Now that Nia Jax has claimed her crown at King and Queen of the Ring last Saturday, she can shift her focus to getting that title opportunity from Bayley at SummerSlam. Despite squashing everyone in her path, people still chant “You suck!” towards Jax.

Nia demands the presence of the WWE Women’s Champion, however, while Bayley walks to the ring, she’s jumped by Piper Niven as Chelsea Green encourages her to inflict punishment. Jax just stood there, watching. She did look confused after noticing what Piper really wanted, Bayley’s title. With that in mind, Nia doesn’t give a damn because she’ll annihilate whoever is Champion.

My brain completely stopped working the second I saw that glitch on my screen again. This time it said hello in numerous languages, then goodbye… Hmm? We ward away from that to check in on AJ Styles and Nick Aldis resuming their previous conversation from last Friday. Styles hopes to address his future. Rumors have been flying around about his… retirement.

Following that attack Bayley suffered, Naomi decides to team with her in order to take Piper and Chelsea down later tonight.

Tommaso Ciampa vs. Austin Theory 

Theory’s brashness pisses Ciampa off just a little bit, enough to start shoving Austin around like an empty carcass. A well-placed elbow to Theory’s jaw destabilizes him momentarily. Waller gets involved, but he’s immediately disposed of.

Regrettably, that distraction helped Theory perform a neck breaker against Tommaso’s surgically repaired neck. Now, Ciampa is on the receiving end of Austin’s onslaught. Tommaso manages to fight, yet he misses as he dives and bumps his head into the mat.

Regardless of this, Ciampa drop kicks Theory as a counterattack. A running clothesline knocks Austin for a near fall. Austin counters back with a move that sounds like a medical condition called “Ataxia”… who cares about its spelling? All I’m thinking about is what??

An exchange of brawling maneuvers begins to unfold center ring that leaves both men at a stand-still flat on their backs.

Later on, things become a little weird. Waller starts arguing with Wade Barrett saying Theory became relevant due to the Grayson rub. Austin hears this and begins to question him, completely distracting him from Tommaso, who steals a win with a sudden roll up.

Winner: Tommaso Ciampa

Backstage, Naomi meets with SmackDown’s newest draft pick from NXT, Blair Davenport and already things move in the wrong direction between these two. Nevertheless, Naomi was able to have her and Bayley’s Tag Team match sanctioned versus Chelsea and Piper.

LA Knight also wants a word with Aldis as he wonders where’s Logan Paul, of all people. The Megastar discovers that Paul isn’t here tonight, but that doesn’t stop LA Knight from wanting that US title. Carmelo Hayes comes out nowhere, as one does, challenging LA Knight. He’s response? “Trash.” Ha!

Andrade vs. Apollo Crews 

Crews delivers an elbow to Andrade’s face, yet his opponent retaliates with a massive drop kick, almost immediately into a cover. However, he may have tweaked his shoulder upon landing.

While Andrade climbs to the top, he notices Angel of Lagado del Fanstama strolling towards the ring after their conversation earlier. Angel wanted to bring Andrade into the group and forget what took place at WrestleMania. Andrade said no. Ha!

Despite that little misstep, Andrade regains his ground by cornering Apollo and wearing him down. Double knees to Crews’ face nearly ended this. Apollo retaliates with a German suplex and a body drop.

Due to Angel’s interference, Apollo gets knocked down with a big boot spinning elbow followed by a twisting neck breaker to conclude this match. Angel is too proud of himself, and so is the rest of Legado del Fantasma. Andrade, however, seems befuddled, yet not too much as he walks pass everyone. Ha! “Working progress, perhaps.” said Barrett.

Winner: Andrade

Elsewhere, Paul Heyman attempts to advise Solo Sikoa that the way his leading The Bloodline has no clear direction when he recruits very dangerous people who can inflict violence with a lack of planning. When Roman was around, he welcomed Heyman’s wise words prior to imitating his attacks. See? Planning. This conversation is cut short due to Kevin Owens’ entrance to the stage. Sikoa orders Heyman to fix this. How? I don’t know. Ha!

Kevin wanted to make sure when he went to Jeddah last week was to have Randy Orton’s back given he’s had Owens as well. Regardless of the fact that Orton isn’t King of the Ring knowing how it happened, Kevin came here anyway to confront The Bloodline. As if on time, Heyman comes out to chat with Owens.

Heyman warns Owens once again that the people he’s antagonizing aren’t regular individuals like the rest of us, no, Tama Tonga and Tonga Loa are “bloodthirsty sadistic thugs,” Solo recruited despite them being crossed off numerous times by Roman because of their background. In order to keep Kevin intact in more ways than one, Heyman begs him to back off. He means it.

