On yesterday’s BOSJ show, Mike Bailey and Titán of A Block earned their way to the semi-finals of the tournament. Today was all about B Block and deciding who will be making their way to the semis, going into the show there were four possible men that could advance: Yoh, El Desperado, Master Wato and Robbie Eagles. Desperado and Eagles actually matched up in today’s main event with major implications on the bout.

With Master Wato winning and Yoh losing, it all comes down to the main event, the winner of Desperado and Eagles will go on to the semi-finals with Wato. Desperado tried to get the match done quickly, trying to lock Eagles into Numero Dos right from the jump. Both men then got into a chop-off, slapping the life out of each other’s chests before Desperado got Eagles in a knee bar.

Eagles got to the ropes and then hit a belly-to-back suplex before both men started fighting into the crowd. While among the fans Eagles started laying into the knee of Desperado with kicks, and he then threw him chest first into the ring post. Eagles was now focusing on the knee of Desperado and he had Desperado in the Ron Miller Special while bashing his knees into the mat.

Desperado advances. Credit: NJPW

Desperado got some momentum back by hitting a scoop slam and then a vertical suplex, he followed that with a back elbow, but Eagles came right back with a 619 to Desperado’s knees. Eagles then leaped from the apron to the outside chop blocking Desperado’s knees again, he followed that with his signature springboard missile dropkick to the knee.

Both men were then trading a number of strikes and Desperado was able to hit Eagles with a spine-buster before locking in Numero Dos. Eagles was able to get his leg free and hit Desperado with a Canadian Destroyer and then double knees in the corner. Strikes were then being exchanged once again, and Desperado got the advantage with a dropkick to the knee followed by a knee-breaker.

However, Eagles then quickly transitioned Desperado back into the Ron Miller Special, but he made it to the rope again. Eagles then made a run at Desperado, but he reversed into a beautiful dragon screw and he then hit a blue thunder bomb. Desperado then hit a Dude Buster on Eagles, before finally being able to fully lock in Numero Dos and force Eagles to submit. El Desperado now officially advances to the semi-finals!

The BOSJ 30 semi-finals are now set, it will be A1 winner Mike Bailey against B2 winner Master Wato and B1 winner El Desperado will face A2 winner Titán!

Block A Standings

Block B Standings


Yuto Nakashima & Lio Rush vs. Oskar Leube & Mike Bailey

With Bailey taking Rush out on the outside, Leube hit Nakashima with a high cross body and got the win.

Winners: Oskar Leube & Mike Bailey

Just 5 Guys (Taka Michinoku, Douki & Taichi) vs. House of Torture (Sho, Yujiro Takahashi & Evil)

Douki got this match started very quickly, hitting Sho with a suicide dive and then it was a six-man brawl. With the brawl really never stopping, Evil was able to hit Michinoku with Everything is Evil for victory. After the match, Just 5 Guys were sick of HoT’s cheating so they hit Sho with Takahashi’s walking stick and then Douki threw him into the trash can!

Winners: House of Torture (Sho, Yujiro Takahashi & Evil)

Ryusuke Taguchi & Kushida vs. Los Ingobernables de Japón (Titán & Hiromu Takahashi)

Takahashi and Titán were teammates tonight, but it was just last night that Titán beat Takahashi to advance in BOSJ and eliminate Takahashi. I guess due to the issues from yesterday, Takahashi wanted Titán to sit in a chair and have the night off. Takahashi could not win this tag match alone, so he was forced to tag Titán in. Titán came in and made quick work of Taguchi, he finished him off the springboard double foot stomp.

Winners: LIJ (Titán & Hiromu Takahashi)

Bushi vs. Francesco Akira — BOSJ B Block Match

Both of these men have already been mathematically eliminated from BOSJ, so this match was for bragging rights. Bushi was able to lock Akira into the Cross Kneebar and secure the victory.

Winner: Bushi

Dan Moloney vs. Clark Connors — BOSJ B Block Match

This match was another scenario where both men have already been eliminated and they were simply just fighting for pride. Connors attacked Moloney before the bell and they brawled outside the ring for a few minutes. When they returned to the ring it seemed like Connors was closing in on a win after two spears, but they then both crashed to the outside of the ring again. Moloney threw Connors into the ring post and hit a Gore before jumping back into the ring and winning via countout.

Winner: Dan Moloney via countout

Master Wato vs. Kevin Knight — BOSJ B Block Match

Tsutenkaku German. Credit: NJPW

Wato is sitting in a first-place tie in B Block, he needs a victory over Knight and one of Yoh or El Desperado to lose so he can head to the semi-finals. He was able to get the first part done here against Knight, he reversed the spike DDT into the Tsutenkaku German and got the win. Wato now sits at 14 points and is hoping for a loss from Yoh or Desperado.

Winner: Master Wato

Yoh vs. Yoshinobu Kanemaru — BOSJ B Block Match

Yoh eliminated. Credit: NJPW

With Master Wato winning, Yoh needs to win here to advance to the semi-finals. Yoh did beat Desperado on night 5 of BOSJ, but that does not matter because Robbie Eagles beat Yoh on night 1. Meaning if Desperado wins he advances to the semis and if Eagles wins he advances to the semis.

Kanemaru clearly did not want to see Yoh head to the semis as he was viciously after the knee of Yoh, really working to set up the figure four. The knee issues did not matter much at the end, as Kanemaru reversed the Direct Drive into the Leg Cross Samson Clutch to steal the pin. Yoh is now stuck at 12 points and is officially eliminated from BOSJ, while Master Wato now officially advances.

Winner: Yoshinobu Kanemaru

El Desperado vs. Robbie Eagles — BOSJ B Block Match

Winner: El Desperado