Since his return to TNA Wrestling, “Broken” Matt Hardy has set his sights on World Champion Moose. But Hardy should have considered the old adage of being careful what you wish for. On Thursday night’s episode of TNA Impact Wrestling, Hardy did indeed see Moose. And then he saw stars. And then he saw black, when Moose knocked him unconscious in a backstage brawl. It was a strong ending to a show that was otherwise focused on action inside the ring.


Match 1: Ace Austin vs. Chris Bey

Some tension had grown between these two teammates recently, so they decided to clear the air by having this match. Their camaraderie was still there, though, as they started off with a fist bump and gave each other mutual respect throughout.

Not surprisingly, this was a pretty even affair, with them knowing each other so well thanks to their numerous matches as opponents in the past and as a team.

They showed off their technical skills for a  while, and then the pace and the physicality picked up, as they threw various kicks at each other, exchange forearm shots, and each of them hit some of their signature moves. With neither one really getting an advantage – or at least holding it for long.

Bey went for the Art of Finesse, but Austin caught him and rolled him up. But as Austin went for a back-bridge to deepen the cover, Bey used Austin’s own momentum against him, rolling Austin onto his shoulders and then tightly packing down and trapping Austin’s legs, keeping him locked down for the 1-2-3.


After the match, Bey extended his hand to Austin, who shook it and then raised Bey’s hands in a show of respect. The two hugged it out and held the ropes open for each other, presumably with any beef squashed.

Very good match.

Winner: Chris Bey


Match 2: Xia Brookside vs. Steph DeLander

DeLander used her size and power advantage early on, throwing Xia around and then ground-and-pounding her. She ate an elbow during a running attack, though, and then Xia surprised her with a big Flying Headscissors that sent Steph face-first into the turnbuckles. Xia scared DeLander with the threat of a punch to the face, and DeLander bolted from the ring. She went underneath to pull out a chair, but when she did, she also pulled out PCO who was apparently lying in wait under the ring to be near her.


As a confused Steph confronted him, Xia tried for a surprise aerial bomb, but PCO caught her in mid-air and then rolled Xia back in the ring. Steph told him that she didn’t need his help, so he rolled her back in the ring as well. She wasn’t done confronting him, and as she did, Xia rolled her up with a Schoolgirl to get the pin.

After the match, a smitten PCO joined Steph in the ring. She said that she didn’t need his help, and that he cost her the match. In response, he gave her what appeared to be a homemade Valentine card. She took it and gave him a smile, and he celebrated happily.

Winner: Xia Brookside

They showed highlights of Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace appearing on Tuesday night’s episode of WWE NXT. Grace challenged Roxanne Perez at NXT Battleground. They also hyped that Grace will be on NXT next week in a match. This all still seems pretty surreal, no?

Digital Media Champion Laredo Kid was cutting a promo in the back, but was interrupted by AJ Francis and Rich Swann. They predicted that Laredo would ask Director of Authority Santino Marella to give AJ a title match next week. When he questioned why he would do that, they gave him a reason to – by attacking him until a group of security guards broke it up.

Kon was in the back looking for Santino, when he crashed into Jake Something and Deaner. This led to a challenge for a match between Kon and Something next week. Kon told Something to not listen to Deaner – that he did so in the past and it didn’t work out well for him. After Kon left, Something told Deaner that next week, he should not get involved in the match.


Match 3: Sami Callihan vs. Jonathan Gresham

They had a stare-down confrontation, playing mind games with one another for a while before actually getting physical. Sami tried to get technical with Gresham, which didn’t really work out for him. They then exchanged bite attempts. Sami finally landed one and then threw Gresham over the top and to the floor. Sami started jawing at the camera, and Gresham made him pay for it, coming up behind him with a choke.


After fighting it out on the floor, the match spilled back in the ring and Gresham got dirty, digging into Sami’s eyes and then clawing at him with his fingernails. They fought on the apron, where Gresham tried for a German Suplex to the floor, but Sami blocked it and then hit a Cactus Special 97 on the apron, after which Gresham rolled off the apron and thudded to the floor.

Sami rolled Gresham back into the ring, where Gresham started having spasms and then popped back up. They exchanged chops and hard shots, and then Sami hit a Death Valley Driver for two.

Sami went for another Cactus Special 97, but Gresham kicked it into fifth gear and hit a nice Springboard Moonsault. Gresham looked like he was trying to cough up some of his venomous ink, but Sami stopped him by placing his hand over Gresham’s mouth and punching Gresham in the head. Sami noticed that his hand was covered in ink, and was freaked out. He showed it to the referee, who got scared and turned away in fear. So he missed Gresham kick Sami in the Little Callihans. Gresham than pinned Sami with a Sunset Flip.

Fun stuff both in terms of the action and the continuing goofy spookiness of Gresham’s monster gimmick.

