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Given Hammerstone has a match later against Lance Anoa’i for the World Heavyweight Championship, he’s here at commentary to have a ringside seat to Lio Rush’s first match since his return to MLW against Fatu.

Lio Rush vs. Jacob Fatu

As Hammerstone explains how Fatu put him through hell, so he’ll have to boost himself up as a wrestler, Rush suicide dives and Moonsaults his opponent while he was connecting with the fans. The match hasn’t officially started, but who gives a damn?

Lio kept dodging Jacob at every turn by bouncing off the ropes, which led Fatu to bump himself against the turnbuckles. Fatu caught Lio mid-air and was preparing for the Samoan Drop, but Rush escapes then chops his challenger’s chest. Jacob looked unconcerned, he was hardly effected. Ha!

Lio wanted to slingshot Jacob, yet he gets caught again then slammed on his back. Fatu slaps Lio violently, sending him backwards in a daze. He continues his momentum with a brutal hip attack.

Rush gets back on his feet as he unloads on Jacob, gaining a slight upper hand in this matchup till Fatu causes Lio to trip follows that with a face drop and a Senton.

Although Lio came out of the gate with fire in his steps, he’s on the receiving end of the stick. The little booger at the end… Ha! Kidding. Lio isn’t a booger.

Jacob picks up speed as he runs towards Lio, who quickly counters with a kick to the legs followed by more. That wasn’t concrete enough as Jacob aggressively shoves Lio into the turnbuckles as he ricochets onto the ground.

Jacob tries to meet Lio mid-air, yet he gets bulldozed instead for a cover. Fortunately, Fatu is still in this.

Fatu had Lio ready for the another Samoan Drop, amazingly, Rush counters by slinging Jacob onto his head. It was soo spectacular. However, Jacob delivers a double-spring Moonsault for a victory. Lio did very well.

Jacob is ready for their upcoming match in a two weeks. Hammerstone gets into the ring with Fatu to have a few words with him. These are the moments I wish there was better audio on them. Ha!

It starts off with a few measly shoves that erupt into multiple punches to Fatu and Hammerstone’s bodies. Chaos was really underway because security came rushing out to stop this brawl. It took more than three men each to separate these wrestlers. It was still ongoing during the commercial break. Wow.

Winner: Jacob Fatu

Cesar Duran basically is telling us, “I told you so,” when he guaranteed that Azteca Lucha will be dripping in gold when John Hennigan won the Middleweight Championship off of Davey Richards last week while Taya Valkyrie is still our Featherweight Champion as well.

It was rigged. Corrupted. Manipulated by Azteca. This is why I slightly punch myself in the face when I say that regardless of all that, Richards’ shoulders were down and out. The problem here is how Hennigan won, not why he has the belt.

Bomaye Fight Club vs. The Billington Bulldogs – Tag Team match

If Mark and Thomas Billington beat Mr. Thomas and Myron Reed in this tag team match, Davey Boy Smith Jr. can have his shot at Alex Kane in a one-on-one fight as he joins commentary. Let’s see how this plays out. Ooh.

And it’s as one expects, Mr. Thomas and Reed attack the Billingtons from behind as they hype up the crowd with their entrance. I wonder why Davey isn’t here. Odd. Mark and Thomas do manage to ward off the assault by causing a body collision between the Bomaye Fight Club then a double drop kick to Mr. Thomas as well.

Now that the mat has been cleared of overflowing participates, the match can officially begin. Ding. Ding. Ding. Alex Kane said something so funny about how a dent came to be on the Opera Cup. And he said “When a family spends so much time fighting over who could be more mediocre, that’s how the dent got there.” I didn’t mean to laugh, but I did because it was hilariously abrupt.

Thomas shoulder tackles Myron Reed on his ass then brutally takes him down after a few dodging skills from both wrestlers. Mark gets tagged in, so he and his brother could play a double team on Myron.

After that, Reed is seen leaning against Mr. Thomas as Mark climbs to the top, and backflips onto his opponents standing outside.

The Bomaye Fight Club finally gain momentum as Mr. Thomas delivers a suplex to Mark after he got kicked in the face by Myron in an attempt to counter Mr. Thomas.

Mr. Thomas arrogantly wipes his hands together after dropping Mark harshly on his back with the assistance from Reed. Mark was getting his butt beaten several times, but he did his best to fight back with punches to the head.

What came off as weird was that I saw Mark tag Thomas, but somehow, it wasn’t valid to the official when he came rushing in. Kane kept instigating too.

Luckily, Mark and Thomas slam Myron and Mr. Thomas’ heads together for good measure. Thomas impressed the commentary section by ploughing down Mr. Thomas on his back for the first time.

Kane, at some point, leaves his seat to start shouting at the Billingtons, which distracts him long enough from Davey Boy Smiths Jr.’s sneak attack from behind.

Mark lands on his feet than drop kicks Mr. Thomas’ chest, sending him backwards into the turnbuckles. He brings Mr. Thomas up, so his brother could drop kick him from the top for a double team win. And that means that Kane gets to face Smith Jr. in a prize fight.

Winners: The Billington Bulldogs

Following Real1’s collision with Mance Warner’s car, he’s now suing everybody for him currently being in a wheelchair. The black man wheeling Real1 looked completely unphased. Ha!

Elsewhere, a World Tag Team match between Lance Anoa’i and Juicy Finau vs. EJ Nduka and Calvin Tankman prompts the current champions to voice their opinion. Nduka says that Fatu disrespected him by becoming the number one contender, so he hit Lance with a cinderblock.

While he keeps whining, Tankman stops him there with questions of his own. Since EJ kept talking about himself and getting the World Heavyweight Championship from Hammerstone, he failed to mention that his a tag champ with his family, Calvin. Nduka’s mind is too focused on solo opportunities, so Tankman reminds him of how much grunt it took to get to where they are to begin with, “No more of this I stuff,” he said.

Last time on Underground, Microman and Lince Dorado became the recent victims of the calling card attackers. Mance Warner is pissed they went after Microman, so now they have to deal with him next Tuesday. However, they don’t seem very bothered when they reply with “Trust in the Raven.” and the reveal of their faces. Unfortunately, we don’t have names… at least until the following Tuesday.

Alex Hammerstone (c) vs. Lance Anoa’i of SST – World Heavyweight Championship match

I don’t think Fatu thought of the possibility of if Lance were to win this match, he’d have to face him on March 23 instead of Hammerstone. That might be the biggest teetering moment in his career.

Hammerstone kept on twisting Lance’s arm around before placing him in a headlock in the middle of the ring. Anoa’i manages to counter with a drop kick. Jacob Fatu tells him to stay in the game, surprisingly, Hammerstone delivers a suplex during that tiny opening.

Fatu immediately gets up from his seat to look over at Lance, who’s been sent to the outside. Jacob tells Hammerstone that he can get these hands any coming day, which encourages Alex to approach Fatu at commentary.

I suppose the title match didn’t matter because Fatu and Hammerstone explode into a brawl at ringside. If that wasn’t enough, Nduka and Tankman get involved as Lance and Juicy intercept EJ on his way to Hammerstone along with multiple officials. Multiple… Ha! Ha! This match barely started. Damn.

Winner: Male ego


TOP PHOTO: The Billingtons Bulldogs and Davey Boy Smith Jr. raise their hands in victory. Courtesy of MLW