Greetings and salutations! Happy fourth of July to our American readers. Its Thursday so that means it’s another episode of TNA iMPACT. This week on the show we have the final two World title qualifying matches and the return to in-ring action for Rebecca Hardy. With all this and more, let’s get to the action.

Trey Miguel VS Leon Slater fight

The two trade moves until Slater hits an inverted kick and then a handspring back elbow as Miguel ends up at ringside. Slater then Sling-shoots himself onto a splash on Miguel at ringside. Back in the ring, Miguel drags Slater face-first into the turnbuckle by his tights to take over control of the offense, where he slows things down a bit. Wentz chokes Slater over the middle rope as Miguel had the referee tied up and distracted.

Slater hits a Cutter for a close 2-count, but Miguel takes over with a series of kicks and ends things off with a Double-stomp for a close pin attempt of his own. Slater rolls him up for two, but then Miguel hits a handspring kick to the face. Moments later, Slater with a Blue Thunder Bomb. Slater heads to the top-rope, but WWE NXT Superstar Charlie Dempsey of No Quarter Catch Crew is out and pushes him off the ropes. Wentz comes in but also gets taken out by Dempsey. Dempsey hits a Gut-Wrench Suplex on the referee, and locks Slater in a submission as officials rush to the ring to break things up.

No Contest

Gia Miller knocks on a door and “BROKEN” Matt Hardy and his wife, Rebecca Hardy appear. They explain that Rebecca Hardy has been out for 208 fortnights or 8 years. The Broken couple vow to eat and delete The System later tonight after they put their hands on Rebecca at Against All Odds.

Trey Miguel and Zachary Wentz are stopped TMZ styles and they dont want Charlie Dempsey to make a name off of their backs and they know where he comes from. Miguel challenges Dempsey to a match for next week.

Jody Threat VS Dani Luna – 10 Minute challenge

This was a back and forth affair that went the full ten minutes. The ten minute challenge has ended in a draw and as they agree to 5 more minutes, the TNA Knockouts Tag-Team Champions Masha Slamovich and Alisha Edwards beat them both down.

Of note, we are shown footage of Nic Nemeth being laid out backstage by a mystery attacker.

Santino Marella give TNA X-Division Champion Mustafa Ali some time. Ali tells Santino he jumped the gun last week and says he shouldn’t have given a title shot to “Speedball” Mike Bailey at Slammiversary. Santino says Bailey will have to earn the shot next week.

Road To Slammiversary Qualifying match: Frankie Kazarian VS Mike Santana

Santana gets things started early. Kaz with a Guillotine Leg Drop. After the two trade punches, Kaz with a huge Clothesline on Santana. The two fight in the corner and Santana hits a Vengeance on Kaz. Santana hits a Canonball on Kaz in the corner for a two-count.

Kazarian goes for another guillotine leg drop, but Santana avoids it. Kazarian hits DDT and then was looking for a Chicken wing, but Santana backs into the turnbuckles to break free. Kazarian slaps Santana and tells him to stay down. Kazarian goes for Fade To Black, but Santana counters it and goes for Spin The Block, but Kazarian avoids it. Kazarian hits a back-stabber and then locked in the Chicken Wing, but Santana rolled it into a pin attempt.

Santana looks for a S.T.P., but Dango is out and grabs Santana’s leg from the floor. Dango sends Santana face-first into the ring post and the ref counted to 10 to give Kaz a count out win.

Winner: Kazarian

We see footage of PCO and Steph De Lander’s date which was ruined by First Class. We then cut to PCO freaking out while De Lander wakes up.

We  then cut to AJ Francis and Rich Swann gloating about having the International Heavyweight Championship. They taunt and mock PCO and remind him that they chokeslammed De Lander through a table. Santino Marella appears and says he heard is a fighting champion that next week he’s defending his TNA Digital Media Championship AND that at TNA Slammiversary, it will be AJ Francis vs. PCO no matter what.

BROKEN Matt Hardy & Queen Rebecca Hardy VS Eddie Edwards & Alisha Edwards

Matt gets Eddie in the corner, and Rebecca pulled his hair. Matt choked Eddie on the ropes and then Rebecca got a good slap in.  Rebecca comes into the ring and her and Matt beat Eddie down. Eddie finally comes back and chops Matt, but Matt no sells and punches Eddie as the crowd chanted “DELETE!”. Eddie was in the corner and as Matt charges, Eddie avoids it causing Matt to hit the ringpost hard.

Rebecca and Alishan wind up in the ring together. Matt and Rebecca hit some Double team moves including a Poetry in Motion. Alisha and Eddie are back in control and Eddie holds Rebecca as Alisha kicks her hard. Rebecca slowly crawls and gets the hot tag in. Hardy drops  Eddie and hits an Elbow Drop, followed by a Side Effect for a 2-count.

Brian Myers jumps on the apron and grabs Matt, but the ref saw and ejects him. Hardy goes for a Twist of Fate, but Eddie counters into a Blue Thunder Bomb. Eddie lowered his pad for a Boston Knee Party, but Rebecca runs in front of Matt to protect him. Rebecca then kicked Eddie low as the ref was shouting with Alisha. Matt with a Twist of Fate for the win.

Winners: BROKEN Matt Hardy & Queen Rebecca Hardy

Brian Myers is angry and goes to Santino Marella who is already with ABC and Dango. Everyone yells at Marella and he reminds them that this is a professional sports place and that things will get handled next week

We see Jordynne Grace and she issues another open challenge for next week to anyone from anywhere.

Road To Slammiversary Qualifier: Joe Hendry VS Jake Something

Something slaps Hendry and then drives his shoulder right into Hendry’s bread-basket. The fight ended up at ringside and Something sends Hendry into the ring apron. Something then hit a Cross-body on a seated Hendry as his back hits the ropes hard. Back in the ring, Something hits a Suplex for a 2-count.

After a commercial, Hendry with a rear chin-lock on the mat onto Something. Hendry then chops Something. Something made a comeback as he hit a Michinoku Driver for another 2-count.

In the middle of the match, the commentators mentioned that Nic Nemeth was attacked by a mystery attacker backstage earlier in the show. Hendry makes a slow comeback, but Something hits a Power bomb. Hendry is up and both men hit a Clothesline. Hendry hits a Cutter, followed by a Standing Ovation on Something for the victory.

Winner: Joe Hendry

After the match, Hendry grabs a mic and he says he just became one-step closer to becoming a TNA World Champion and then says he’ll see us all in Montreal, when he becomes the face of TNA.

The camera cuts to The System, who are super happy with the work they have done. Moose thanks Dango for taking out Mike Santana and Nic Nemeth, but Dango says he didn’t take out Nemeth. They question who did and then we see Frankie Kazarian smoking a cigar and laughing….