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NXT: Grayson Waller Visits Casa Gargano

Greetings and Salutations! We are a mere two weeks from NXT Stand & Deliver. I am hoping to see the fallout from Roxanne Perez’s injury angle. We can also expect to see a great match as Pretty Deadly goes up against Gallus for the NXT Tag Team Championships. I am also hoping to see more build up for WrestleMania weekend. So without Further ado, let’s get to it.

The show started with a recap from last weeks Roadblock show and concluded with an emphasis of the Roxanne Perez angle where she collapsed after her match with the Meiko Satomura.

Johnny Wrestling Speaks

We cut to the Performance Center and Johnny Gargano comes out with a mic in hand. The crowd gave him a nice ovation. Gargano asks where things left off. He said that at WrestleMania there is a lot of talk about finishing stories and he came back to NXT to finish his story. Gargano said that 15 months ago he ended his story on a cliffhanger and when he came back to RAW, he felt something was missing.

Gargano says that the last time we saw him on NXT he was face down on the announce desk as Grayson Waller stood tall. He said that he hates to admit it but he respects the move that Waller made. He continued by sayin that the last person to take him out like that was Tomasso Ciampa who went onto become one of the best NXT champions of all time. Gargano then asked Waller what he has succeeded since that night? He had to two chances but failed continued Waller. He said that all Waller has done is whined, complained, and blamed everyone but himself. Gargano said that Waller has disrespected NXT and no matter where he goes, NXT will be his home and when you disrespect a mans home….

As Gargano continued to talk Vic Joseph gets up from the announce table and shows his Grayson Waller’s live stream of himself live from the Gargano home. Gargano runs off.

Wes Lee gets out of his car and Axiom strolls in right beside him saying that he is not leaving Lee’s side until the Open Challenge for the NXT North American Championship happens. Lee smirks and asked Axiom what he wants to do? Axiom said whatever the champion wants to do. Lee said he wants to eat so they both stroll off.

Pretty Deadly make their way out as we head to commercial

Back from commercial we see Johnny Gargano running to his car and driving off, presumably heading home to get to Waller.

NXT Tag Team Championship: “Gallus” Mark Coffey and Wolfgang (c) VS “Pretty Deadly” Elton Prince and Kit Wilson

Coffey and Prince started the match and after some back and forth strikes between the two, Coffey puts Prince in a headlock but gets thrown to the ropes and eventually shoulder tackles Prince. Prince now eats an arm drag and gets whipped to the corner and eats an elbow on the corner that makes him go to the outside. Wolfgang chases him but Prince is back in the ring and Wilson tags in. Wolfgang ended up in the corer and Wilson stomps a mudhole on him in the corner. Wolfgang tosses Wilson and tags in Coffey.

Coffey does a rolling leg snap on Wilson and a catapult back body drop on Prince as we go to commercial. Back from the break, Coffey with an O’Connor roll on Wilson but Prince gets him with a cheap shot. Pretty Deadly is now control and both challengers beat down on Coffey and Wolfgang who was on the floor. Wolfgang gets slammed right on the commentary desk.

Prince grabs the tag belt and hit Coffey in the head while the ref was distracted but this was only good for a two. Pretty Deadly set up for a Spilled Milk but Wolfgang pulls down the rope causing Prince to fall outside then Gallus hits their Busaiku Knee / fireman’s carry flapjack combo for the win!

Winners: AND STILL NXT Tag Team Champions; “Gallus” Mark Coffey and Wolfgang

Josh Briggs, wearing a Ghillie suit for no good reason, is with Fallon Henley breaking into Kiana James’ office. James picks the lock of the door with a bobby pin, even though Briggs points out the door is open. In the office, James finds a contract on the desk and it’s for a qualifying match for the NXT Women’s Championship. They find Kiana’s planner and it reveals that she has a master plan about getting to the tag titles. They then find that she had a boyfriend plan also and there’s somebody named Sebastian she has dinner and drinks with. Briggs wants to think it’s a coworker and then they turn the page and find the card from the flowers, which is Sebastian thanking James for a wonderful date and night together………..

We see tweets from Shawn Michaels as he narrates them:


A physician was interviewed and addressed Roxanne Perez’s medical state after last weeks collapse. The doctor said after tons of tests they were unable to determine what caused her to collapse last week and continued to say that they can’t provide an estimated date for her return to the ring.

Vic Joseph and Booker T address the doctors comments and Booker said everything is touch and go and has highs and lows.

With Ruca already in the ring, Stark comes out.

Qualifier for the ladder match for the NXT Women’s Championship match at Stand & Deliver: Zoey Stark VS Sol Ruca

Short but entertaining match that saw Stark continue to prove that she is one of the best women in WWE while Stark continued to shine as a rookie with tons of promise. After a short time, Stark got Ruca in a a stretch, but Ruca came back with her athleticism and ended up getting out of the lock and gave a powerslam to Stark that was good for a 2-count. Ruca sent Stark to the outside and the risk taker, Ruca did a top rope moonsault onto her. Ruca through Stark back inside the ring and Ruca went for a springboard move, but Stark caught her with nothing but Knees and ends up hitting her knee lift finisher and got the pin to advance to the ladder match.

