With the first round of The Crockett Cup concluded, we now go into the second round to see who will be the tournament finalists in the National Wrestling Alliance. Can The Country Gentlemen overcome The Southern Six to get to the next level, or will Daisy Kill and Talos finally beat The Immortals with Vampiro at their side?

We’ll find out this evening on The CW as the show opens with some new intro music:

We come to you from The OC Theatre in Forney, TX. Joe Galli, William Patrick Corgan, and Danny Dealz have the call, and your First Match of the Night is a…

Courtesy of the NWA. Credit: Hiban Huerta

Quarter-Final Match in The Crockett Cup: The Immortals (Odinson and Kratos) vs. Daisy Kill and Talos (with Vampiro)

The Immortals look laser-focused but never underestimate Daisy Kill and Talos now that Vampiro is in their corner.  At the start of the match, Kill overpowers Odinson and shoves him to their corner, and he and Talos have a good time (Good Time!) at the Asgardian’s expense. Odinson soon gets back on offense and makes Kill pay with Asgardian uppercuts and an exploder suplex and follows with another Asgardian uppercut to his back to cover for a two count.  A tag to Kratos and he proves why he is The Most Feared as he launches Kill across the ring with a suplex, and then back. Kill low bridges Kratos as he goes over the topropes to the outside, and Talos softens him up before sending him back into the ring.  Now Kill goes to work, and he and Talos cut the ring in half, making him an Immortal in Peri.  Then that leads to…

Ads (why are you depriving me of violence, The CW?!

We come back to Talos and Kill still pummelling Kratos, and Kill is riled up to the point where his tag partner has to keep him calmed down lest they get disqualified. Talos enters the ring and unloads with a corner splash and a huge sidewalk slam from his height.  Tag back to Kill and Kratos nails a desperation clothesline.  He crawls to his corner and now gets the hot tag to Odinson who is an Asgardian En Fuego.  He nails The Asgardian Pounce to Kill who bounces by the ring ropes.  Odinson covers, but Vamp is in place to put Kill’s boot on the rope to break the count. Odinson gets in his face, and Kratos rushes over to “discuss the matter” with his fists, and Talos rushes over and gives him a big boot.  The ref tries to gain some semblance of order, and Odinson gets stunned by Vamp in the confusion.  He climbs up top and attempts a corkscrew splash but Odinson rolls away from Vampiro.  Kratos comes back in and gets rid of Vamp, and that leaves Kill in the ring and The Immortals deliver a pop-up/ running Asgardian uppercut to secure the win.

Your Winners, and Advancing to the Semi-Finals:  The Immortals

Kyle Davis gets in the ring with The Immortals on who they would rather face next in The Crockett Cup tournament in their bracket: Blunt Force Trauma or Max The Impaler and Judais. Kratos tells the fans they came to the right place since everything is bigger in Texas, and he proclaims the Crockett Cup belongs to the Immortals.

Now for women’s tag team action with…

Courtesy of the NWA. Credit: Hiban Huerta

Ruthie Jay and La Rosa Negra vs. Reka Tehaka and Tiffany Nieves

Each team has a win apiece, and this is the rubber match to determine who gets a title shot for the NWA Women’s World Tag Team Champion, The King Bees.  Galli and Corgan also note that Tehaka is officially part of the NWA roster.  As someone who has watched her career in Devotion Championship Wrestling in my state of Utah, I am pleased that she is progressing.

Negra and Nieves circle the ring and then lock up and it isn’t long before La Abusadora makes it clear to La Princesa who Mami is.

(Author’s Note:  Apologies to Dominik Mysterio and Rhea Ripley, but…get over it.)

Nieves fires back up with a stomp and an elbow and then grabs Negra by the hair.  But she manages to pick up Nieves on her shoulders and gives her a Samoan drop to cover for a two count.  She sets her up the top turnbuckle and tags in Jay and they double slam her to the mat and then Negra uses Jay in a wheelbarrow slam for her to splash on Nieves.  Jay takes over but soon rams her to their corner and Tehaka takes over and mounts with ten punches to the head. Jay goes back with a tag to Negra and she slams Tehaka to the mat and follows with knee strikes to her chest.  She adds a spinning heel kick and an elbow drop cover but Negra still gets a count of two. Negra goes for a tag and Jay for some reason slips and falls from the ring apron to the floor. 

