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Who still has the chills after Crown Jewel? When I tell you I almost fainted numerous times is no joke. I was at the verge of collapsing during the Usos’ match against The Brawling Brutes, Ridge Holland and Butch, but nothing kept me on my toes more than Reigns vs. Logan. If you haven’t checked the countdown for this event, most of my predictions were surprisingly correct. So, to be blunt, I’m overjoyed Logan Paul lost. So, so exhilarated for his downfall. I know that may seem mean, but I’d be lying if I said otherwise. Would you prefer I deceive you or be honest? Whatever helps you sleep at night…

The Usos (c) vs. The New Day – Undisputed Tag Team Championship match

This is the match I’ve been dreading because of how much I like both teams. It’s going to be scary to watch, honestly. I know who I want to win.

Jey starts this match against Xavier Woods with a few angry words before they get into business by pushing each other.

Woods tags Kingston in as he leaps into a cross body on top of Jey thinking that would put him away until the Uso twin shoves Kofi towards Jimmy, so he could come in with punches to the abdomen.

Kingston’s pace has been slowed down by Jimmy as he strangles Kofi with the usage of the bottom rope. Jey delivers a cheap shot to Kofi’s head while the official wasn’t looking since Jimmy drew his attention elsewhere. Sneaky bastards. Xavier then realizes that his partner is in deep trouble.

Jey has Kofi in a choke hold as means to submit, but he manages to come back in time with a knee to Jey’s face before tagging Woods in as Jey does the same.

Woods has Jimmy winded, almost winning the titles back at some point.

Xavier is tagged in without Jey noticing, so Woods sends a harsh headbutt to his opponent’s face then jumps back into the ring to tumble along with the twin for an attempt at a DDT, which Jey quickly counters with a super kick to Woods’ ear. The twins play a double team with a super kick to Kofi then another to Xavier. Jimmy and Jey go for their double Uso Splash hoping that will end this fight, shockingly, Xavier jumps out.

The champs then look for One D only for Kofi to take Jey out of the game, so Jimmy will be powerless. But these wrestlers’ biggest mistake is counting out the twins when it usually fails. They always come back, even after Woods and Kingston deliver the Midnight Hour move to Jey outside the ring.

The Usos perform their One D move in mid-air, covering Kofi for a beautiful win that makes them the best tag team champions. What did I say? They are the best! That’s right. These are my boys!! One and done.

After the Usos’ win, they go see Roman Reigns to receive their congratulations. This prompts Reigns to say that he still has business to deal, which we’ll find out later tonight. What’s next for our Undisputed Champion?

Winners: The Usos (c)

Smackdown World Cup – Round One

This tournament will be consisting of eight men in total for the next four or so weeks: Mustafa Ali, Ricochet, Sami Zayn, Shinsuke Nakamura, Santos Escobar, Braun Strowman, Jinder Mahal, and Butch. This tournament will determine who will face the Intercontinental Champion, the Ring General Gunther, the Frowning Man.

But right now, we focus on Nakamura and Escobar as they enter the first round of this World Cup.

Nakamura has been dominating this match as he destabilizes Escobar to the point of fleeing into a corner, better known as his entourage.

Santos turns this around quickly with an ankle lock to Shinsuke in the center of the ring, who swiftly sends a fast spin kick to Santos’ face before coming in with a Vintage Nakamura maneuver followed by a failed cover. The constant upper hand Nakamura has over Santos angers Zelena.

Nakamura later in this match starts favoring his left leg due to Escobar’s relentlessness towards it since this began. Santos even sends a baseball slide for extra measure but Shinsuke doesn’t back down as he delivers a flying knee.

Deltoro runs into a knee as he attempts to help Santos after he’s sent back into the ring by Nakamura. Shinsuke was doing everything right in this matchup but Santos had the numbers with a Fantome Driver move for a chance to advance in the World Cup.

It’s unfortunate that Shinsuke lost. He had the power I wanted to see in a rematch against Gunther for the championship. If Escobar faces Gunther, he will be beaten badly and look like a pumpkin that’s been run over by a Mac truck.

Winner: Santos Escobar

WWE announces that today is November 11th, so we pay homage to the those who stood at the front lines to protect and safeguard the freedom of others. We say Thank you! to them.

As we move on, L.A. Knight believes he’s the only one who needs to be acknowledged. Who cares about the Usos’ win, right? Delusions on Knight’s part is what I think.

