Greetings and salutations! We are firmly on the road to Slammiversary and we will find out who will join Josh Alexander and Moose in the Main Event 6-person match. former TNA World Champions Steve Maclin and Sami Callihan along with Nic Nemeth and Rich Swann will face off for a chance to join the Alexander and Moose tonight. X-Division Champion Mustafa Ali will be delivering a state of the union. KUSHIDA and Alan Angels will also square off. With all this featured and more, let’s get straight to the show.

We start things off recapping last weeks show:


Jordynne Grace and Ash by Elegance face-off

Gia Miller is in the ring and out comes TNA Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace to the ring. Jordynne Grace says Ash by Elegance has been trying to get her attention for the last few months. Grace is giving Ash a title shot, and she’s giving it to her tonight. Out comes the personal concierge of Ash by Elegance who introduces her and out she comes with a slew of security. Iceman says that Grace didn’t read the fine print, and the match is actually taking place at Slammiversary.

He further adds that Ash by Elegance will be taking time off in the Bahamas since she has nothing to do until then. Ash sends her security to the ring to attack Jordynne Grace. Grace takes themall down as Santino Marella comes out to try and calm Grace down. The entrances for the next match happen and Grace and Slamovich lock eyes as they pass each other.

Masha Slamovich (w/ Alisha Edwards) VS Xia Brookside

Slamovichis being taunted by Alisha through the match, but she beats down Xia Brookside. Edwards gets the refs attention and Slamovich is able to take advantage and choke Brookside over the ropes. Brookside comes back and hits a Suplex and then focuses her offense on Slamovich’s arm.

Xia hits a Hurricanrana, followed by the Broken Wings, anda Neckbreaker. Xia sends Slamovich to the corner, but Edwards hops on the apron and Brookside knocks her to the floor. This distraction allowed Slamovich to hit Brookside with a kick and the Snow Plow for the 3-count.

Winner: Misha Slamovich

A video recap plays of what AJ Francis and Rich Swann did to PCO and Steph De Lander on their “date” last week.

AJ Francis and Rich Swann are backstage with DJ Whoo Kid. Francis tells Whoo Kid TNA has changed a lot since the last time he was there. He then says they took care of Joe Hendry and he is now the new TNA Digital Media Champion. DJ Whoo Kid presents Francis with the International Heavyweight Championship. AJ Francis ends things by saying that Rich Swann will be one step closer to becoming a two-time TNA Heavyweight Champion tonight.

Spitfire is backstage. Lars says just because they won last week doesn’t mean the work stops now, and they need to double down. Lars says they need to play mind games and overcome it. Lars then announces that the final test will be the two of them facing each other.

Ali’s State of the Union

Campaign Singh is in the ring and introduces Mustafa Ali. Mustafa Ali says he had Campaign Singh launch an investigation regarding the video, and the video is a fake via AI. Ali says it wasn’t him and he would never lie and belittle his hometown of Chicago, and mentions that Chicago is number one.

Mustafa Ali gets annoyed by some fans in the crowd and demands that they be ejected from the building. After a fan throws a drink, Ali attacks him and drags him over the barricade and into the ring. Ali starts kicking the fan until Speedball Mike Bailey made the save. ALi and Bailey brawl until Mustafa Ali demands a match with Bailey for the X-Division Championship at Slammiversary.

ABC VS The Rascalz VS Cody Deaner and Jake Something

Deaner and Miguel kick things off and Deaner gets the early advantage. Wentz tags in for Miguel, but Deaner is still on top until Something is in the match.

After a commercial, The Rascalz are double teaming Deaner with quick tags. Something goes off and cleans house. At ringside, Something takes care of The Rascalz. Back in the ring, Ace Austin hits Cody Deaner with The Fold to pick up the win.

Winners: ABC

The System is backstage and Alisha Edwards says Santino Marella is trying to stack the deck against them, but they will still find ways to win. Eddie Edwards says no matter what, they’ll prevail. Brian Myers says they are the most dominant faction in professional wrestling. Moose says he isn’t worried about his match at Slammiversary and they will prove why you should always trust The System.

Road to Slammiversary Match: Steve Maclin VS Sami Callihan

After a 50/50 match, Callihan stops Maclin’s offensive run. Callihan with an exploder Suplex right into the turnbuckles in the corner. Callihan goes for a Cactus Driver off the middle rope, but Maclin fights his way out of it and ends up behind Callihan, but Callihan gets him on his shoulders and ends up hitting a huige Death Valley Driver. Callihan hits a second Cactus Driver for a 2-count. With both men on the apron, Callihan looks for a Cactus Driver, but Maclin fights his way free. Maclin hits a running Knee and hits a KIA for the win.

Winner: Stave Maclin

KUSHIDA VS Alan Angels

Angels kicks KUSHIDA in the corner and then sends him to the opposite corner. Angels with a Clothesline. KUSHIDA catches the right arm of Angels as he leaps to the floor, and follows that up with a snap of the arm. KUSHIDA hits a Tanaka punch and follows that up with a the Hoover Board Lock. Angels is forced to tap out.


Jonathan Gresham is out and attacks KUSHIDA from behind. Gresham leans KUSHIDA’s head back and tries pouring that black ink into his mouth. Security stops him though.

The Hardys and Reby Hardy are backstage. Matt Hardy announces that he and Reby will take on Eddie and Alisha Edwards in Philadelphia. Jeff Hardy says the Hardyz will compete in the land of Extreme but doesn’t name their opponents.

Road to Slammiversary Match: Nic Nemeth VS Rich Swann (w/ AJ Francis and DJ Whoo Kid)

Nemeth works on Swann’s arm to start things off, until Swann rolls outside of the ring for a breather and a hug with First Class. Back in the ring, Nemeth hits Dropkick and does a hip dance in Swann’s face. Swann and DJ Whoo Kid distract the ref, which allows Francis to get in a couple cheap shot and a shot to the head with a can of Gin N Juice. The ref saw that last part and ejects Francis and DJ Whoo Kid from ringside.

Swann with a Buckle Bomb, but Nemeth comes back and hits a Fame-Asser for a 2-count. Swann with a kick and heads to the top for a splash, but falls on the raised knees of Nemeth. Swann hits a hand-spring cutter, then hits a huge punch. The two trade shots back-and-forth, until Nemeth hits a Headbutt, Thrust Kick, DDT and a Danger Zone for the win.

Winner: Nic Nemeth