Winner: Zoey Stark

We see someone’s back as they sit in a chair and they are breaking a bunch of pencils and crumpling up a lot of papers. We find out it is Scrypts and he is hyper focused on his arch rival, Axiom.

Footage aired from last week of Tatum Paxley being frustrated and telling Carter that Nile was busy celebrating with the Creed brother and not with her even though they are tag team partners.

NXT Women’s Tag Team Titles #1 Contenters match for Stand & Deliver: Isla Dawn and Alba Fyre VS Kayden Carter and Katana Chance vs. Ivy Nile and Tatum Paxley

This is triple threat rules so one member of each team is legal and the first to score a pinfall wins. Nile is dominating the match until Fyre kicks her with Superkick. Dawn tagged in and both her and Fyre do double team moves on everyone. Nile finally comes back and works everyone over alone for a bit. Nile went for a tag, but Paxley dropped off the apron and walked off leaving Nile alone who got taken out and ended up on the apron. Carter and Chance set up for their finisher on Dawn, but Fyre broke it up. Paxley kicked a fallen Nile and threw her back inside the ring then Dawn hit Nile with a Backstabber and then Fyre performed a Swanton to score the win!

Winners: Isla Dawn and Alba Fyre

Ilja Dragunov was shown walking backstage

Bron Breakker was standing backstage and then Tony D’Angelo and Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo showed up and offered to take out Carmelo Hayes. Breakker made a bunch of mob movie style hits jokes until D’Angelo said he’s been watching too many movies. Breakker said he appreciated the offer but said he needs to go alone. D’Angelo then mentions to Stacks that after Stacks has proven himself so much, its time that they go after the NXT Tag Team Titles

Ilja Dragunov Speaks

Ilja Dragunov made his entrance and said his career has been life changing. He mentioned his wife and son and how they’ve had opportunities that they never felt were possible thanks to being in NXT. Dragunov  then said he needs to rid himself of the problem once and for all. The problem being JD McDonagh.

JD McDonagh made his entrance and said that they seem destined to continue their feud for a long time as they keep crossing paths. Dragunov said he would take out McDonagh next week. McDonagh entered the ring and went face to face with Dragunov.  McDonagh said he looked forward to their symphony of sadism. He also said its going to be hard to watch like a  scalpel in his eye. Dragunov avoided a McDonaugh’s headbutt and the two brawl thoughout the arena until they reached and left thorugh the exit door.

The hardest working reporter in all of professional wrestling, McKenzie Mitchell was interviewing Pretty Deadly. She mentions they are not contenders for the tag titles anymore and don’t have a spot at Stand and Deliver. Pretty Deadly then declared themselves hosts for Stand & Deliver as the show needs them.

NXT North American Champion is waling to the ring for his open challenge and is stopped as McDonagh and Dargunov are still fighting. Lee gets punched by McDonagh and Lee gives him a couple punches but thats it.

Tyler Bate was leading Thea Hail through a yoga workout while Duke Hudson stood behind them. Andre Chase showed up and asked if he could talk with Hudson. Chase defended Chase U and said it saved him and also mentioned that it saved Hudson. Chase said that Hudson is now living and dying with every loss because he cares so it’s possible that Chase U has done more for Hudson than anything else in his life. Ava Rain was lurkin gin the background and after Chase leaves she drops off a Schism mask beside Hudson and smiles at Hudson.

Grayson Waller’s Twitter was shown as he went live on social media outside of the Gargano residence. He said that he was playing Neighborhood watch and wanted to be sure Gargano didn’t leave the door unlocked.

North American Title Open Challenge

Wrestlers were shown fighting at the entrance and Wes Lee comes out. Axiom eventually breaks through everyone but is taken out by Scrypts before the match can start. McDonagh then takes out Lee for the punch from earlier. Dragunov comes out and takes out McDonagh. Lee is annoyed and does a tope con hiro on everyone still fighting up the entrance.

The hardest working reporter in all of pro-wrestling is interviewing Dragon Lee. Lee said that he came to NXT to be a great example for Lucha Libre and knows that he is going to love it in NXT.

We see a video package for Apollo Crews and Dabba-Kato. Kato said the trust and loyalty is all gone and he’s now more dangerous than ever.

The hardest working reporter in all of pro-wrestling is interviewing Jacy Jayne. Jayne said that Dolin knew she couldn’t beat her so she had to resort to separating her shoulder. Jayne said that if Dolin considers that a win then she is more pathetic than she thought. Jayne said that she will be thinking of Dolin every second she’s away and vows to break her heard and face when she’s back.