Another freaky malfunction involving Bray Wyatt occurs during an interview with Knight backstage that seems more fascinating than Dupri talking. Wyatt makes that evident by headbutting Dupri to shut him up. The best gift of the night.

Liv Morgan vs. Sonya Deville vs. Xia Li vs. Lacey Evans vs. Raquel Rodriguez vs. Shotzi – Six-pack, Smackdown Women’s Championship Contenders’ Match

Raquel has Xia in the turnbuckles, shoving her into helplessness with blow after blow to the cranium and spine. Lacey comes in to attempt at grabbing both ladies only to be bombarded with Shotzi’s butt against her abdomen. This allows Rodriguez to give a vertical suplex to Xia then she tries to cover, but Sonya swoops in instead to steal it, which fails. Deville tries again towards Shotzi. Fails. Now it’s Rodriguez’ turn. Sonya fails again. Amazingly hilarious.

Liv Morgan is fired up after she drop kicks Li from the top ropes then continues on her momentum with body slams after body slams on Evans and Xia. Liv was on a roll as she plants Raquel with a sudden DDT to the top of her head for a cover that doesn’t land her a win because once again, Sonya swarms in.

Rodriguez has Deville gasping for mercy as she has a table setup by the commentary section, ready to crash Sonya on it. But Morgan has different plans just as she jumps off from the barricades and strangely lands in the corner of the table, Raquel and Sonya. I believe that knocked Rodriguez out cold.

Back in the ring, Shotzi faces Lacey. She hits Evans with the Never Wake Up maneuver for a victorious chance to fight Rousey for the championship title in two weeks.

Ah. Her “taking care of business” tank actual did something. Nice. Uh… that sounds petty, doesn’t it? Am I sorry though? Nope. But hell is coming to you. And I was right. Shotzi is meant with Shayna Baszler backstage who reminds her that what she won is a broken arm, a dislocated leg and probably a cracked pride. Ronda surprises Shotzi from behind allowing Baszler to place Shotzi into a chokehold, which renders her unconscious. “Clean up in aisle green!” said Rousey.

Winner: Shotzi

Ricochet tells us that he wants what’s his, the Intercontinental Championship, back. That shocks Gunther to say that he wants Rico to fight with all his heart, so he could have fun beating him again. Gunther is one of those people who enjoy pain to the degree of JD McDonagh from NXT.

Jinder Mahal vs. Braun Strowman – Smackdown World Cup Round One

I haven’t seen Mahal in a while. It’s been months. Maybe that was for the best because he tried to take Strowman out early before the bell rang only to be bulldozed over real quick. Wade Barrett thought that was a “smart move” from Mahal. Ha!

Mahal did have momentum at the beginning even when the match hasn’t official started, yet Braun fought harder with a swift chokeslam. Ha! Brutal. This is accompanied by shoulder tackles that whiplashes Mahal like a dizzy school kid on a playground spinner.

Strowman runs Jinder over outside the ring then wins with a massive powerbomb as he advances in this World Cup race. Strowman made quick work out of Mahal. Damn.

Winner: Braun Strowman

B-Fab of Hit Row vs. Zelina, or…?

Did I call it or did I call it? Weeks ago, I said I could see a future match between these two ladies because of the disrespect of Zelina’s boot.

I was waiting for this fight only for it to be interrupted by the sudden appearance of The Viking Raiders and Sarah Logan ploughing over Hit Row and Legado del Fantasma, except for Zelina since she literally ran off.

So, a battle I’ve been laying awake for has been postponed because of unnecessary interference that could have waited until later… but no. Shove it in my face, why don’t you?

Winner: No Contest…and My Impatience

I could have sworn I heard the chanting of the audience saying “blue cheese” instead of whatever it is they really said. They do boo Paul Heyman, which is greatly appreciated. Then Heyman felt the need to say “Now, that isn’t very ucey of you.” I cringed so hard, I twitched.

Normally, we would acknowledge the Tribal Chief, Tyrese Haliburton does, but tonight, it’s the Usos’ time… that is until Sheamus returns to wipe The Bloodline off the stage. The Celtic warrior isn’t the only one who makes his mark. DREW MCINTYRE is here too.

A brawl ensues between the Usos, Solo Sikoa, Roman Reigns, The Brawling Brutes and McIntyre. MADNESS, I love it. I can see this being an official match. After all, I can see the future.

TOP PHOTO: The Usos winning over The New Day. Courtesy of WWE