullivan, asking for funds to help with his battles, the story has become a little clearer.

The pitch noted that on May 12, while at a Florida autograph signing, that “Kevin suffered a devastating accident. He underwent emergency surgery that saved his leg and life but faced severe complications, including sepsis and encephalitis. This unforeseen catastrophe has placed an immense financial burden on his family, as Kevin has been in and out of consciousness in the ICU, far from home. Despite these challenges, Kevin has shown incredible resilience. Months later, he is still fighting to regain his independence.”

Sullivan did have an “excellent insurance plan” but “the coverage is nearly exhausted due to the length of stay.”

The career of the Boston-born and bred Sullivan started in the late 1960s, training in Boston. Heading to Florida in 1972 proved to be the jumpstart his career needed, and he studied under the learning tree of promoter Eddie Graham. Later, he’d portray a cult-like leader in Championship Wrestling from Florida, gaining wide fame through the gimmick and then in World Championship Wrestling as a wrestler/manager. Sullivan also was a booker in many promotions, big and small.

Maha Singh, King Curtis, Luna, Kevin Sullivan, and Purple Haze Mark Lewin.

Maha Singh, King Curtis, Luna, Kevin Sullivan, and Purple Haze Mark Lewin.

More recently, he has been on many documentaries, including Vice TVs Tales from the Territories and a podcast titled Tuesday with the Taskmaster.

According to Nicole Sullivan, the funds raised would help with the costs of:

  • Continued hospital expenses
  • Skilled nursing care
  • Acute and subacute occupational and physical therapy
  • Recurring medical expenses
  • Transportation to return home to his family

Donations are being accepted at GoFundMe.

TOP PHOTO: Kevin Sullivan in July 2024.