Winner: Jonathan Gresham


Gail Kim’s sit-down interview Gisele Shaw

Gail told Gisele that she had requested this interview, because she feels Gisele trusts her. Gisele said that after failing to win the Knockouts Championship, she went away for a while. Not only was she injured, but she took the loss very hard. She returned because Gail asked her to. Gisele said she feels like she’s starting from scratch again. Gail said that starting over is a good thing. She asked Shaw to figure out what she’s fighting for, and that will be her inspiration. Gisele didn’t know what she was fighting for and asked Gail, who told Gisele she’d have to figure that out for herself. Gail said that Gisele doesn’t have to be the Quintessential Diva, but rather be a Knockout. She said Gisele could start that by having a match next week. Gisele agreed.

Gia Miller went up to The System who were hanging out backstage to ask Eddie Edwards about his match with Joe Hendry. They didn’t seem too concerned about him, or any of their current feudsters.

They left, and then Frankie Kazarian walked in and made Gia call him the King of TNA.


Match 4: Steve Maclin vs. Mike Santana

This was a fairly even contest, with Maclin holding a bit of a power advantage, and Santana with a quicker step. Santana fared well with some hit-and-move tactics, but Maclin dodged a Running Kick in the corner and Santana got hung up. Maclin hit Mayhem For All, but Santana was able to kick out. Maclin tried for a KIA off the top rope, but Santan blocked in and dropped Maclin face-first to the mat, and followed that up with a Frog Splash for two.

They exchanged Flying Dives to the floor, which looked really good. The fight was continuing when the Rascalz ran into the ring and attacked both men, and the referee had no choice but to throw out the match. The Rascalz continued their beatdown as the segment ended.


This was a good match while it lasted.

Winners: No contest

In the back, Jody Threat and Dani Luna were arguing, as Luna and Rancid’s Karl Frederikson inadvertently cost Jodi the match against Tasha Steelz last week. Karl tried to get them on the same page, noting that Luna will have a match against Steelz tonight.


Match 5: Mustafa Ali (w/ Campaign Singh) vs. Leon Slater

They showed a “digital exclusive” clip from earlier where Campaign Singh accepted this match on Ali’s behalf – something that Ali didn’t look too thrilled about.

Slater did some flippy-doo moves early on to surprise Ali, but then the wily Ali creatively whiplashed the top rope into Slater’s throat. Leon proved to be just as crafty, sending Ali to the floor and then hitting a huge Somersault Dive.


Slater was still in control after a commercial break, but Ali ducked under some Corner Punches and dropped Slater on his face, and then kept him down with other moves – and some help from Singh on the outside. Some back and forth action followed with the pace quickening as they exchanged moves.

But Ali used a nifty spin to smash Slater’s head into the ringpost, and followed that up with a 450-Splash for the win.

Winner: Mustafa Ali

Moose was storming around backstage looking for Matt Hardy.


Match 6: Joe Hendry vs. Eddie Edwards (w/ Brian Myers and Alisha)

Before the match got underway, Nic and Ryan Nemeth made their way down the ramp to watch the match from ringside.

Hendry started off hot with a Delayed Vertical Suplex, but Eddie poked him in the eyes to take control – and take us to a commercial.


Back from the break, and Eddie was in control, hammering Hendry with a big Clothesline, and then keeping him down with slaps and stomps. But Hendry caught Eddie, who was trying a running attack, and hit a big Fallaway Slam. The action spilled to the floor where the Nemeths prevented Myers from getting involved in the match.

Back in the ring, Hendry hit a few European Uppercuts, but then ran into a big Clothesline by Eddie. Eddie went up top, but Hendry caught him with a huge Fallaway Slam off the top, which looked good. But then it was Eddie’s turn to thwart an aerial attack, and he hit Hendry with a huge Superplex that he followed up with a Tiger Driver, but only got a two-count after that combo.

Hendry caught Eddie in a Boston Knee Party attempt and planted Eddie with the Standing Ovation for the win.

Winner: Joe Hendry

In the back, Moose was still on the hunt for Matt Hardy. But perhaps the hunter was the hunted. Because Hardy found him and they started brawling. Moose got the better of it, taking a chair to Hardy a few times. Then Moose wrapped a chair around Hardy’s neck and drove him into a steel door. He then smashed that chair with another one, knocking Hardy unconscious. The camera lingered on a wrecked-up Hardy to end the show.


TNA Impact Wrestling - May 30th, 2024

Megacorp Pavilion – Newport, KY

This was a match-heavy show, and for the most part, they were all pretty good. The highlight of the show, though, was the ending and the beat-down of Matt Hardy by Moose. It looked violent, and the closing shot of Matt Hardy completely knocked out was a great visual. With next week being the 20th anniversary of the show, this was a good plate-setter for what’s to come.