Greetings and Salutations! After an excellent Under Siege show last Friday, let’s see what Impact Wrestling has in store for us this week. On this week’s episode, Trinity will take on Gisele Shaw’s muscle, Savannah Evans. We will also see the debut of Dani Luna as she takes on Jody Threat on the show. On the men’s side of the show we have Eddie Edwards taking on Yuya Uemura and Eddie Edwards teaming up with his OVE mate, Jaske Christ, and they will take on Decay. With such a packed show, let’s get straight to the action.

Bully Ray Speaks

The show kicks off with Bully Ray cutting a promo. Ray says he is the most hated person in the industry. Ray said, he has put people through tables his whole career but when he’s really upset, he lights them on fire. Ray said putting D’Amore through the table brought him pleasure and he was going to win the 8-4-1 match at Against All Odds to go onto Slammiversary to become the new champ.

Steve Maclin comes out to join Ray. They brag about putting Scott D’Amore through flaming table and pretty much run down everything else possible. Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley have heard enough and they come out to confront Maclin and Ray. Shelley reminds Ray he is the number one contender at Against All Odds. Sabin reminded Ray of things he told him 10 years ago and that he beat him for the title back then. Sabin said that Macline wouldn’t have even beaten Josh Alexander.

There was tons of back and forth between the four with Motor City Machine Guns honoring Impact saying Maclin and Ray constantly disrespect it and the fans.

In the end, MCMG challenge Maclin and Ray but they don’t agree to it. Cue Subculture, Mark Andrews, Flash organ Webster, and Dani Luna, who made their debut last Friday at Under Siege. Subculture end up accepting the seemingly open challenge from MCMG.

Backstage, Jimmy Jacobs is with Nick Aldis. Aldis gives credit to Kenny King for putting up a fight last week at Under Siege. Aldis then says he will be the one to win the 8-4-1 match at Against All Odds and promises to become the next Impact World Champion.

Eddie Edwards (w/ Alisha Edwards) VS Yuya Uemura

Edwards with an early advantage to get things started. Uemura with an arm hold making Edwards back to the corner and the refs comes between them to make some room and separate them. Edwards immediately chops Uemura but Uemura comes right back and takes Edwards down. After the commercial break, Edwards with full control of Uemura and locks him in a Headlock but Uemura stands up and gets some gut elbows on Edwards. Uemura escaped the Headlock and takes full control of the match. Uemura goes to the top rope but Alisha Edwards distracts him and Edwards runs towards his opponent and hits a HUGE Superplex

Both men continue to battle it out and Uemura manages to get Edwards down and goes to the top, and goes for a Crossbody but Edwards with knees to the gut of Uemura. Edwards with a Tiger Driver and Boston Knee Party for the win.

Winner: Eddie Edwards

After the mtch, Frankie Kazarian comes up and demands respect from Edwards. Kazarian mocks Edwards and goes for a punch. Alisha jumps on Kazarian’s back and gets shaken off. That was that.

Decay (Craazy Steve & Black Taurus) vs. Sami Callihan & Jake Crist

Callihan and Crist took advantage of the match as they double team Crazy Steve with Pump Kicks. Black Taurus comes in and clears the ring while also trying to get his partner back into the match for a tag. Taurus had it and ends up launching his partner onto Crist and Callihan on the outside of the ring. Once everyone was back in the ring, Crist with a Superkick on Taurus and Callihan comes back into the match and they double team Taurus. Steve is legal and takes a Cutter from Crist, Callihan for the pin and that is it!

Winners: Sami Callihan & Jake Crist

Kon comes in and does a double chokeslam on Callihan and Crist. Angels and Deaner come out and beat them down. Deaner with a DDT on Crist and Kon kicks Callihan in the head. Rich Swann comes down for the save with a chair.

