The Best of the Super Jr. 30 tournament continued today, and coming into day three there are still five undefeated wrestlers. Today’s main event was the IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Champion Hiromu Takahashi up against one of those undefeated stars, Lio Rush.

Rush was using his quickness to start the bout and Takahashi couldn’t touch him since he couldn’t catch him. He then started on some offence and dropped Takahashi with a suplex on the outside before sitting him in a chair. Rush attempted to run around the ring and hit Takahashi in the chair, but he got met halfway and Takahashi threw him onto the chair.

Rush gets caught halfway. Credit: NJPW

Takahashi hit a number of strikes and then locked Rush into a head-scissor, but he got to the ropes. Rush now kicked Takahashi to the outside and hit him with three suicide dives through the bottom rope. He then caught him with a knee and followed that with an F-10-like maneuver.

On Rush’s mind next was the Rush Hour, but Takahashi blocked and drove him into the corner with the fireman’s carry. Takahashi then hit a superkick and dropped Rush with a death valley driver right on the apron. That was followed by a Dynamite Plunger and he then was running looking for a lariat, but Rush caught him with a superkick and then hit an inverted frog splash from the second rope.

Rush caught Takahashi with a Spanish fly, a stunner and then went for Final Hour, but he was caught in mid-air with a cutter. That did not keep Rush down, he quickly came back with a posionrana and a Rush Hour. Next was the Final Hour which hit to the back of Takahashi instead of the chest, and it only got Rush a two-count.

Rush then went to the top rope again, but Takahashi met him up there only to be hit with a flurry of headbutts that knocked him to the mat. Takahashi was now lying flat on his back and Rush came flying hitting a perfect Final Hour to hand the champ his second loss of the tournament!

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Best of the Super Jr. 30 Night 3 Results

Kevin Knight vs. Yoshinobu Kanemaru

Kanemaru was up to his usual today, focusing heavily on the knee of Knight hoping to set up the figure-four. However, that did not work today, Knight hit Kanemaru with a superkick and then the leaping spike DDT to get his first win and hand Kanemaru his first loss.

Winner: Kevin Knight (2 Points)

Ryusuke Taguchi vs. Sho

Another day means more nonsense from House of Torture, the lights went out and Evil was somehow there to be the stand-in referee since the referee got hurt. All Evil did was distract Taguchi so Sho could low-blow him and he then hit Shock Arrow to get a win.

Winner: Sho (2 Points)

Bushi vs. Clark Connors

No Chaser. Credit: NJPW

Connors was in control for most of this match, and he has looked dominant for the most part as the newest member of Bullet Club. He hit Bushi with a spear and then-No Chaser to pick up his second win of the tournament.

Winner: Clark Connors (4 Points)

Douki vs. Taiji Ishimori

Ishimori injured Douki’s shoulder early in the match by throwing him into the steel ring post. That injury would end up being the downfall of Douki on this given day, Ishimori locked him into Bone Lock and got the win.

Winner: Taiji Ishimori (6 Points)

Francesco Akira vs. Robbie Eagles

Both Akira and Eagles had their speed and agility on display today, and both men were after each other with a purpose. Neither competitor would stay down and they both had an answer for absolutely everything. In the end, it was Akira rolling out of the way of a 450 splash from the top rope and then hitting him with Fireball to get a massive win!

Winner: Francesco Akira (4 Points)

Kushida vs. Titán

Titán. Credit: NJPW

Kushida is still looking for his first win of the tournament, and it seemed he was willing to get that win in any way as he was after the arm of Titán. But that arm damage was not enough, Titán hit a beautiful tope to the outside and then a springboard double stomp to get the win! Kushida is now 0-3 to start the tournament.

Winner: Titán (4 Points)

Yoh vs. Dan Moloney

Surprisingly, Yoh was really controlling the early portion of the match and he seemed to have Moloney figured out. However, then Moloney started to use his strength and he then hit the Gore-Driller Killer combo to get another victory.

Winner: Dan Moloney (4 Points)

TJP vs. Mike Bailey

Flamingo Driver. Credit: NJPW

Bailey is off to a hot start in his BOSJ debut and was looking to remain undefeated today. ‘Speedball’ was using his educated feet and quickness, while TJP was showcasing his technical wrestling skills. In the end, Bailey reversed a Mamba splash, hit his spinning roundhouse kick and then finished TJP off with a Flamingo Driver.

Winner: Mike Bailey (6 Points)

El Desperado vs. Master Wato

Desperado was having a lot of trouble with his leg throughout the match, he seemed to tweak something early in the match. However, that leg was not too much of an issue after all as he hit Wato with a stiff jab and then Pinche Loco to get the victory.

Winner: El Desperado (4 Points)

Lio Rush vs. Hiromu Takahashi

Winner: Lio Rush