Hello everyone!

The first thing I said the moment Fusion started was “What the hell?” I didn’t understand why I was seeing ass cheeks on my scene. Then later on, it’s confirmed that The Second Gear Crew and Microman were out partying in Tijuana. Regardless of that, I still didn’t need to see ass in my face. I’m good without that.

Abismo Negro Jr. & Taurus vs. La Rebellion – Tag Team match

Taurus gives Bestia 666 of La Rebellion a warning smack in the corner of the ring, asserting temporary dominance as Bestia delivers a chop to his opponent’s chest before tagging Mecha Wolf in.

It later becomes an “athletic game of chess” between Bestia and Taurus as there are frequent arm drag implemented in the match.

After Mecha Wolf is able to drop kick Abismo out of the ring, he signals a battle cry of a… well, wolf, to the fans before attempting to go after Taurus.

La Rebellion play a double team against Taurus that sends him flying backwards onto his backside. Ha!

While this match is moving a little slowly, breaking news, Taya Valkyrie’s upcoming fight against Delmi Exo has been postponed. What a shock… I half expected her to do that anyway. The question was when.

The teamwork La Rebellion has displayed has left Negro Jr. reeling for some assistance that wasn’t coming just yet. He had to fight his way out with chops to their chests that rarely lasts after being cut down. Where’s Taurus?

Whatever La Rebellion were planning on doing didn’t go anywhere once Taurus finally came into play by shoving Bestia 666 off the top rope, which allowed Abismo to be set free and reek havoc.

Bestia 666 may have connected with a muscle buster to Abismo, but Taurus made sure payback was on its way by dropping Bestia spine first against his knee.

Abismo is caught in the middle again, receiving kicks to his ear and face before La Rebellion play a double team they weren’t able to do prior and win.

Winners: La Rebellion

Elsewhere, Willie Mack and the Samoan SWAT Team are seen selling merchandise, one of which is Cesar Duran’s. That makes Valkyrie, Hennigan and Adonis pissed and accuse them of kidnapping Duran. As if they would. Ha! Ha! Ha!

Mack says he’ll spill the beans about Duran’s whereabouts if Hennigan gives him a Championship opportunity. Bribery, I like it. Hennigan may have said yes just for the hell of it, but he didn’t get his answer.

On other news, Jacob Fatu remains on the injured list after the attack her endured at the hands of The Calling a few weeks ago. His title shot for the Openweight Championship Hennigan has around his waist hasn’t changed.

The Calling apparently woke Fatu up. It took four of Raven’s cult members to take Jacob down, and he remains restless to beat them.

I hope everyone is excited for MLW Never Say Never coming this July 8th with matches stacking up such as Alex Kane, winner of Battle Riot V, challenges Alex Hammerstone for the World Heavyweight Championship. The Calling’s Akira and Rickey Shane Page go against Lance Anoa’i and Juicy Finau in their first title match for the Tag belts. For someone I haven’t seen yet, Timothy Thatcher is making his return. We’re getting bangers, I see.

And speaking of fires, Kane is being questioned about the miniscule cash flow the Bomaye Fight Club are currently dealing with. Mr. Thomas says that business is booming. Unlikely.

People are still wondering where the money is coming from, so Kane decides to tell us that at Never Say Never, our ponderings will be answered. FINALLY!

Also, like I mentioned before, Taya backed out of her match with Delmi. The challenger is giving her take on the situation. I would be pissed too if I was getting ready for something this big only for someone else to cancel it like that for God knows what reasons. But I reckon none of them are physical.

Suddenly, Sam Leterna gets a notice that Delmi will be facing Valkyrie for the World Women’s Featherweight Championship in New York in two weeks. Let’s see if nonsense weaves its way in again. “The God Queen is ready.”

It feels slightly insulting, but I’ll say it anyway… B3cca is coming back next week. She has that same tagline as Brittany Spears, saying “It’s B3cca, b*tch” instead of “It’s Brittany, b*tch”. Should B3cca perform at Never Say Never? Hell no! She sadly sounds like a robot with heart failure.

Sam Adonis, John Hennigan & Gringo Loco vs. Rey Horus, Psycho Clown & Vikingo – Trios match

Just to tell you all, I hate clowns. I absolutely hate them. To me, it’s more about hatred than fear, even though, they do scare me sometimes, but not enough. That’s why I find it difficult to watch movies like It. Oof.

Hennigan and Rey Horus start this match off with John showing the middle finger to Horus’ face before shoving him off. His name surprised me because it’s the same as the Egyptian falcon God Horus. Yeah, I love Egyptian mythology. I got all giddy inside.

Anyway, the fight began exactly the way one would expect. Due to that, Loco and Adonis jumped Rey from behind, squashing any attempt at Horus getting the upper hand. Shameful.

Adonis went after Psycho Clown, while Hennigan and Gringo attacked Horus. Vikingo wasn’t a factor until he climbed back inside the ring. It was a mess. The amount of brutality Adonis, Hennigan and Loco were inflicting on their opponents was on another level. Clown, Vikingo and Horus could barely get their foot in.

It was even more shocking when the referee got involved by kicking Psycho Clown in the abdomen. Geez. What’s going on? Officials can smell money, too. Americans. Pfft.

Light was finally on Horus, Clown and Vikingo’s side when Vikingo performed an amazing double springboard arm drag from the top of a post. Wow.

Anarchy was breaking off when Clown hits Adonis in the face with the same metal barrel he received. Horus and Hennigan brawl it out on the main floor while Vikingo destroys Loco near the entryway.

Fans were seen throwing their drinks with ice in it at Hennigan’s face. Ha! Ha!

Vikingo and Horus hit a double standing Spanish Fly against Hennigan and Gringo as all three go into an impressive triple cover with no victory.

Horus amazes us with a springboard DDT to Hennigan that almost granted him and his team the win, but Adonis intervenes. That’s all well and good until Hennigan finds a chair colliding with his dick at the hands of Psycho Clown. He even uses his leather belt to take out everyone, including his teammates and the referee. Ha! My only applause to this clown.

Vikingo is so good at what he does with his athleticism. All those acrobatic maneuvers he pulled to put Gringo down was breathtaking. Adonis misses wildly as Psycho Clown uses that opening with a Code Red for the victory.

Winners: Psycho Clown, Vikingo & Rey Horus


TOP PHOTO: Horus, Clown & Vikingo celebrating their win. Courtesy of MLW