Backstage, Callihan yells at Swann and wants revenge at Against All Odds on June 9. Swann says that he is already busy that night with the 8-4-1 match so they need to find another partner. Callihan said that they need to call a monster…

Trinity VS Savannah Evans

The women lock up to start the match. Evans uses her strength to take Trinit to the corner. Trinity with a waste lock attempt but Evans uses her strength and tosses Trinity around. Trinity charges at Evans but Evans once again uses her strength to toss Trinity to the corner. Trinity comes right back with a Forearm and kicks to Evans in the corner after reversing positions. Evans goes for a clothesline but Trinity dodges that, but Trinity runs herself straight into a Powerbomb. Evans with a pin while holding the ropes but that gets broken up.

Evans has a clear advantage in the match and runs Trinity back to the turnbuckle. Evans now using the hair of Trinity to toss her around the ring. Trinity comes back and slams Evans face first for a near fall. With Evans still down, Trinity locks in the Starstruck submission causing Evans to tap out.

Winner: Trinity

After the match, Trinity calls out the Knockouts Champion, Deonna Purrazzo. Trinity wants a championship shot at Slammiversary. Deonna says “let’s do it,” . Gisele Shaw, Evans, and Vidal take out Trinity and Purrazzo. Jordynne Grace with the save attempt but Shaw strikes her in the head with a handbag. Shaw hits three knee strikes on Grace to keep her down for good…

Jody Threat VS Dani Luna

Back and forth match that saw Luna going for a headlock down the road. Theat comes back with Pump kicks sending Luna to the corner. Threat with clotheslines on Luna. Luna with a Stall Slam for a near fall. Luna with a HUGE Clothesline that gives her a 2.99 count on the pin. With both women up, Threat with a German Suplex on Luna and follows that up with a Spin Out Bomb for the win.

Winner: Jody Threat

In the back, IMPACT Digital Media Champion Joe Hendry & Santino Marella are chatting. They bring up Dirty Dango betraying them, but Kenny King and Sheldon Jean interrupt their convo. King and Jean mock Hendry and Marella causing Marella making a match between Hendry & Jean for next week while also making Hendry vs Dango official for Against All Odds.

A replay of Killer Kelly and Masha Slamovich airs. At Against All Odds, Salmovich and Kelly will fight in a Dog Collar match.

Motor City Machine Guns (Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley) VS Subculture (Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster)

Shelley and Andrews start with a lock up into a wrist lock on Andrews. Andrews is able to reverse it into a Wrist Lock and both men end up on their feet for a stalemate. Clash and Sabin tag in and Sabin with a Headlock, but Flash goes around Sabin and hits an Armdrad on Sabin followed by an inverted Senton for a quick pin. MCMG are back in the ring and they cut the ring off for Andrews. Shelley working over Andrews arm. Andrews manages to break free and tags Flash back in the match. Subculture clearing the ring but MCMG get some clotheslines in.

After the break, MCMG have Andrews in the corner. Sabin and Shelley with quick tags to keep Andrews in the match. Flash and the ref are arguing as MCMG continue their double team tactics and Flash thinks thats cheating. Andrews is able to break free from the corner but Shelley grans the arm in a last ditch effort to keep him from making the tag. Andrews finally breaks free and gets the hot tag on Flash who takes out both members of MCMG and Moonsaults on both of them. Sabin is ready to stop the momentum with a kick but accidentally kicks Shelley. Flash with a Crossbody for a nearfall on Sabin.

Flash with a Falcon Arrow on Sabin for yet another nearfall. All hell breaks loose as all four men are in the ring fighting each other. MCMG take out Flash, then hit a neckbreaker, followed by a Magic Killer on Andrews. Flash breaks the pin attempt. Sabin with a Dropkick on Shelley. Sabin takes out both members of Subculture with a Clothesline. MCMG now with their way on Andrews in the corner. Andrews breaks free and tags in Flash. Flash with a Slumdog Millionaire on on Sabin, Sabin with a cutter. Andrews punches both Shelley and Sabin, and then gets taken out by MCMG’s double team Cutter. MCMG with a Dirt Bomb on Flash for the win.

Winners: The Motor City Machine Guns (Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley)



Impact TV: June 1, 2023

This was a very story heavy episode. Against All Odds takes place next week and there is only one more show until then. The turn around seems very fast, too fast. The main event was fantastic and made up for the rest of the show.