The Crockett Cup is becoming more contentious, as Blunt Force Trauma means to avenge last year’s loss in the finals, but they need to go through Max The Impaler and Judais.  On the other hand, Trevor Murdoch and Mike Knox want to repeat their success in the National Wrestling Alliance as they face The Looks that Kill consisting of Bryan Idol and Natalia Markova.  

Who will advance on this NWA POWERRR?

We’ll find out this evening on The CW, as we come to you from The OC Theatre in Forney, TX. Joe Galli, William Patrick Corgan, and Danny Dealz have the call from the sky box, and your First Match of the Night is a…

Courtesy of the NWA. Credit: Hiban Huerta

Quarter Final Match for The Crockett Cup: The Looks That Kill (Bryan Idol and Natalia Markova) vs. Trevor Murdoch and Mike Knox

Markova and Murdoch are in the ring, but Murdoch “has too much chivalry” according to Galli to strike her.  Markova has no such compunctions as she is raring to go, so he finally obliges by knocking her to the mat. She immediately gets back up and goes for a waistlock and Murdoch patiently gets out with a wristlock.   Markova keeps at him with strikes and Murdoch’s patience wears thin until he gives her a forearm shiver and she is counting the lights from the center of the ring.  He’s had enough and sends her to the corner to force a tag to Idol, but Markova uses the opportunity to shove Murdoch to the second turnbuckle.  Tag to Idol he takes over as he nails a sling blade on a dazed Murdoch.  He goes for a corner splash and Murdoch reverses to a spinebuster.  He tags in Knox who attempts an elbow drop that misses the mark.  Idol chops away at the big man and manages to connect with a high knee strike to a double underhook suplex.  He covers for a two count and then tries another suplex but it gets blocked and Knox hangs Idol to dry on the turnbuckles, which then leads to…

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We come back and Knox and Murdoch just run the cement mixer on Idol (dammit), leaving his body and his Looks in Peril.  Knox goes for a suplex, but Idol reverses into a DDT and spikes him headfirst to the mat.  He manages to get the hot tag to Markova and she is a Crush V Onge (meaning “en Fuego” in Russian).  She connects with the Beautiful Destruction kick to the corner on Murdoch, and Knox then comes outta nowhere with a running crossbody to stop the rally.  Idol comes to and hits a Superkick but whiffs on the moonsault. Knox and Murdoch take advantage using their patented high/low tackle and that’s all she wrote, folks.

Your Winners, and Advancing in The Crockett Cup:  Trevor Murdoch and Mike Knox

Kyle Savis with the post-match interview, and he asks what their thoughts are facing The Southern Six. Murdoch reminds them they bounced their face off a cage during Hard Times. He predicts that he and Knox will be two-time winners in the tournament.  No doubt, they are the favorites heading further in the tournament.

Now for a championship match, but a mystery challenger is looking for gold against “Mr. NWA” and Corgan plays coy as Kyle Davis announces this title bout is for the…

NWA Junior Heavyweight Championship: Joe Alonzo(c) vs. Jack Cartwheel

Yes, Virginia.  Cartwheel is back in the NWA, and this marks the first time we’ve seen him since NWA 75.  We Learn from Corgan that he called in a favor to AAA to have him face Alonzo, who is not happy with this; not one bit.  But…sucks to be Mr. NWA.

Cartwheel shows off and makes it hard for Alonzo to lock up.  Finally, the champ forearms to his head forearms and Alonzo demonstrates a lack of disrespect for his challenger.  Cartwheel continues his acrobatics, which stymies Alonzo until he throws him hard to the second rope to give him whiplash.  As the ref checks in on Cartwheel, Alonzo rolls out and backdrops him to the apron edge.  Rolling him back to the ring, he continuously slams Cartwheel and slows the pace of the match, utilizing The Power of Douchenozzlery™ until Cartwheel manages a rollup for a count of two.  Alonzo comes back with a rolling neckbreaker for a near fall and then a suplex, but Cartwheel reverses to an inside cradle for two and follows with a step-up enzugiri.  Now Cartwheel gets momentum on his side with a clothesline and a neckbreaker.  Then he bounces off the ropes and nails Alonzo with a crucifix bomb for a close two count.  Cartwheel goes up the top turnbuckle and before Alonzo can trip him up he (you guessed it) cartwheels away in the nick of time.  He gets Alonzo on his shoulders for the Cartwheel DVD, but Mr. NWA elbows his way out.  Alonzo for The Joey Special and Cartwheel escapes. He sends Alonzo over the top rope and Cartwheel nails a space-flying tiger drop and then sends him back into the ring.  Victory is all but assured as Cartwheel goes up top for the Jack Arrow, but ends up crashing hard to the mat.  Alonzo with a double axe handle smash to his back and he delivers The Joey Special to retain.

Your Winner, and Still NWA Junior Heavyweight Champion: Joe Alonzo

We go to the Around the Territories segment, but, I think you all might want to check this Territory Rundown from the NWA’s YouTube channel. They typically do a live stream on things happening in the NWA and wrestling in general, so give this a look-see:

Now for the Main Event and this is another…

Courtesy of the NWA. Credit: Hiban Huerta

Quarter Final Match for The Crockett Cup: Max The Impaler and Judais (with Father James Mitchell) vs. Blunt Force Trauma (Carnage and Damage, with Aron Stevens)

Stevens is channeling his inner Kentucky Colonel as he dons a seersucker jacket.  A fan is as appreciative of Stevens as he has his image on a garbage sack with the word, “Garbage” in bold print. Hah!  Judais and Max look imposing in their own right.  As Mitchell talks strategy before the bell, Carnage and Damage attack right away and it is a good old-fashioned slobberknocker in and out of the ring.  Max and Carnage are the legal(?) wrestlers in the ring and they land heavy blows.  Max looks to be getting the upper hand until Damage comes in and they double-team on the Warrior of the Wasteland.  Now for a sentence I never thought I’d type,  The Non-Binary Nightmare is In Peril.  Max tag to Judais and The Priest of Punishment is on fire and he quickly nails a choke slam to Damage to cover until Carnage breaks the count and then…

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We come back from the break and Blunt Force Trauma delivers the backbreaker/top rope elbow drop finisher to cover and the ref counts one, two…Judais kicks out and the masked men are stunned.  Stevens gets on the apron and winds up the loaded glove and Max chases him off.  Mitchell and Max give chase to Stevens who is running to the back with his tails tucked between his legs, but that leaves Judais by himself.  Blunt Force Trauma hit the finisher a second time and now the ref ends the match in one, two, and three

Your Winners, and Advancing in The Crockett Cup:  Blunt Force Trauma

As Stevens makes his from the back to the ring with his team.  Davis says congratulations on their advancement in the tournament but advises they will be facing the Immortals.  Stevens addresses the matter, including how everything is bigger in Texas, “and that is true including the level of stupidity in this room.”  The fans rain down boos but Stevens presses on that the NWA Tag Team champions will be victorious and that Blunt Force Trauma will hold the vaunted Crockett Cup as the show draws to a close.

NWA Powerrr - 06/25/2024

Final Thoughts:

This would normally be the end of the first night of The Crockett Cup, but since this is content for The CW it paces just fine (despite the ads in the middle of matches). You kinda knew Blunt Force Trauma and Knox/Murdoch would be punching their ticket, but kudos to Max/Judais and Idol/Markova in their first attempts.

We’ll have more coverage and interview coming soon so until then, See ya next Tuesday on The CW.