Given how untrustworthy Heyman has been over past couple of years being with Brock Lesnar to Roman Reigns to Solo Sikoa, Kevin doesn’t find it difficult to swat him away. He believes that Heyman is the real puppet master here.

Heyman listened to what Kevin had to say, yet he doubles down by informing him that maybe he’s trying to save Owens because he doesn’t seem to understand what he’s truly up against with Tama, Solo and Loa.

Heyman was having one of the biggest meltdowns I’ve ever seen him. It was kind of funny to watch. He simply wanted people to listen to him when he’s sure of what he’s saying when it comes to this version of The Bloodline. His outburst resulted in him throwing his mic against Kevin’s stomach. Oof. Owens corners Heyman, yet just in time, The Bloodline shows up.

Luckily, Owens has backup of his own in The Street Profits, which leads to our following match. However, prior to that, a brawl breaks out.

The Street Profits vs. Tonga Loa & Tama Tonga – Tag Team match

Once some resemblance of order has set in, Montez Ford and Tama start this match off as Ford keeps pressing on to deconstruct Tama down. Tonga seems to welcome every assault with ease on his face. The Profits play a double team against Tama.

Things start to overflow as Tonga Loa has hold of Ford outside the ring due to some kafuffle. He slams Montez against the barricade closes to the announcement desk. Tama regains control with a pair of clotheslines. Loa takes a jab in-ring, too.

Ford manages to tag Dawkins as he turns the tied in their favor. That doesn’t last long, however, as Angelo didn’t pay attention to the tag his opponents made, so he gets flattened by a clothesline from Loa. The Bloodline play a double team overwhelming Angelo on the main floor.

Dawkins fights back regardless of the onslaught he suffered, he tags Montez as Tama tags his brother. A clapping punch to Loa turns him inside out. Tama attempts to help, but he gets flatlined. A blockbuster from the Profits nearly puts Loa away.

Later on, Dawkins is unaware of the tag Tama made to his brother during the shuffle, again, so when he and Ford played a double team, Tama swooped in and drove Montez’ face against the mat for a victory.

Winners: Tonga Loa & Tama Tonga

Naomi & Bayley vs. Chelsea Green & Piper Niven – Tag Team match

In the early goings of the fight, Bayley was able to flatten Chelsea very easily, so Green scurries to tag Niven knowing she has whiplash. Piper body splashes Bayley in the corner. Luckily, the champ and Naomi manage to crush Green once she comes back in. Foolishly so. Ha!

During the break, Piper and Chelsea have managed to turn things around after the beating they received. Green was pissed she couldn’t pin Bayley despite how arrogant that cover was.

Bayley continues to try to reach Naomi for a tag knowing how much she’s endured at the hands of Piper. Fortunately, Niven misses with an elbow. Naomi is legal, and so is Chelsea. Naomi uses her flexibility to to deliver a high kick to Green’s head, causing her to wobble like a worm. “Like Bambi on ice,” Ha! Ha! Ha!

Naomi nearly had Green with that spilt-legged Moonsault. Chelsea was lost after that, so Piper had to drag her out. Naomi follows with a twisting body splash onto the main floor.

Due to that shove from Niven, Naomi nearly fell victim to Chelsea’s Super Kick. However, Bayley was there to stop it. She does her best to dispose of Piper on the outside.

The Rearview from Naomi could have taken Chelsea out, yet Piper’s Senton squashes them both with Naomi receiving the worst of it. Niven drags her body off of Chelsea, then forces her partner to cover her.

Winners: Chelsea Green & Piper Niven

Next Friday, given the earlier confrontation regarding Candice LeRae’s injury from last weekend, Indi Hartwell and Jade Cargill meet in the ring. Johnny Gargano and Grayson Waller brawl it out as well. Apollo Crews looks to get his hands on Angel for his interference. Also, Solo Sikoa wants to anoint Tonga Loa to the fold.

As we arrive to the end of the show, AJ Styles addresses the crowd about his future. For him to get another opportunity at Cody Rhodes’ Championship, he’ll have to go to the back of the line, and at this point in his career, he can’t do that.

Styles was able to attend his son’s graduation recently, and that’s when reality hit him like a Mack truck. “How many of these have I missed?” He believes he should stay home and be a phenomenal father. Earlier, Styles whispered in Cody’s ear wanting him to come out when called. He wanted to tell Rhodes that their match at Backlash was one of his best.

Styles mentions all those beautiful words, but none of them would be made without a little painful diplomacy on Rhodes. The O.C. kept the officials from stopping AJ as he performs the Styles Clash. Corey Graves believes this was a well executed plan to lure Cody out with sentimentals.


TOP PHOTO: Styles reeks havoc on Rhodes. Courtesy of WWE