Bradford Montague took a break from the in-ring action and found himself participating on CTV’s new game show Battle of the Generations.

Hosted by celebrity Lilly Singh, is a Canadian game show that premiered on June 19, 2023, on CTV. The show is a trivia battle between four generations: Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials, and Generation Z. The winner of the show receives a prize money of $25,000. The episode featuring Montague is set to air on July 3rd.

Montague, 31, was competing as a member of the Millennials. He had high praise for Singh and the whole production of the show.

“It was really incredible, she was super cool and relaxed, and also high energy, and very professional,” said Montague, regarding the interaction he had with Singh. “The set was absolutely incredible, very high production.”

Regarding the other contestants, Montague mentions even though he did not know them prior to the show, the interactions they shared made it so that they were able to create a bond.

“Since we were competing and trying to see which generation is the best, it’s supposed to be a bit of an antagonist relationship, but we all kind of bonded during that experience and even though I didn’t know them well or I didn’t know them at all before, I felt like I had this bond with them afterwards,” said Montague.

The experience on Battle of the Generations fits in well with his wrestling career.

Montague didn’t watch wrestling until he was in high school, and it wasn’t until after that he decided that this was the career he wanted to pursue.

“When I was in college, I was taking a fitness and health promotion course, so I wanted to do something physical and athletic but also kind of like fun and earthy,” said Montague.

Montague is originally from Prince Edward Island. He trained in Toronto at Square Circle and down in Texas at the Texas Wrestling Academy. He also trained at the Battle Arts Academy in Mississauga. He has wrestled all over North America and Puerto Rico and has been featured in the VICE series Dark Side of the Ring and Tales from the Territories. He wrestles for Red Rock Wrestling in Prince Edward Island, Superkick’d in Toronto and recently for Brantford Wrestling and Super Wonder Wrestling. His next match will be on July 9 at Barbecue ‘n’ Brawl in Mississauga.

Most recently, he was one of the Fabulous Freebirds on the Junkyard Dog episode of Dark Side of the Ring that aired on June 27.

Ryan Donavan and Bradford Montague as Fabulous Freebirds Buddy Roberts and Michael Hayes.

Ryan Donavan and Bradford Montague as Fabulous Freebirds Buddy Roberts and Michael Hayes.

Montague was also excited on how his participation on the Battle of the Generations will play a hand for his wrestling career.

“I feel like it’s already gotten me a lot of publicity. Everyone has already seen the commercial, so many people have approached me, even people I don’t really know,” said Montague. He believes a main reason for this happening is the TV slot on CTV and the primetime 9 p.m. time slot, which allows most people to tune in to the show.

“I go to Chipotle, and they say, Are you in that generation show?, or at the gym at the front desk they say, Oh, I saw you in a commercial. People have already been approaching me, so I feel like when my episode airs, I’ll be more recognizable and it can lead to lots of other TV opportunities as well,” said Montague.

Montague says that he doesn’t watch that much television now, but back in the day he did watch the usual shows like Jeopardy, The Price is Right and Wheel of Fortune. Since he make time for TV these days, he was surprised when people would mention him from the commercials or the show.

Even though Montague’s family head out for community trivia occasionally, this was the first time he has ventured into a game show of this magnitude and the audience will have an opportunity to see a different side of him that they haven’t before.

“Even though I wrestle, I don’t know if people have ever seen me this competitive, I was very competitive in the show,” said Montague. “I’m used to being on stage in front of people performing, but combining the two different things was new to me, so I was very nervous but confident I would be able to do it as well.”

Battle of the Generations host Lilly Singh. Bell Media photo

Though he couldn’t share any incidents that took place during the show or who ended up being the ultimate winner, due to the episode still waiting to air, Montague did share his anticipation for the episode coming to CTV on July 3.

“I will tell you I’m very very excited, I’m very nervous too. I think I presented myself well on TV, but it’s hard to know until it airs and how I’m seen, so I’m nervous on how I’m perceived but I do think it’s going to be very beneficial and it’s going to be very positive,” concluded Montague.

TOP PHOTO; Bradford Montague with other Battle of the Generations contestants and host Lilly Singh. Bell Media photo