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Last week’s battle between Hammerstone and Fatu was, indeed, a clash of power and determination on who wanted it more. I really enjoyed myself that night. Long-awaited while being accurately described.

Although what came after that fight… well, The Calling weren’t playing jokes, that’s for sure. I’m guessing that Hammerstone will seek vengeance.

But before we get to any of the other more vicious animosities tonight, Mister Saint Laurent is here to bring you the World’s Greatest Wonder, Microman.

This match came to be because Real1 felt like running his mouth about someone smaller than him… how typical. Mance Warner didn’t take too kindly to that comment either.

By the way, am I the only one who thinks that Real1 looks a bit… messy in his appearance? Just a little? Every time he comes out, I question his look. Normally, wildness isn’t a problem for me if the outfit works, in this case it looks awful, and I can’t lie about that. It suits him, but it wouldn’t be a bad thing if he tidied himself up a bit.

Microman vs. Real1

I love how Real1 argues that Microman has been running his mouth when he’s the one who started this whole affair. Fine… don’t take responsibility.

I barely paid attention to anything Real1 said until he knocked my head off with the mention of the word “Skywalker” and called Microman an “Ewok”. Why did he have to use Star Wars references? Damn you…

But I did snicker when I heard Real1’s voice crack. Ha! Ha! Ha!

Finally! When the bell rang, the first thing that Real1 does is drop kick Microman so hard that it sends him backwards as if he’s been hit by a truck.

Randomly, he left the ring to go grab a chair, Laurent’s chair from under him. Basically threatening to hit him with it. He even has Laurent hold a microphone, so he could pick Microman up and imitate the birth celebration of Mufasa’s son, Simba from The Lion King. We’re off to a great start. Bravo. One I thought I’d never see… dear God.

The positive turning point is when Microman tripped Real1 resulting in him colliding against the chair he previously lodged between the ropes. Ha!

Mance Warner arrived to hand Microman a kendo stick, he beats it once against Real1’s back before successfully flipping him over for a cover that grants him the victory. Yay! Real1 may have been thumped hard enough for staff to show up and help him out, but who the hell cares? We’re having light beer.

Winner: Microman

As I mentioned earlier, Hammerstone is pissed about last week, so when he arrives, he asks to cut the music short. Oof. I grew cold for a moment… He’s not sure if Akira and The Raven think he’s the good guy, but Hammerstone reminds them that he’s got evil in those hands.

Hammerstone states that the recent attack won’t send him scurrying off, instead he wants to fight The Calling in the War Chamber, described as one of the most dangerous battles. Well… you never seize to entertain.

And speaking of entertainment, the Opera Cup legacy with the Hart family is a great example. Given its prestige, Davey Boy Smith Jr., among a few others, have held that luxurious prize as a symbol of wanting to continue the tradition and warmth previous winners have put into it.

Unfortunately because of Alex Kane’s actions of disrespect, Davey has taken upon himself to get the Cup back from his grubby hands. Davey made his point, but that’s not the only point being made.

The Calling’s logo glitched the screen again. Akira makes it abundantly clear that his twisted ways will frighten anybody into regretting the decision to fight him. Weaponry upon weapons, they use.

Akira vs. Mike Law

Akira chose the sickle from the bloody table his mate brought with them.

Law went charging at someone with a weapon in hand, which was seen as stupid. And it was because he gets bunked on the head followed by knee kicks to the abdomen.

Akira has Mike trapped against the ropes as he sadistically pierces the sickle into Law’s mouth. Sick indeed.

As the final nail in the coffin, Law’s coffin that is, Akira delivers the Death Sentence to Mike for a scary win. Before The Calling make their exit, Akira shoves their calling card in Mike’s mouth.

Winner: Akira

Since Battle Riot is coming around the corner soon, MLW decided to give us a treat by announcing the first six wrestlers who will be participating in order to get a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship title. John Hennigan, Lance Anoa’i, Lince Dorado, Alex Kane, Calvin Tankman, and Rickey Shane Page.

