Earlier this year, WWE Studios and Paramount released a movie called Rumble. There were a collection of books aimed at kids that came out at the same time.

The basic premise is that there are monsters that wrestle.

Rumble: Back in the Ring (Ready-to-Read Level 2) was beside Zachary’s bed for a while before we finally read it.

Here is what Zachary — who is five, and is still learning both French and English — had to say:

“I like Winnie the coach.”

“I like how Winnie shows the monster wrestler (Rayburn Junior) how to use dancing to win.”

“Nice pictures.”

Here is my view:

It has great artwork (by illustrator Patrick Spaziante). I do wish that some of the images were slightly more vibrant (colorful) instead of darker tones to attract the younger reader.

There are several important lessons being taught for kids that I took away from this book, which was adapted by May Nakamura:

  1. Working together as a team to come up with solutions (Winnie teaming up and coaching Rayburn Junior).
  2. Perseverance, never giving up to achieve the results and goals you are looking for.
  3. Talk to someone, express your thoughts and feelings. Reach out to someone for help. (in this case Rayburn keeping it to himself that he loves to dance and finally opening up to Winnie)
  4. Always take a challenge or an obstacle as a learning experience. It’s not about winning or losing.

I enjoyed how the author took complex emotions, feelings and situations that some children may face, and simplified them to a point where a child can understand and relate to. It can help young children find solutions when they are faced with adversity.

There are other books that have come out from the Rumble movie too — a novelization, Monster Matchup! and The World of World Monster Wrestling.