As Negra tries to figure out what happened, Tehaka comes back and nails her with a suplex for a two count.  She and Nieves double team on Negra and Nieves cover, but Jay makes the save just in time.  They send Jay out, and Nieves and Tehaka continue to make her a Negra in Peril but the Puerto Rican veteran manages to fight her way out.  She gets the hot tag to Jay and she is a Five Star Athlete en Fuego.  Jay nails a wheelbarrow bulldog to Tehaka to cover, and Nieves breaks the count.  There Negra and Nieves go at it to the outside, and that leaves Jay alone in the ring as a powerbomb by Tehaka ends it.

Your Winners, and New Number One Contenders for the NWA Women’s World Tag Team Championship:  Reka Tehaka and Tiffany Nieves

We get some news from Around the Territories but I recommend if you need to go to a live show, you should go here and buy tickets if you’re in the area.

Now for the Main Event and this is another…

Courtesy of the NWA. Credit: Hiban Huerta

Quarter Final Match in The Crockett Cup: The Southern Six (Alex Taylor and Kerry Morton, with Ricky Morton) vs. The Country Gentlemen (AJ and KC Cazana, with Joe Cazana)

You’re probably wondering why what I typed is different from what was advertised.  Well, faster than you can say, “The card is subject to change”, Kerry and Taylor enter the ring with some Freebird-inspired jackets, and Taylor with a blonde job that says “Purely Sexy”, Morton gets on the mic and explains Mason was not medically cleared to wrestle.

(Author’s Note:  The Cup was taped from May 18-19 of this year, and earlier that week Mason’s house had burned down.  This could be the issue they’re discussing while still keeping it kayfabe for the fans in attendance.)

Kerry offers to lie down so they can get the bye, but Joe smells a rat and doesn’t trust anything the Six are offering.  AJ steps in for his dad and says they wanna whup their ass.  Well, folks, that’s all anyone needs to hear because once the bell rings it is bedlam in the squared circle, and The Country Gentlemen are on a tear and they give Taylor a double stomp to his solar plexus for good measure. Morton tags in and he faces KC and the younger Cazana nails him with a standing dropkick and covers for two.  He tags in AJ and they add injury to insult with a double hip toss and that leads to…

Ads (Of all my pet peeves, having an ad break in the middle of the actions ranks right up there with entitled brats, hipsters, and people from Provo, UT.  But, I digress.  With that harangue out of the way…)

We come back and The Southern Six stay in the driver’s seat handing AJ a beatdown.  They stick his hand in the metal turnbuckles leaving him a Gentleman in Agony.  Things look bleak until The Bullhead Brute connects with a spinebuster to Taylor, but his hand is still feeling the previous effects.  He manages to get to his corner and it’s a hot tag to KC, who is a White Lightning en Fuego.  He goes for a high-risk maneuver and leaps for a splash, and Kerry connects with a dropkick on his way down to the mat. A cover and AJ breaks the count.  They send him out, and now the Southern Six sets up KC and delivers the Six Speed finisher and he’s down in one, two, and three.

Your Winners, and Advancing to the Semi-Finals:  The Southern Six

Davis comes in for the post-match interview and asks The Six who they are looking forward to facing next; either The Looks That Kill (Bryan Idol and Natalia Markova) or Mike Knox and Trevor Murdoch. Kerry gets on the mic, and I’ll let them voice their opinion on the matter:

Kerry:  Bunch of [expletive deleted]!  Knox and Murdoch, I’m looking at you especially, boys. We whooped your ass in Dothan, Alabama in a cage match. And I promise to God and the good man upstairs we’ll do it again. See you punk asses later!

Taylor:Kyle Davis, ’cause when you’re hot, you’re hot!  And when you’re not…!

And they duck out on Davis in the ring to close out the episode of The Crockett Cup.

NWA Powerrr: 06/18/2024

Final Thoughts:

Although this is the semi-finals, there is a lot of drama here.  While Kill and Talos did not pick up the win, you know this is going to set up something down the road for The Immortals.  Tehaka and Nieves are the perfect team to face The King Bees, and The Six exude Freebird-style even without their latter-day Terry Gordy.

Until then, see ya next Tuesday on The CW for more Crockett Cup action.