Kazuchika Okada has formally accepted Bryan Danielson’s challenge to a AEW versus NJPW match at the Forbidden Door event.

“Bryan let’s see who the best in the world is at Forbidden Door!” said Okada at a press conference in Japan where the matches Kenny Omega versus Will Ospreay for the  IWGP United States Heavyweight Championship and Bryan Danielson versus Kazuchika Okada were officially confirmed for the event by NJPW Chairman Naoki Sugabayashi.

“He’s a big AEW star so I am looking forward to it but this is a battle of NJPW versus AEW. I plan on carrying NJPW on my shoulders and winning for the company and New Japan fans,” Okada continued. “I want to show people with this match just how good Japanese wrestling can be.”

Surprisingly, Okada admitted that he knows next to nothing about his opponent.

“To be honest, I haven’t really taken in Bryan’s work in AEW or WWE so I’m not sure I can say with certainty exactly the kind of wrestler he is but that’s why I’m looking forward to this. I know that he isn’t the tallest guy, isn’t the biggest either, but he’s been able to be a big star in those companies and be right at the top as a champion. So, that shows how good he is in the ring and how much charisma he has to boot,” he said.

Unlike other toted “dream matches” in the past, Okada promised this clash between himself and Danielson will deliver.

“There have been a lot of dream matches over the years but not many that can truly capture fans the world over. I’m happy to be half of a dream match that can do just that,” he said.

Will Ospreay also appeared at the press conference via a taped video message warning IWGP United States Heavyweight Champion, Kenny Omega, that their rematch is all about vengeance for him.

“What people don’t understand is what this match actually means to me. At the Tokyo Dome I got embarrassed, humiliated by the returning prodigal son,” said Ospreay of his match against Omega at Wrestle Kingdom 17.

“This is about redemption! This is about revenge! In Toronto, your home country, home soil for you, I am going to do the exact same thing you did to me! This is f—–g personal,” vowed Ospreay.

Forbidden Door will take place  on June 25, 2023, at the Scotiabank Arena in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.