Apollo Crews VS Dabba-Kato

Crews dove to Kato as he was still coming into the ring. They brawl all around the ringside area then Kato chops Crews. Eventually both men make it to the ring and and the bell rings to start the match. Crews with kicks on Kato then a Splash in the corner on the big guy. Crews attempts a Death Valley Driver and a frog splash for a 2-count. They ended up outside of the ring again and after some brawling, Kato slammed Crews onto the bottom half of the ring steps. Crews pulled himself up and beat the referee’s 10 count but while still groggy, Kato performed his a sit-out powerbomb and gets the win.

Winner: Dabba-Kato

We see another NXT Anonymous vide. Shawn Michaels is telling Wes Lee that he loves him but the open challenges are too chaotic and its taking up too many resources backstage. Lee told Micheal’s he wanted to prove himself and face ten of the best at Stand & Deliver. Michaels told him he would meet him halfway by booking a five-way match and allowing Lee to select his four opponents. They both agree and hug.

Kiana James left a phone message for Fallon Henley while Brooks Jensen was texting her. James’s questioned where James was and said she needed her partner. Jensen said he would go to ringside with James, but she said she is fine alone for this match. Jensen leaned in for a kiss, but James walked away.

Qualifier for the ladder match for the NXT Women’s Championship match at Stand & Deliver: Kiana James vs. Gigi Dolin

Short but effective match that seemed to progress stories for both women. James with an early neckbreaker that rocked Doling early on but it was only good for a 2-count. Dolin came back with kicks and a clothesline. James with an O’Connor Roll but it wasn’t enough. Dolin came right back with a Cobra Twist Slam for the win.

Winner: Gigi Dolin

After the match, Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn jump James from behind until Brooks Jensen comes out to chase them off.

At the Gargano Residence

Johnny Gargano drives up to his house but Waller blindsides him in the yard. They brawl on his lawn Gargano throws Grayson into a bush. Waller throws a handful of dirt in Johnny’s face and shoves him down before grabbing a trash can. Johnny kicks the can out of his hands and hits him hard before throwing the trash can Waller. The two continued fighting up the stairs to the door and we see Candice LeRae at the door holding Baby Wrestling. Gargano was distracted and Waller lands some more punches. Waller then smashes Gargano against the wall of the house and grabs a rake, smashing Gargano in the gut with it. Waller is mocking Gargano and eventually he breaks the rake over Johnny’s back while Candice yells at him to leave. Waller then delivers a Surfboard stomp on Gargano. Waller mocks the family and leaves, as LeRae still holding the baby check on Gargano.

Backstage, Brooks Jensen checking up on Kiana James. Fallon Henley and Josh Briggs showed up still dressed in their cat burglar and outdoor clothes. James asked where Henley was during her match and Henley said she didn’t even know about the match. Jensen then stops them from the start of bickering and tells Henley that they have a Tag team title match at Stand & Deliver against Dawn and Fyre.

Hayes and Breakker Contract Signing

Carmelo Hayes comes out followed by Bron Breakker. They both sit down at the set up table and they both comment that no one is out there to moderate the signing. Hayes doesn’t care and told Breakker they can handle it until…

Pretty Deadly comes out. They say that as hosts of Stand and Deliver it makes sense for them to be out there to host this contract signing. Carmelo says he meant no disrespect when he said he wanted to get this over with so we can have a new champion. Hayes says that he really respects everything Breakker has done, but Stand & Deliver will be a changing of the guard and he will take the NXT championship and brand further than ever. Hayes told Breakker that he will come second to him. Bron speaks and disagrees with that last statement but says that he respects Hayes for making the North American Championship into what he thought was the A Championship. He said he did it because he wasn’t ready for the real championship.

Melo said that on April 1 at Stand & Deliver there’s gonna be a first for everything and he doesn’t want Bron with anger issues or the fisherman or smiling on all the posters, he wants the guy who ran through walls, won War Games, and made Tomasso Ciampa tap out. Hayes said beating that Breakker will make his win that much better. Hayes says it because it’s true, Hayes is HIM. Bron agrees but says that Hayes needs to prove thats more than a saying for a t-shirt . They both eventually sign the contract and shake hands.

They get up and are ready to leave but Pretty Deadly say they can’t just leave without giving the people some drama. Bron and Hayes take their shirts off and square up face to face. They eventually slam each member of Pretty Deadly through the table and continue to face of with Breakker holding the belt up over his head in frame.


NXT TV: March 14, 2023

This seemed like a bit of a chaotic episode of NXT. There were tons of matches and stories being set up for Stand & Deliver which looks like it will deliver BUT this episode seemed to make up for a couple weeks of isolated set up for Roadblock. All of the matches seemed random in set up but did give us some progression for the Premium Live Event. Overall, this was an average as average can be episode of NXT.

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