What’s up friends,

I hope you’re all having a great beginning of the new year. We’re going to have an amazing night. Ready? We’ve got new people coming in.

Gia Scott vs. Trish Adora 

Honestly, I rarely see matches between Black women in the ring at the same time. These two are gorgeous and talented. It so happens Scott and Adora are debuting tonight.

As soon as the bell rings, Scott doesn’t waste time. She gives one hell of a kick to Adora’s jaw, and she collapses. Wow. There was a moment I thought she removed Trish’s hair or something, as if I was watching Bad Girls Club or RuPaul’s Drag Race. Ha! Ha! Ha! My mistake, it was Scott’s wristband.

Adora makes a quick comeback with chops to Gia’s chest then a swift roll up. She also surprises me with a submission maneuver called the Fu-bar, one I’ve never heard of before, but it left Gia in disarray. Her body was twisted around like putty. Ha! Sadly, it didn’t last long enough to get Scott to tap out.

Scott acted like a human bulldozer. She ramped Trish into the turnbuckles numerous times that I can’t imagine the bruises left on Adora’s backside followed by a neck breaker.

I can see this is to scout who’s next to face Taya Valkyrie for the Women’s Featherweight Championship belt. Scott and Adora have both been really good thus far, so this is a toughie.

Adora was so close to a win with a Powerbomb and a German suplex that almost called it a conclusion. Gia may not have lost yet, but she might as well have when she decided to yell in Trish’s face while yanking her hair.

Scott slapped Adora, whatever she was going to do after she bounced off the ropes, it failed. Trish quickly delivered a massively Larren Tuppen tackle for a victory. An homage to Adora’s late mother who volunteered at the Carrier Tuppen Women’s Shelter in Washington.

Winner: Trish Adora

TJ Crawford vs. Alec Price

Um… I’ve never seen a wrestler as excitable as Alec Price. The second he arrived inside the ring, he pulled out what I believe were dance moves to his theme song. I thought he was having a minor fit. I just sat there completely flabbergasted…

The start of this match, Price kept dodging Crawford with athleticism and acrobatics, he almost made TJ look like a joke. Ha! Alec backs himself into a corner, so he could kick his opponent in the face then slingshots him across the mat using his legs.

Alec goes to deliver a knee, TJ dodges then immediately kicks Price. Crawford pushes his challenger out of the way, so he could leap off the ropes to perform a Stunner. The pain doesn’t stop there, thank God, he goes for some harsh chops too. Crawford basically encouraged Price to nearly fall over.

Alec was going for a scissor catch, yet TJ turns it into a German suplex, which caught Price way off guard. Alec retaliates by attempting to Powerbomb TJ, unfortunately that didn’t work. So, Price instead sends a teeth clutching kick to Crawford’s back thigh that causes him to tumble off the ropes then lands into a sitting position.

Price uses that opening to deliver a beautiful stomp on top of TJ’s head. I foolishly thought Crawford was going to move in time. Ha! It was a great move on Price’s part.

Alec had amazing impact with two knee kicks then a seated Senton to try to finish the job. Remarkably, to Alec’s dismay, Crawford regains consciousness before it was too late for him. Crawford looks like he’s seen a ghost when his Warning Shot move didn’t grant him the win he wanted because Alec still had some energy left.

Price puts Crawford through hell with a Springsault followed by a Surprise Kick from behind the neck for a victory. A deserved one! Regardless of Crawford’s lost, both fighters were shockingly incredible.

Winner: Alec Price

MLW Insider is coming to you powered by Pro Wrestling TV and Alicia Atout. EJ Nduka’s team of lawyers, agents and managers are explicitly putting Hammerstone and Nduka’s Last Man Standing match on hold due to more pressing demands on EJ’s part. Depriving us of a great show. Humph! Shameless.

At least the wait won’t be for too long because we are sure to get some answers soon enough. And speaking of answers, what’s been going on with the mysterious calling cards left near the unconscious bodies of wrestlers? That’s been placed on pause.

Now, we hit play. Insider can say for certain that MLW’s board is looking into it since the attacks are seen to be inflicted on specific targets. The greats so far like Killer Kross and legendary Gangrel. They’re not sure of how many assailants there are, which makes everyone in the locker room feeling uneasy. Will they unmask the culprit? We shall see.

And finally, apparently to me, MLW has confirmed its own line of action figures getting ready to be sold. Hammerstone, Fatu, Krugger and Kross figures are here when you pre-order one at bossfightshop.com.

Jacob Fatu vs. Ben-K

Fatu wants another shot at a title match, so in order to obtain that, he’ll have to beat Ben-K first. Ben-K has been wrestling for Dragongate Japan and is one of the most decorated athletes in the game, which means Fatu has to be both careful and focused.

Also, we have a special guest with us, Alex Hammerstone. He’ll be here watching his next potential challenger at commentary. No matter how many times Jacob creeps behind Hammerstone for his belt, Alex makes it clears that he’ll only lose when he’s completely done with this company, which isn’t today. Ha!

Fatu delivers a big slap then slams Ben-K against the turnbuckles as he makes the first move in this fight. Ben-K attempts to shoulder tackle the Samoan Werewolf, but barely knocks him over. It almost seems futile. Almost… Ben does manage to tackle Fatu at last, and it turns Jacob like a pancake.

Fatu dodges Ben’s attempts at ramming him again, so he could collide with the post. What came more as a shock was when Fatu performed a triple Spring Moonsault using the ropes. It was stupendous. I thought he would have missed his footing, causing him to trip over his own legs. Ha! But he didn’t. I don’t know if I’m happy or disappointed.

Well, the Fates granted me something tonight. Fatu set up a chair inside the ring, he attempts to step on in it to get some height, yet unfortunately for him, he loses his footing and falls backwards onto the chair, hurting his right leg. I can’t say that wasn’t funny, nor a prediction narrated by me. I’d be lying if I said otherwise.

Jacob may have been down for a bit when Ben-K used that to his advantage with a punch to the head, but Fatu counters with a harsh right hand to the jaw of his opponent, splashing sweat all over the place then sending him into the barricades.

Ben counters all that abuse with a wicked spear in the center of the ring after they returned from the outside. That’s all well and good, but it didn’t feel like it was enough to put Jacob down since he came back with another right hand and a Spring Moonsault.

Ben gathers all his strength to send Fatu a Masakali from the top rope, but damnation, he isn’t strong enough to cover Jacob. They were both laying on on the mat. Soon after, Ben crawled his way for a cover that didn’t end the match in his favor.

Fatu shows one last effort with the Samoan Drop then another Spring Moonsault that connects with a victory and a chance to rip that belt from Hammerstone’s hips.

Fatu is humble about his win over Ben, so he decides to thank him for being one of the toughest he’s fought, and Ben gives thanks as well. That was sweet. Although, we must switch gears. Fatu is confident he’ll win during his and Hammerstone’s match on February 1th.

Winner: Jacob Fatu


TOP PHOTO: Jacob Fatu’s hands held high in accomplishment. Courtesy of MLW