Elsewhere, Kane remains confident that the World Championship title will be coming back to him as he and the rest of the Bomaye Fight Club, except for Myron Reed who’s sulking at us, are chanting “Bomaye!”

It’s been at least two weeks since we’ve last seen Cesar Duran, and he’s still missing. Taya Valkyrie and John Hennigan are still searching for him.

It was kind of silly when Valkyrie and Hennigan were trying to sound heartfelt in their approach to reach out to the fans for help, awarding money for info. What’s more was that ridiculous photo of Duran in a grey wig. Ha! Ha! “Forensic rendering of what Cesar might look like today” the poster said. Ha! Ha! Ha!

On more exciting news, Lio Rush will be making a statement next week as he returns from his tour in Japan. But he’s not the only one. The 1 Called Manders has something to say too.

What makes a cowboy? Stubbornness, determination and let’s not forget the beer. Manders is here for the gold. Things have been escalating between The Second Gear Crew and The Calling, so Manders and Rickey Shane Page will be in the ring next Tuesday.

Page is slowly giving me Bray Wyatt vibes. Prior to the next match starting, there was a commotion backstage. Akira and Rickey Shane Page had EJ Nduka beaten as they rudely drop their calling cards all over him. Another wrestler has been added to the list of disadvantageous victims.

Alex Kane vs. Davey Boy Smith Jr.

Earlier on, you can see that both Kane and Smith Jr. were studying each other’s movements, the wrist control, so they can attempt to surprise the other. And Kane managed to do that when he shoved Davey’s face over.

Headlock takeovers were applied repeatedly to overwhelm the other, but neither remained on their butts for long. They were quick.

Myron Reed, who’s at commentary, says that they acknowledge the damage they’ve caused to the Cup, but it was necessary to get attention. To recognize that the Bomaye Fight Club is here.

Kane kept trying to suplex Davey, yet he made himself heavy enough, so he could reverse it into a vertical suplex in his favor.

If I’m being honest, I did laugh a little when Kane suplexed Davey onto his neck on the main floor. The way everyone went “OHH!” I cried.

Kane body splashes Davey on the apron, which is seen as the headrest part of the ring. Ouch. I could see the pink hue on his back. Myron loved it. The Bomaye Fight Club count to three to mark Kane’s suplex using those damn papers.

Davey shrugs every head bang he gets against the turnbuckles at the hands of Kane. He even swiftly rolls through the fourth suplex like it was nothing to send one to Alex as payback.

It became a back and forth game of suplexes. Very fun to watch. Ha! After the seventh one from Davey, both men were whipped.

Later on, Davey manages to perform an outstanding neck breaker from his old school playbook, something Myron is reluctant to believe still works. It put Kane down, did it not? Ha! Smith inflicted multiple leg drops against Kane’s head, including one from the top, but it wasn’t sufficient.

Alex does counter at some point in this match, yet what came as a complete surprise was when Davey kip ups and rams Kane so quickly, his opponent didn’t see it coming. It left Myron in shock.

Because we can all see that Kane was losing his footing here, Mr. Thomas decides to distract the referee long enough for Kane to grab a mystery bottle and start spraying it in Davey’s face.

Once the official remembers he has a match to supervise, Kane suplexes Davey for the victory. Myron says it was water, but that liquid was purple-looking, my guy. Who are you lying to? It was burning Davey’s eyes.

Kane calls it that “Bomaye juice”.

Winner: Alex Kane

As we move one from that, backstage, The Second Gear Crew are… what? Say it with me, drinking light beer, exactly. Mance offers Hammerstone a drink, but he kindly declines. He rather talk about something else. Like hurting people too. Mainly The Calling, I reckon.

Hammerstone issued the challenge to against The Calling, since he couldn’t go at it alone, he asked The Second Gear Crew to team up with him to take them down. Let’s not forget, Mance didn’t pay for the beer, so he could go to jail again without bail from his friends. Ha!


TOP PHOTO: Real1 knocked out by his own chair at the efforts of Microman. Courtesy of MLW