Welcome back as the National Wrestling Alliance brings more action from the land Down Under as part of The World Is A Vampire: Australia. The show will spotlight a triple threat and the NWA tag team titles on the line as we come back to you from Kryal Castle in Ballarat, Australia.

Once again, our Aussie Knight, Sir Philip, opens the festivities.  Joe Galli and Kyle Davis have the call and the First Match of the night is…

Courtesy of the NWA

“Thrillbilly” Silas Mason vs. “The Bone Collector” Jake Taylor

Very awesome to see dueling “U-S-A!” versus “Aussie, Aussie, Aussie (Oí, Oí, Oí)!” chants go on.  In any case, Mason seems to have unfinished business with Taylor after last week’s tag match.

Early in the match, we get a slam by Taylor, and the action spills outside and Mason throws The Bone Collector to the guardrails.  He then grabs a whip and chokes Taylor, then rams him headfirst into the ring post.  Back in the ring, Mason wants to keep up the whippings until morale gets better, but Sir Phillip grabs it away. Mason slaps him, but the metal visor is down on his helmet.  Now Taylor has the weapon and whips Mason like a proverbial government mule, followed by a clothesline and covers for two.  Mason powerbombs and stacks up Taylor to cover but only gets a two count.  Both men are spent but chop away at each until Taylor nails him with a spear and follows with a Claymore to cover, but Mason barely gets his shoulder up before the three count.  Taylor attempts another spear but Mason makes him historic with a Thrill ride to Fury Road and wins it all.

Your Winner via Pinfall:  “Thrillbilly” Silas Mason

Now for a triple-threat match between…

Courtesy of the NWA

Natalia Markova vs. Kenzie Paige vs. Aysha

This is the result of Paige interfering in last week’s match, and the NWA Women’s Television champion makes her presence known.  Markova shoves Paige into Aysha to send her out of the ring and now she’s fed up with her attitude and a neckbreaker gets a two count.  Paige throws Markova out of the ring, and stage dives to the outside on the dusty Australian floor.  Aysha comes back and has an answer for the Women’s TV champ with a bulldog to cover and Markova breaks the count.

Now Aysha and Markova resume their fight last week, and she catches The Crush with a spinning heel kick for a two count.  There are chops aplenty for all three women, and no one has a clear advantage.  Then Markova lands the Jazz stinger on Paige to cover, but she kicks out. She returns with a missile dropkick to Markova and attempts the pin, but Aysha breaks the count.  She then nails Markova with a low kick, followed by a Shining Wizard, and Paige takes advantage and rolls up Aysha with a handful of tights to steal the win.

Your Winner via Pinfall:  Kenzie Paige

Up next is…

Courtesy of the NWA

“Captain Gigolo” Alex Taylor vs. “The Golden Boy” Emman Azman

There is a huge pop for the local favorite Azman, who is billed from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  He’s just five-foot, four inches but has incredible charisma and quickness, and he demonstrates it on Taylor as he takes him down with a huracanrana.  He rolls out of the ring, and Azman goes for a tope, but Taylor forearms him midair.  He’s clutching his shoulder throughout the match due to how he landed from the ‘rana and now the ref throws up the dreaded “X” crossed arms, and then Kerry Morton jumps in and gives a piledriver to the upstart, so that means…

Your Winner via Disqualification:  Emman Azman

Before both members of The Southern 6 can do more damage, Caveman Ugg enters and scares them off.

(Author’s Note:  Taylor did legitimately hurt his shoulder during the tour and seemed fine after seeing him recently in The Crockett Cup, but we’ll see how much recovery he’s received once the POWERRR tapings resume in July.)

But let’s get to title action and it’s for the…

Courtesy of the NWA

NWA Tag Team Championship:  La Rebelion (Bestia 666 and MechaWolf)(c) vs The Natural Classics (Stevie and Tome Filip)

The Filip brothers are a mainstay of Melbourne Championship Wrestling, and this will be a good test against the tag champs.  Mecha and Stevie start off and the Natural Classic can hang with the Wolf.  The Filips double team on Mecha and now Bestia enters, but Tome clotheslines him inside out.  The Classics offer more of that tag chemistry to the delight of the crowd with a big boot and springboard moonsault combo to cover for a two count.  He whips Bestia to the ropes, but he reverses and Mecha grabs Stevie to take advantage and they proceed to beat him down.  Stevie is isolated in the corner and is a Classic in Peril.  He tries to reach his brother, but La Rebelion stops that from happening.  Finally, Stevie escapes the corner to get the hot tag to Tome, and he is a Classic en Fuego.

As he clears house he gives a spinebuster to Mecha Wolf.  Bestia gets back in the ring and nails a twisting corkscrew and then tags back Stevie for a fireman’s carry/Big boot combo, but gets a two count.  La Rebelion fights back with synchronized knees to Tome’s head and delivers the Mark of the Beast for one, two…but Stevie breaks the count.  The match devolves into a slugfest with all four men, and the Natural Classics have more offense with an Air Raid Crash, followed by a 450 splash on Bestia to cover, and Mecha breaks up again.  The end comes with Bestia nailing a musclebuster on Stevie and Mecha delivers the 450 splash and then dives on Tome on the outside as Bestia picks up the pin and the win.

Your Winners via Pinfall, And Still NWA World Tag Team Champions:  La Rebelion

But wait…There’s more wrestling, as Joe Galli is in the ring and announces we will have another match.  Kerry Morton comes out and is upset because NWA owner Billy Corgan demanded a title match, and he is forced to put his title on the land, but he wants to send a message to The Golden Boy for hurting his Southern 6 running buddy.  That means your bonus Main Event is for the…

NWA Junior Heavyweight Championship:  Kerry Morton

Morton Pearl Harbors Azman, but The Golden Boy recovers and nails a tiger feint kick from the ropes and covers the champ for a two count.  Azman goes up top for a crossbody but Morton uses the momentum to float over for a near fall.  Now Morton takes advantage and picks up Azman to a delayed vertical suplex, then dumps him to the outside to beat him down further.  As he throws him back in, Azman tries to stage a comeback and gets a dropkick, but Morton regains control with an abdominal stretch and swings him headfirst to the corner turnbuckles.  Azman isn’t finished as he returns fire with arm drags but gets stopped by The Future Legend with a knee to the solar plexus.  He shows utter disdain as he pie faces The Golden Boy and he comes back with forearm shivers and then connects with a missile dropkick for another two count.  He signals for a corner splash that connects and follows with a monkey flip to Morton.  Azman dips into the well for another corner splash, but Morton reverses and uses the ropes for leverage to keep him pinned for the one, two, and three.

Your Winner, and Still NWA Junior Heavyweight Champion:  Kerry Morton

Morton takes his belt and goes home, and that closes out the show.


Final Thoughts:

Obviously an unfortunate accident to Taylor cut his tour short, but the NWA talent really rose to the occasion during the World is a Vampire tour, and hopefully, the Aussies will make their way stateside for future events.

We’ll be back next week for NWA USA, so see ya in seven!